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3 Pack Fidget Toys Unicorns + Hearts + Dinosaurs $17.69 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Bugless via Amazon AU


Amazon AU stock and comes with 1 year worry-free warranty.

Deal price now AUD 16.99 after promo code and coupon.

Bubble Sensory Fidget it Toy 3 pack. These include

Colorful unicorns + hearts + dinosaurs

A good toy to release anxiety and stress.
Aso a great Intelligent gift for your kids.

Mod Note: Price is actually $17.69 after Code + Coupon

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Aren't they about $5 at your local stores?

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    Negged since
    1. You only need 1 piece of these, not 3 pieces
    2. This is cheaper at $5.95 for 1 piece below

    Thanks for letting us know this product exists. but your offer is not a deal.

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    My daughter has so many of these…

    I must be getting old because I don't understand the appeal. I mean fidget spinners were fun for a few minutes, but these?


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    Items: $22.99
    Delivery: $0.00
    Total: $22.99
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$5.30
    Order Total: $17.69

    That's after ticking the $3 coupon and applying the code.

    Even at $16.99 I am not feeling the value or a deal.

    You had it cheaper when you were sockpuppetting the deal as well:
    Colorful unicorns + hearts + dinosaurs $15.61 Delivered (was $22.99) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU (Sockpuppeting)

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    12 posts, 0 comments.

    No questions answered in other "deals"

    Pure marketing with minimal bargains.

    Not available at listed price.

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    Makes me sad knowing just how much landfill is produced.

    Price unobtainable at $16.99 as per MorriJ above


    $5 each

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    Back in my day, fidget toys spun.


    Finally, a unicorn deal that is not impossible to get.


    Can they be used as coasters once the fad is over? If not, it just landfill and complete waste of money.