What Do You Have on/with Your Rice?

I was eating some Chicken Teriyaki and rice today, with necessary Kewpie and it got me thinking that I eat Kewpie with rice but would never have regular mayo with rice.

When I was growing up, my mum would always put butter on our rice and we'd have potato crisps as a poor version of pappadums or a cup of chicken stock (from a stock cube, no Campbells back then) as a makeshift soup….I still do a lot of this today.

Does anyone else have anything on/with their rice that is normal for them but others may consider it odd? Or any flavour sensations that I should know about?


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    Just soy sauce mix with rice.

    But, some people put Vegemite.

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      Vegemite? That's interesting but I can see it working. Might actually have to give it a go

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        Username checks out.

    • Second this, or if Im extra hungry there would be some cheese.

      • shredded tasty cheese on rice was my to-go-to microwavable snack when I was younger and super hungry

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          When I was young it was only soy sauce ( back in the country where I migrant from ), but now I can afford cheese :)

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      no, put iSnack 2.0

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      Out of interest, do you have ketchup with a lot of things?

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      Your parents must have spoiled you rotten.

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      I thought I was the only one who did this!

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        I must be weird, I use tomato sauce…

      • there is a quite a few Vietnamese dish that uses tomato rice

        its usually paired with some protein
        diced beef or crispy skin chicken being the most common

    • Catsup

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    Cook the rice with coconut milk and you've got coconut rice. That stuff is amazing.

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      Yep, another one my mum used to make all the time.
      Or Tumeric rice but coconut rice and a chicken curry was the best

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        A 'difficult eater' filipino nephew could only be summoned to the table by Milo granules heavily sprinkled onto a bowl or plate of rice….nothing else, just a good sized portion of rice. Now he's entering his later teens, it still features heavily in his daily food consumption, now with added cheap, suspiciously fake & very nasty looking hot dogs, these being the firm limits of his intake, along with copious amounts of Pepsi. The Mayo thing is interesting as I, too will go some with teriyaki chicken, and enjoy it, provided there's not too much of it.

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          his BMI?

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        Saffron rice.

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          I like saffron rice but there was no chance of our family affording that when I was growing up, which is why I suspect the use of tumeric.

        • Looks awesome but adds zero nutrition or even real flavour. Tumeric makes so much more sense

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      that’s a whole different type of meal and quite heavy and makes you sleepy.

      • Coconut rice is certainly very filling compared to normal rice. I tend to forget that I must make smaller portions!

        • Is it something you can freeze?

          Freeze and nuke is a good money saving strategy.

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            @cfuse: Yes you can. Sometimes you may need to add a little water when you heat it up.

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      Do you all coconut milk instead of water? Or some coconut milk some water?

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        Water and coconut milk. You can also use coconut cream if you want it to be stronger. There's a lot of recipes online but an easy way to start is replace one cup of water with a cup of coconut milk.

        I also recommend washing the rice first too. I know a lot of people who don't.

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        • wait people don't wash their rice? what about the dirt and grit and germs and rat poo?

          • @edumacation: I never washed rice before then I married a Korean man. He had to teach me how to cook rice. He was shocked.

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            @edumacation: 100 degrees water kills everything

      • If you're cooking rice the normal way with water, shredded coconut sprinkled on top as it's cooking is amazing.

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    Furikake, the best 👍

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      cant find any furikake made in japan these days, makes me sad

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        That's not true! Maybe it's not available in ColesWorth, but certainly in Japanese shops they're available. I've had no issues buying furikake made in Japan from Fujimart, for example.

        • It is true that garetz can not find any.
          It is true that garetz is sad because they can no find any.

      • Try the korean one. If in Melb we go to Suzran in Camberwell. Or KT Mart in Blackburn.

    • Will have to give this one a go. Do you recommend the ones with Bonito or not so much?

      • is there ones that don’t have bonito? It reminds me of fish food.

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        get the sukiyaki flavoured one. looks like thiis

        • Love it but find it hard to determine the fishy from the non fishy. Thanks for the recommendation.

        • You don't know how many Asian shops I've tried to find that in. Kids loved it but we could only source it from when someone went to Japan and they brought back a stash.

          Now I've found it in a few local asian grocery stores in Lidcombe/Burwood NSW

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      My kids love that stuff, we always get some when we go to Japan or have family send it to us.

      • You can get it at coles now!

        (Next to the Golden Curry and kewpie and that miraculous morinaga sesame salad dressing that makes picky eating children actually eat salad).

        Just one flavour at my local though.

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          My kids prefer the ones that have anime labels like anpanman and precure etc. Probably doesn't taste any different but looks different to them when they are pouring them over their rice.

    • Yeah, we go through a jar of this probably every 1 1/2 weeks. Just be careful if you have kids as there’s one that has wasabi in it (learnt that the hard way, although it was pretty funny)

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      I read this as bukkak… actually never mind.

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        Thanks..and now I can never see the word furikake the same again

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        Its quite a common mistake to make, and bukkake can be used, with many enjoying the interesting flavour profile changes it brings. Alternatively, it enjoys a much greater, albeit mostly hidden success, as a great facial 'day & night' cream, in the wide world of beauty products.
        True Story.

      • Bukkake with furikake? Yum

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        Bukkake actually exists in Japanese cuisine. The word derived from a verb meaning “splashing”, and you will find “bukkake udon/soba” which is cold noodles poured over with sauce and some simple toppings.

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      Try grabbing some of this next time you're in an Asian supermarket - https://www.sbfoods-worldwide.com/products/search/036.html

      Small jar and usually priced up to $10 unfortunately but it's a gamechanger.

      Mix it with ponzu and use as a dip for gyoza too!

      • Am I the only one that had to google ponzu?

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      Can you make a half decent version yourself?

      That shit is expensive as hell.. wife and kids would use a packet per meal.

      • I haven’t tried and probably won’t bother. I bought a packet yesterday for $3 - is that expensive?

        • I think the one my wife buys is $5-6 a packet. Sprinkles it on like it's going out of fashion.

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            @JimB: You could have far worse and more expensive vices than furikake!

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        you can certainly try if your adventurous

        mainly the base is nori, sesame seeds and bonito flakes
        rest is whatever you want to add


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    S&b Japanese Hot Curry Sauce. comes in packets and goes for $2.20 at Woolies when on sale.

    Just need to make a pork or chicken katsu in the air fryer, then cut into strips and you're golden.

  • i’ve seen some people eat raw shallots with rice and curry that I found bit weird.

    • I don't mind fried shallots, depending on what else it's with

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    Raw egg and soy sauce, with good eggs.

    • raw egg into hot rice is regular old cooked egg.

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      This I believe is the best poor man meal ever, pronto.

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    Depends on who you are asking…I would suggest you try south indian/north indian Thali… You will be wondering what all you can eat on/with rice…

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      Anjappar's thali is incredible. So many choices and different flavours.

      • It is South Indian items. North Indian places are not that warm on rice.

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    Hainanese chicken rice

    Japanese curry rice

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    Do tears count?

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      That depends on how much you cry.😆

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        Your tears don't fall, they marinate the rice around me…

  • Ketchup, soy sauce and vinegar or shrimp paste 👌🏾

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    Reminds me of when I a 17yo exchange student in Japan. Sitting with the host family having dinner, they all looked at me strangely and laughed when I put soy sauce on my rice. They then proceeded to put it on their fried eggs to which I looked at them in much the same way!

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      Soy sauce on eggs are the bomb

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      Had a similar experience in rural Japan. Others at the table gasped in shock! No one said anything, but I realised it was adding soy sauce into the bowl of rice. I could see I had broken a strongly held rule.

      Politely asked later. It's seen as disrespectful to the grower of the rice to add anything to the rice. It is polluting the pure product. From the Edo period, when the rice farmer was just under the Samurai in respect.

      I asked about Curry Rice dishes - oh that's Foreign introduced food, so doesn't count. And there were other exceptions.

      My rice farmer friend (in a tiny village of 200) had a good laugh.

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    Almost anything. Seasoning and foods that needs softening goes in with the rice. Eggs and meat are added to cooked rice.

    I like turmeric, cinnamon, dried fruit and nuts. Goes good with most stir though sauces if you cook the rice until it is gloopy as it will hold separate flavours.

    Chicken beef and veg stock can all be good.

    I don't mind adding cloves and bayleafs, but they need to be picked out before serving.

    I prefer adding sauces like fish, soy, oyster sauce or sweet chilli to boiled rice. Goes well with fried rice or with meat and veg. Tomato and bbq sauce are good for people who don't like strong flavours.

    Boil in milk for rice pudding. Add an egg once creamy if you want it to set.

    If you forgot to boil in coconut milk, coconut cream to boiled rice can get you 80% there. But that only works if you get your water to rice ratio correct and boil off most of the water.

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    fried spam!

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      Found the Polynesians

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        Hawaiians too

        baked spam is healthier and still good

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          Air fried :p

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    Lemon juice and dried oregano (Greek style).

    • Haven't heard this one before but sounds like a shot. Fresh oregano at the end or dried while cooking? Zest in there too?

      • Dried oregano at the end sprinkled on top. Salt to taste. I haven't tried zest, but that sounds like a great idea.

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    One odd addition I like is to have leftover gravy from a roast dinner, on rice.

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    I hate plain rice so I put honey on my rice.
    It reminds me of a honey chicken and special fried rice mixture without the special or chicken its all in my head thinking its something its not

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    banchan assortment


    flossed/shredded pork

  • Lazy Me: Rice, tuna, mayo

    Kids: will have rice and a furikake or with seaweed

  • Brown rice, tuna, corn kernels, chili flakes and a little butter

  • Used to have a tin of tomato sardines on rice.

    • I haven't had sardines in tomato for decades, we used to have it on toast when we were kids.

  • Baked beans - rice and beans is a classic combination found in many cultures.

    You get the ketchup flavour mentioned by others above and also a boost to your daily fibre intake.

  • King Crab.

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    Fried egg with Maggi seasoning. Or Natto.

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    Brown rice with a tin of Sirena tuna (or Aldi equivalent), chilli + soy, and a handful of baby spinach and rocket