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[Afterpay] $0 - Ultradual OTG 32GB USB, Type C 16GB, Lexar Multi Card Reader, Ultra Drive M3.0 16GB @ Ninja Buy eBay


Items in the drop down list. Some items are more than $10 - please check carefully before checking out.

Other items available -

  • Ultra drive M3.0 16GB
  • Sandisk Ultra Flair 16GB
  • Sandisk Cruzer Force 32GB
  • Kingston Canvas Plus 128GB
  • Cruzer Blade 128GB
  • 50PC masks
  • Lexar 633x 32GB

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  • +2

    I have this one - it is really slow. But can't complain if it is free.

  • not working for me

  • Not working days check out error

  • Finally went in

  • Not working

  • not working

  • not worth getting slow ones anymore

  • Mine is slower than the Verbatium ones you get from HN or Office works. It can get to about 6MB/sec if you are lucky.

    The Samsung ones from Big Lee a few weeks ago blitz this one. Then again I also have some Sandisk Extreme Pro 3.0 that fly along at 140 to 170mb/sec if the file is big enough.

  • I got the Type C 16gb one. It's pretty quick but only small storage.

    Thanks for the link OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - The 16gb USB-C drive worked for me. Wouldn't checkout initially but just removed from cart and added it again.

  • +2

    Can't wait till afterpay $10 deal end, the entire site is just posts of eBay listings of $10 items.

    • +2

      Agree. Ozbargain should automatically group all those deals where the coupon and site match. It's a pain, like the Amazon drop down box to check the prices of items of other sizes, models, colours

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a 64gb for $5

  • No more stock

  • free items are all gone, should we mark it OOS or expired?

  • A seller made some changes to an item listing.

  • +2

    The seller changed the prices (reduced some).

    I got the SanDisk 64GB Ultra USB Type C USB 3.1 Flash Drive for free (using the $10 off Afterpay coupon, super happy!

  • +2

    Wow, glad I waited…managed to get the Type C Ultra 64GB for free! (instead of the earlier sold out 16gb)

    • that 16G is dual (c and 3.0)
      this is just c

      maybe, i am not expert.

      • Yup, pretty sure you're right.
        For my use case, I preferred the USB-C model/form factor with more storage.

        • C is good, I got this as well. Anyway, key word FREE

  • Just got the 64GB Ultra USB Type C USB 3.1 was $15 then seller revised the listing for $10
    Deleting it from the cart and trying again worked for me thanks @TechNerd.

    • how do you checkout? Guest? I can't as it says check your payment hethod , I am doing as guest

  • actually, just register some more account, you can get so many free items.

    • not for guest???

      • 1 per account. If guest works how can they limit your order times.

        • so many successful as guest but for me netiehr accout nor guest works

          • @DisabledUser359554: Use private window and made-up email/phone number. Unless you really want order confirmation

  • +1

    so ninja buy actually made a lot of money and more importantly cleared lots of old stock.
    ebay WIN, nijia WIN, ozbargainers WIN, ATP ???

  • Thanks OP, got one.

  • Thanks OP, got a free 128 GB Sandisk. Although a couple of the others didn't work.

  • Thanks OP

  • saw the 'A seller made some changes to an item listing' message kept on coming up, but just kept trying.
    it just went through. so scored a 128GB sandisk flash drive for free.

  • 3770 + view per hour.

  • Thank you! It says "payment pending" on my order but it seemed to go through

    • …and now it has a delivery date, cool :)

  • It didn't work at first. Got an error "seller changed listing", then can't apply code, checkout failed. I tried different item, same issue.
    Then I went back to this listing, and after selecting afterpay and applying code - pressed buy now 3 times, then it succeeded. So it definitely works, but something strange was going on on my side.

    • As guest?

      • no, logged in. Not sure why I kept getting errors, but just kept pressing buy now, and it went through after 3rd or 4th time.

        • ok for me my account it says it cant apply discount? Why the heck

          • @DisabledUser359554: And you selected afterpay as payment first?

            • @johnmelb: Yes of course and applied this code and it says this cant be applied to your account or something like tjat

              • @DisabledUser359554: I got multiple errors, but I retried and then eventually it worked.
                Close the window, go back to the listing, and try again.

                • @johnmelb: I tried multiple lol like with account and without and also in incognito, lol my bad luck, I will try some more haha thank you

                  • @DisabledUser359554: I got a few times different errors, but I only took one screenshot.
                    The same item did go through when I tried later on.
                    (I also got message "seller updated listing". I also tried a more expensive item combined with gift card, but that wouldn't work. I read this in the previous afterpay codes.)

                    • @johnmelb: ok finally got one, created an account, but never possible with guest. Also it allows only one per account lol, happy with one item, dont wanna create multiple accounts lol as already a lot of good items out of stock…unless some anonymous browsing and guest account works (Which it doesn't) lol

                      thnk you

  • Last time I bought off them they cancelled order despite my order was one of the first ones. Not my favourite seller,

  • Awesome my 'SanDisk Kingston' 128gb SD card is confirmed for free.
    Lucky dip what arrives I'd say

    • did you do guest checkout?

      • No, logged in. Got error several times but kept clicking buy now and it went through

  • Seems to be expired, is code working ?

    • I thought the same thing 40 minutes ago, but there were a lot of issues checking out with the code (at least for me without actually having afterpay).

      • Doesn’t list the voucher anymore. Could see the voucher half an hour ago
        Keeps saying minimum total nit reached on $10 item, tried $15 item same message

        • Hmm, ebay finally caught on then ..
          You would think they double check how codes actually work on their system. But these keep coming back.
          Not sure if they do this on purpose, or if it's just part of their marketing campaign.

          Sorry you missed out though.

          AFTERPAY10 still works it seems, but with $20 min purchase order (was trying via guest checkout now).
          So you probably need to have an afterpay account then.

  • Bought the useless Samsung card reader, have tried to contact seller to cancel it. They sent the item out immediately LOL.

  • Common trick.

  • anyone's free gift got shipped? mine still not yet. another free item brought from other seller was shipped two days ago

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