What Do You Have on/with Your Rice?

I was eating some Chicken Teriyaki and rice today, with necessary Kewpie and it got me thinking that I eat Kewpie with rice but would never have regular mayo with rice.

When I was growing up, my mum would always put butter on our rice and we'd have potato crisps as a poor version of pappadums or a cup of chicken stock (from a stock cube, no Campbells back then) as a makeshift soup….I still do a lot of this today.

Does anyone else have anything on/with their rice that is normal for them but others may consider it odd? Or any flavour sensations that I should know about?


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    Those packs of Korean seaweed

    • lowkey becomes a sushi ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Chicken/Beef stock powder for flavouring.

  • Rare rump steak and tabasco.

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    Soy sauce, sesame oil. Furikake. Kewpie, meat floss. Canned gluten in soy sauce. Canned fish. Seaweed. Inside soup - miso paste or stock powder, garlic powder and hot water. Or mixed in with those Japanese ochazuke packets. Pickles.

    Not all of the above at once though.

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    Curry or Soup.

  • My nephew puts cheese on his rice….

  • I love the Thai Green Curry & Mushroom soup from Aldi & often mix one with some of their microwaveable Coconut rice pouches…. deee lish! ๐Ÿคค

  • An egg and gravy and sometimes with a rissole as well for breakfast. My take on loco moco.

  • Watch any TV station for ideas

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      I'm more interested in uncommon ideas like Furikake or gravy than generic "curry and rice"

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    Butter, lightly toasted pine nuts, chicken salt. Yum.

  • 2x crispy sunny side up (smoking hot pan then olive oil), fried garlic, soy sauce, kecap manis, 1spoon of butter mixed into freshly cooked hot rice.

  • Just youtube or Netflix or your favourite TV programs

  • Chicken/beef kebab/korma, chips and salad.

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    Four cheese sauce and paprika…. Heaven.

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    Wicked wings

    • 100%

      Wicked wings, rice and either Tabasco or Frank's hot sauce.

    • I've noticed KFC plugging their ads on YouTube recently for making chicken katsu out of their zinger fillets or something.
      I just never have any left over :(

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    You should consult one of the greatest reddit threads of all time

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      Thank you for your suggestion.

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    Rice + cup of milk + spoon of strawberry jam or similar

    Rice + grated granny smith apples + cinnamon spice = in oven. Then serve hot with spoon of ice-cream

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    We use basmati rice so just good old Amul ghee is beautiful. Or ghee and cumin. Or biryani :D

  • you can eat anything with rice (jasmine rice).

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    Its a south Indian thing, but: plain yoghurt and Basmati rice (3rd course, 1st being chapatti + curry, 2nd being rice + curry)

    If desired, add one of the following on the side:
    -some salt
    -potato chips
    -some curry from your main meal
    -lemon, mango pickle etc

    Best comfort food and cools you down after spicy curry

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      South Indian rice varieties taste better than basmati IMO. Also Greek Yogurt is even better, but pricey.

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    Why not "rice and curry" like majority of regular rice eaters on planet do? Coming from sub continent background, I can't think of eating rice with anything else.. There are hundreds of rice varieties with different appearance, texture, smell and taste and each of them have their own unique characteristics. Asians (including India that is) mastered rice eating and you should take some advise from them if you want some serious experience (else it'll be like asking an Indian 'what should I eat pasta with'. I'd probably say 'curry perhaps๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€')

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      I guess I'm more after condiments and oddities than a blanket response of "curry". Is there something you have with your curry and rice that makes it somewhat unique to you/your families recipe?
      I think we have a pretty diverse audience here that we can get (and have got) some interesting answers.

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        There you go, mate. This is the first thing that came to my mind without the word 'curry' (because you could eat rice without curry this way).

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      Majority of the rice eaters (I guess sub continent would make the majority here) eat rice with daal and curry is the second alternative (in lieu of daal normally). Daal-rice is a staple in many regions where daal can be in different forms such as sambar, rasam, plain daal, daal tadka, daal makhni and so on, depending on the region of the sub continent. Btw, Daal is also spelt as 'Dal' or 'Dahl' so not to be confused. It's not just the plain rice that people have with daal but also many rice dishes such as dosa, idli, uttapam, etc, in addition to chapati (which is a wheat item).

      Thai and Mexican are another major cuisines with much use of plain rice in their dishes often had with gravies.

  • T sauce (tomato sauce) and white long grain rice is legit one of my favourite foods to eat. Not mixed in. On the side. I will often have this for dinner, plus a meat pie, but no sauce for the meat pie!

    Yes, I am a bit weird.

  • Soy sauce and crispy fried shallots.

  • Iโ€™ve known people to use peanut butter as satay sauce.

  • Soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, diced vegetables (that $1.80 frozen diced stuff from coles), extra peas, egg, cubed ham/smoked bacon, sesame oil, salt, pepper.

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      Tell me your an aussie without telling me your an aussie…

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    Fried eggs, fried shallots, kecap manis

    And have it for breakfast…

  • One of the best things to put on rice (which, in all honesty, goes with everything really) is this by Kenji. If you're sick, apart from porridge, try chicken broth poured over white rice.

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    Cinnamon sugar and a splash of milk,

    Cracked fresh eggs,

    Mayonnaise and canned tuna,

    Furikake of course (the green packet ใฎใ‚ŠใŸใพ of course)

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    TKG - raw egg and soy sauce

    • I add a little ajinomoto (MSG) to make it even better ;)

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    Steam Chinese sausages and soy sauce !

  • I melt cheese onto any reheated rice. Yum.

  • Omelette

  • Shrimp paste and omelette sliced ham/bacon or asian sausages.

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    We tried hello fresh for a bit and they said to start with melting a bit of butter and gently frying a bit of garlic and ginger before adding the rice / water. Absolute game changer and something we do every time now.

    Aside from that in regard to 'toppings' it's whatever the meal calls for. We have sweet chilli glazed chicken thighs with some fried veggies and the leftover glaze goes onto the rice. Fried rice gets a generous helping of hoisin and soy sauce, sushi gets soy, etc. For dessert I like to heat some leftover rice (cooked in just water) with a bit of sugar and milk and then dust it with cinnamon once it's in a bowl - really nice and creamy and just hits the spot.

  • mayo with rice


    I have 3 or 4 vegitables (could be leafy green, mushroom, potato , other vegitables etc) with rice ( + egg/tuna/salmon/anchovies stir fry or some thing like that occasionally). You can make in bulk and keep in fridge for a week (don't freeze).

    Tips to make a good curry:

    1. Use coconut milk (not coconut cream) for base
    2. Add dried tuna flakes called Maldive Fish for umami


    Curry : Young Jack fruit curry, Jack fruit curry, Cashew nut curry, Ambultiyal (Sour fish curry) , Prawn curry, Kang Kung (Water spinach) stir fry, Ceylon Spinich curry (with Dhal), Young mango curry, Banana flower curry, Pineapple curry, Anchovies stir fry

    Condiments : Coconut sambal, Pickle (shallot, carrots, green papaya, green chilli etc in coconut vinegar) , Katta sambal (Spicy Chilli+Maldive Fish+Onion ground with motor & pestal), "Lunu Mirris" (Chilli + Onion), Onion sambal, Fried bitter gourd salad, Sini sambal (Suger + Onion sauteed), Gotu Kola sambal ( Gotu Kola + grated coconut), Green papaya salad, Fried fish

    Oddities : Tuna cutlet (actually croquettes), Dhal wada

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    When people say chicken and rice, I know there is steps missing here. What's your version? Biriyani style, fried chicken style (japanese), teriyaki style, paella style?

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    Japanese Curry (Vermont brand) with thin rare beef slices on a sizzling hot plate and mozarella cheese ๐Ÿ˜ Home-made version of Pepperlunch. Or Chicken Karaage with rice and kewpie and siracha kewpie and seaweed flakes ๐Ÿ˜
    Vietnamese here, my list goes on but kids love their japanese

    Spam and eggs & maggi seasoning ๐Ÿคฉ

    • 'Home-made version of Pepperlunch.' hopefully much better than the real Pepperlunch.

      Tried it in Australia with my family and every meal was just forgettable.

  • Tinned corned beef (Hamper brand)

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    Egg and Spam.

  • I braise pork belly with lots of soy sauce, some cinnamon, star anise and a bit of sugar. It's delicious on rice.

  • Black pepper!

    I like to have my meals separated (ie Chicken in side of large plate, rice on the other side), or sometimes in different bowls. I don't like when the rice gets wet/soggy and I know I'm not alone in this.

    PS: medium grain, white rice. Cooked with a little salt and butter, mediterranean style.

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    Baked beans or can of tuna is pretty good.

    • Baked beans is one I haven't heard before

  • Afghan Palaw… basmati rice, topped with caramilsed sultanas and carrots with meat.

    Look it up, tast is amazing!

  • Lao Gan Ma chilli sauce + rice

  • Bovril or Bonox.

  • I'll be your Curry, you be my rice.

  • Nandos Hot Sauce

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    Fresh steamed rice, fried egg runny yolk, Heap of Lao Gan Ma Chilli crisp or Black Bean Chilli Oil.

    Perfect comfort food.

  • Chicken Kiev and let the garlic sauce run all over and through the rice.

  • as a bachelor in my 20s, i would have french fries and tomato sauce with my rice.
    as a father in my mid 30s, mostly traditional persian stews on rice (look up khoresht (stew) fesenjan, bademjan, gheymeh)
    theres also an amazing indian restaurant in richmond called 3 idiots which makes a great chilli goat dish

  • I usually put on my rice, Japanese rice flavour or Umeboshi pickled plum.

  • Butter and parmesan cheese.

  • A once in awhile treat

    Rice, soy sauce, spam and butter.

    Put it in the microwave until the butter melts then mix it all together

  • Kimchi = ๊น€์น˜ ์ข‹์•„์š”.

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    Maggie sauce!

    • Maggi Seasoning?
      I love the stuff.

      Someone mentioned soy sauce on fried eggs, never tried. We always had Maggi on our fried eggs! Dip some crusty bread in the runny yolk with a hint of maggi seasoning.

      And for those that love Kechup, tomato sauce or baked beans. Try adding some maggi seasoning to it.

      My parents grew up in Vietnam, Dad would make ketchup fried rice quite often. He said it was French Vietnamese thing, since they don't cook with soy sauce.

      When I moved out and started cooking for myself, I found the baked bean fried rice, extremely cheap and easy meal. goes well with pork, either minced, or some chopped up ham.

      • Had soy on fried eggs ever since I was little. Amazing food especially if you fry the eggs with high enough heat to char the bottom a little bit but left the yolk slightly runny.

  • soy sauce and lemon juice

  • Maggi seasoning sauce

  • Greek yogurt

  • My family eats a lot of kfc, I ask them to buy some extra tenders and then I cook some rice and dice up the tenders and eat it like that. Itโ€™s really good for some reason, someone told me once it was likely because of the black pepper in the tender coating but Iโ€™m not sure.

  • Vietnamese chicken pate, sliced and pan fried. To be honest rice is our staple so almost anything.

    • I just remember. Ice cream and sticky rice and coconut crisp, yum.

    • Where can you buy Vietnamese chicken pate from?

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        Try your local banh my shop, or there are recipes on YouTube. Use the ones that has pork mince so it can be sliced and fried.

        • thanks! I've only ever had it on my actual banh mi.

  • Chui chow chilli oil and a sunny side up fried egg so that when you cut it just oozes yolk through the mixture.

    If I'm feeling flamboyant then either 1 of fried shallots, spring onion or fresh chives if I have any of them on hand.

  • I like to eat warm rice mix with clarified butter (ghee) and sugar.

  • I'm surprised that no one mentioned salt n pepper. Cheapest full-flavored meal we can get.

  • Bbq eel, bbq pork, roast duck, roast pork, soy sauce chicken, etc

  • I know I am going to find some animals in the comments, did not disappointed…..

  • safron

  • Congee, basically 8 parts water to 1 part rice. Salt, chicken stock, fried egg, soysauce.
    Or ginger and shallots (you know, the stuff that comes with BBQ pork or roast duck from chinese places)

    • I love that ginger and shallot stuff that comes with the bbq pork - do you know if itโ€™s possible to buy from the supermarket or Asian grocer?

      • It's actually quite easy to make yourself, but yes, I would think that it's fairly easy to purchase from BBQ places—I've certainly bought them from shops before.

  • Rice + spoon oil + red chilli powder + salt.

  • Litte bit of butter and some Maggi sauce into a bowl of rice. Something my asian grandparents did for us as kids for an afternoon snack

  • Egg, sesame oil and soy sauce with Kimchi.

  • Um…ketchup. >_>;

  • Kettle Chilli Chips on rice is pretty good.

    • This might be right up my alley.
      Usually I'm plain salted but with Sriracha.

      Salt and vinegar go well too

      • It adds some nice crunch to migoreng too.

  • I didn't know how many white people there are in this forum…

  • ABC chilli sauce

  • tuna