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Ergohuman V2 Plus Elite Mesh Office Chair Fit $599 (RRP $699) + Shipping @ Temple and Webster


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  • People with this chair, how long have yours lasted?

    • I've only had this chair for 3-4 months, so I can't tell you about the longevity.

      What I can share is it's an awesome chair to have.

      Only downside is the mesh seat is a bit stiff, I got used to it very quickly.

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      Nearing 4 years with it. No issues so far.

    • +1

      had mine since May last year, its working very well!
      only downside is that the arms are a bit wobbly but otherwise its great

    • I have had an Ergohuman V1 for 7 years now and it is still going strong. Cant be certain that quality hasnt changed over all those years tho. I would definately replace this with another if/when i need to get a new chair, as long as quality hasnt gone down hill.

    • +1

      8 years now and going strong

      • Bought mine approx 10 years ago. Metal has gone dull (no rust) and there's a bit of play towards the rear if I rock the seat front to back (sturdy when sitting still).

        Will replace with another ergohuman elite v2 plus if the mesh ever fails.

    • +1

      had mine close to 3 years now. still feels new. VERY happy with it. the mesh… my god, what a revelation. mesh is best. so breathable and comfy

    • 3 years, the seat base has just broken.

      mesh is also giving too much on the backrest now, plastic sticks in to my back.

    • It's very squeaky. I've had mine since the last sale - maybe about 3-4 months.

      Not very impressed with it. Anyone got tips to get rid of the squeak when spinning around?

      • +1

        mine doesn't squeak at all.

        maybe you can go to bunnings and get some grease or something? or reach out to who you bought the chair from and ask?

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    Buy from the eBay mydeal for more savings.

  • geeze, $113 shipping to McGowanland..

  • +1

    This is not a genuine https://ergohuman.com.au chair though is it? Milan Direct product? Does anyone know the difference in quality?

    • +3

      They're all resellers. The original manufacturers are these guys http://www.comfortworkspace.com/ and you can see Vine Trail (Ergohuman.com.au) and Temple and Webster on the dealers page.

  • +2

    (profanity) this COVID pricing. I've been using a broken chair for almost a year now because I refuse to pay these ridiculous prices.

    • To think this used to go for under 500 bucks just a couple years ago.

    • +3

      Welcome to the new world mate. Most of the costs have gone up, supply chain is still a mess and there is no light in the end of the tunnel.

      Get ready to seat in a broken chair for a few more years.

      • +6

        Let me know when my salary goes up 20% in this new world to account for the price hikes. Until then, all these businesses can kiss my arse because they ain't getting a dollar from me.

  • The lumbar support killed my lower back on this model. Bought it without testing during the Covid working from home panic.
    Put up with it for a year before finally moving to a Herman Miller Aeron which has been great. I wish i got it from the start.

    • That is what worries me with not being able to try without testing. I have a bad back and get a sore arse from chairs with a lot of sitting. I do have a concern with a mesh chair giving me even more of a sore arse than my currently padded seat.

      • You can opt to pay a small extra fee I think it's like $5-10 with Temple and Webster and it extends the change of mind returns window to like 90 days or something around that for you to sus it out

        That's what I did when I purchased this exact one. Been about half a year no issues thus far - only dislikes are:

        1) Wobbly arms (pet peeve not a defect)

        2) There is a pattern on the mesh design itself which I don't like on the black mesh model (once again pet peeve not a defect) which I didn't notice in the pictures.

        No complaints overall though, hope this helps mate

        • Isn't the return cost pretty high though? Like 70 bucks

      • than my currently padded seat

        The major issue with padded seats is the cover material - which most often ends up being PU leather. They do not last long before you start to notice peeling. Specially in summer, when you are rubbing your sweaty back on it all the time.

    • finally moving to a Herman Miller Aeron which has been great.

      Where did you buy your HMA chair from? Also, which model exactly?

  • I have this chair and it's great in almost every way. However there is one massive caveat which could be a dealbreaker for some.

    The tilt control isn't analog; there are three distinct tilt lock positions

    If your body doesn't perfectly fit the upright position or the slightly leaning back position, this will drive you crazy.

    You can, of course, leave the tilt unlocked so that it's flexible, but that's also not for everyone.

    If you're used to other chairs where you can freely lock the tilt into any position, this should be a big caution.

    Would I buy it again? It's a great office chair, so maybe, but I would probably look into Secret Labs if I had my chance again. Or Herman Miller if your wallet is too heavy and you need to offload cash.

  • Got $40 for the referral now, thanks OP

  • Was very tempted to get one due to the positive comments, but after a quick search it was $549 half year ago and $479 2 years ago as the cheapest deals. Did the price jet up or we can still wait for a better deal?

    • WFH + COVID.