This was posted 7 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[eBay Plus] AUS WOOLI UGG Water-Resistant Unisex Sheepskin Short Ankle Boots $29 Delivered @ Source Co International eBay


Winter is here so it's a good time to pick up some feet warmers. Starts at 12 noon!

Part of the ebay plus weekend deals.

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    Winter is coming.

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      -0.5 this morning. It's here.

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    Is this worth $29.00 ?

    • Depend on design lol

    • Yeah, partner and I have the bigger ones and they're very comfy

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      It’s much better value than the other UGG company who recently had a $29 deal. They were just slip ons, these cover the whole foot.

  • Any link to check product before buy

  • link to the product?

  • got one thanks

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    Hmm it is ok but I would a rather higher boot for the classic ugg style

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      Target has higher styled Grosby branded uggs for $69, currently 25% off so $51.75. Branded socks are buy 2 get 1 free also, so 3 pairs of Mandalorian shin high socks and uggs for $65.

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    Is this AU size or US size? there is no chart that they mention

    • The second photo has a size chart.

  • Au size

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    Was about to buy and then saw the Auswooli branding, lol

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      Not a good brand?

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        Bought a pair a few months ago, so far so good

        • Can second this - decent quality for my pair that I "bought" a month or two ago.

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    Are they bigger or smaller than normal sports/walking shoe sizes?

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    These don't appear to be Ugg Australia brand. Who knows where they're made. I'd guess not in Aus. Was just about to buy too.

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      Probably as good as $10 Kmart synthetics

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        As skeptical as i am, i doubt it. I looked at my local kmart for some the other day and they were 100% synthetic and crappy…. although id say fine for the cheap price. At least these knock offs supposedly have aussie wool inside. Would be silly to pay more than this $29 for them though.

        • I'm wearing the $10 synthetics now. They are good for about a year or two but they do start to fall apart fairly quickly. The inner foot lining has disintegrated but otherwise the structure remains sound. And they smell quite bad after a while and require washing more than a wool

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            @drfuzzy: You're lucky. I bought some synthetics a few years ago and my feet either froze or were soaked with sweat. Eventually I couldn't bear it any longer and went out and bought real sheepskin. I wish I could find a way to stop the soles wearing out/getting uncomfortable though… first it hurts because some sections flatten out while others stay high, then later areas are cold because the wool wears away down to the leather.

    • It uses deceptive labeling (looking at the crooked tag stitched on the back of one of the images). Don't care how cheap these are, these are knock-offs.

  • any reviews on this specific model?

  • -1

    Not ugg Australia. seller is from beautiful Sydney. lol some copy sh!t from China.

  • Maybe worth signing up to ebay plus?
    Are more deals coming?

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      I signed up for the adidas shoes deal a couple days ago. Rest of the 'deals' have been cheap Chinese junks.

      Buying random shit which breaks after a couple of uses was a fun novelty a decade ago. But right now… I'll pass

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    Garbage uggs

    • Nah, they're pretty great based off the two we've bought

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    Yes, made in China. I brought the Wooli slippers deal for $19, and was very impressed with the quality. So I brought these hoping they're similar quality. They say Australian owned and designed using Australian A grade sheepskin, but not made here!

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      Got a pair from one of the Tuesday eBay deals and was a bit disappointed that they weren't made in Australia like my previous 2 pairs I bought off eBay. Surprisingly the quality compared to the Aussie made ones are quite similar and at half the price they were definitely worth it.

  • Thought they would be UGG express for sure. Not something I've never heard of from a random seller

  • Yer bugger it fake crap, but its cheap so going to get some….

    I should say I bought some Aussie made ones for the missus as support Australian made stuff…. and I dont think they were that great…. cost a fortune though.

    • Why’s it fake? No one owns the ugg trademark in Australia. Globally it’s owned by a bunch of Americans.

      I don’t really understand this love of “Australian made”. It’s probably just a bunch of non Australians slaving away for a pittance on a visitor or student visa if it actually is “Australian made”. No actual Australian wants to do manufacturing or low skill jobs as has been made abundantly clear in recent days.

  • Interesting at 12:08 very few sizes now all available

    • One size is sold out as far as I can see now

  • Nothing for me today at EBay plus weekend

  • Hopefully more coupon loopholes to come

  • Any slippers?

    • If you're trying to keep warm I wouldn't recommend the slippers. I bought a pair during the ebay sale last year and my feet were still frozen.

      Bought a pair of the boots this time.. hopefully that does a better job

      • I grabbed the ugg slippers when they were free in previous plus deal; feet are warm though, back of the feet not so, but toes are toasty, happy with the price.

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          This is probably not acceptable, but I just wear socks when I'm wearing mine. Means they won't smell as bad as quickly too.

  • want to buy a pair for my girl, children size 11

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      OK. You have OzB's blessing.

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    Myer seems to sell these boots (Aus Wooli Ugg)

  • You can only use coupon once?

  • Anyone able to use the $50 ebay plus sign up voucher on this?

    • You can only use one voucher per order right?

      You should be able to use the $50 ebay plus sign up voucher, bringing price to $15?

      You can't apply two vouchers, so its the $50 plus one or the PLUSUGG code bringing it to $36

  • Not ugh though

  • Can I use the same code twice? Asking for a friend.

    • Nope, one time use

      • Dang it, wanted to buy one for mum.

  • Also special buy is $19.99

  • Was considering this but then it striked me, how do you clean Ugg boots? That's going to be additional cost for maintenance. I'd rather have multiple socks for winter.

    • +2

      i have ugg boots, with real wool. had them for about 3 years and they don't smell at all. never washed or cleaned them, they don't need it. now if i wear a synthetic pair, my feet stink and sweat like crazy. looking for a new pair only because they aren't as soft as they originally were, but they still do the job!

      • Interesting! Thanks for your response!

      • I second this too.

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    Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

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  • Hi, thank you for your purchase.
    We are reaching out to inform you that we do not have AU stock for your order.
    Unfortunately, this deal sold so quickly, that our internal stock system did not keep up with the eBay sold quantities for a few sizes and colours

    • Got my tracking number a couple of hours ago - Size: AU WOMEN 12/AU MEN 10, Colour: BONDI CHESTNUT ordered at 3.35pm 29/5.

      • +2

        I ordered "AU Shoe Size: AU WOMEN 8/AU MEN 6, Size: AU WOMEN 8/AU MEN 6, Colour: BONDI GREY" and received a "US Women 8, US Men 7" and it was way too big. Has anyone contacted them to see what they say?

        • I traced around my foot (as suggested on the listing photos), measured with a ruler and compared said measurement to the sizing chart - the sizing for me is perfect although different to what I would have ordered without the sizing method/chart. Quality product considering the price. Would happily buy again.

        • I just received a Bondi Grey in the same size. They're a bit big as well, but I'll keep them. The qualilty is fine, and I like the removable insoles. I'll wear them mainly around the house. The soles are identical to the same sized Wooli slippers I got in the last sale (good fit), but are longer by at at least a cm. I'm not sure if these are outdoor soles or not?

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    FWIW, mine arrived. I ordered a size 10 US Men's (which would almost always fit me in shoes), it arrived showing a size 11 US Men's, and was still too small.

    • +1

      Same issue here - very small uggs.

      • I got a size up and im not even mad they fit well

  • +2

    Mine also arrived. Very happy with the quality.

  • +1

    The size on the box and the size on the shoe is different and they both seem off. I have been sent the wrong size regardless but it still fits as I wanted a larger size and they sent a smaller size. But it's a tight fit and not what I wanted around the house. The sizings and comparison between women and men on the boot as opposed to what's written on the box are different and makes me think these are really low quality control and they don't know their sizes…

  • Does anyone else's have a big seam in the toe box? Makes them pretty uncomfortable…

    • Nope - mine fit like a glove. A foot glove.

      Sorry to hear that yours is not as expected. Maybe drop them an email and see if they can resolve before you leave feedback…

      • They sent out a replacement pair, but the same issue occurs in the same left shoe 😬

  • +1

    Mine arrived today and I ordered a Size 11US (10AU) as I am a size 11US and I wish I had gone up a size, they are "snug" but will wear in I guess as for Quality they are not bad, way better than Kmart/ Aldi as they feel like real wool…

    For $29 it was a great buy.

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