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R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots $475 ($427.50 for First Order, Was $595) Delivered @ Allingtons Outpost


Hi all- long-time lurker, first post.

Not the lowest price ever but a wide range of sizes & widths available (G/H/F for black, G/H for chestnut)

Free shipping Australia-wide for orders > $150.

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Allingtons Outpost
Allingtons Outpost

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    whats the lowest? Quick search shows $416 on ozbargain, this is pretty good deal!

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      Lowest can be sub $400 but very rare to see

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        maybe i'll wait for the sub 400. my size is OOS

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      Best I could find was a deal from back in 2016 for $395 delivered - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/272706, but I may be mistaken

      • Wrong comment. Oops

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/426427

      Cheapest ever at $310, although that seller is now banned for sockpuppeting. Good deal though.

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        No point being the cheapest if you aren't going to get your boots. In another forum, a lot of customers got burnt from that store not receiving their orders with little communication.

      • Wow, hell dodgy. Looks like the store doesn't even exist anymore though which is good.

      • I got mine from here.
        Thought it was funny. They make them here, send them over to UK and ship them back here for cheaper haha.

        Great boots!

        • Not surprising. I tried to enquire about buying RM boots for my staff as a combined order. The unit price was more expensive than buying from Nungar.

          I can only assume buying in bulk (ie. enough to fill a 40' container) would give you some sort of discount large enough that you could sell boots at a discount and still make a slight profit.

    • is this legit? site seems iffy?

      • Bought from them last year - $395 from memory. Very good to deal with (phoned them
        about an out of stock size and they sorted things out)

      • This is an actual store.

        Years and years ago I picked up a pair on my way out east.

    • lol

  • $379 del last year OZB during blackfriday sales

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    also, few years back, QFF had a sale for about $339ish + 2000 points.

    They said it was a pricing error but honoured the first batch of orders before it was flooded by ozb'ers

    • Got mine out of that. It was glorious.

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        general principle, if there's a 3 in front of the price, then it's generally a decent deal…but sub $350 and you're doing really well :D

    • Actually it was $315 + 2000 points if I'm thinking of the same deal. Just checked my receipt. Such an awesome deal.

  • thanks op, good price considering it's post rona prices 👍

  • Good price.
    I got mine for ~$400 from ebay and i thought i did well then.

  • Great price. Got mine directly from RM Williams site for $395 a couple years ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/460101

    They're a distressed leather one, which give the boots more of a worn/matte look right out of the box. I didn't mind it at all. Still going strong 2 years later even with regular weekly use.

  • Not bad. Pretty sad that Nungar no longer sell RMs too!

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      It was a loss for the bargain hunters who bought from Nungar; service may not be Steve's priority but his prices were definitely sharp.

    • That's the first I've heard! Since when did they stop selling?

      • Not that long ago, just after Twiggy bought RMW and prices went up.

        • It was in the works before the Twiggy take over and there have been no price rises on the RM Craftsman line in recent times.

  • thanks OP got dynamic flex as i find them more comfortable than the comfort craftsman :)

    • Do you wear orthotics?

  • Decent price.. still out of my pay bracket unfortunately

  • Thanks OP, got the Dynamic Flex

    • Do you wear orthotics?

  • Where is this 1st order discount?

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      NEW10off - this is the code to apply at checkout. You will receive this as an email when you join an account with Allington

  • Used to be able to buy them for low $400s every day from Nungar Trading but I've just now seen they are no longer able to stock RM Williams… :(

  • How do these fit? is it best to get properly sized in store? or just go with my actual shoe size?

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      Given the varying width and the price you're forking out, if you've got access to an RM Williams store, would highly encourage it.

      • cheers for the help! will pop in to RM adelaide sometime.

      • Only a non Melbourne person would write this right now.

    • RM actually have a very in depth sizing guide which I used successfully to establish my correct size.

    • The fit of these is super important. I'm a 10-11 in other shoes but a 9.5F in RM's.

      Go and get fitted, they have 3 widths and do half sizes so you're gona get something that basically fits like a glove.

    • I just bought a pair recently.

      I'm a US9/UK8 normally. Was sized up at an RM store to a 6.5H (Wide). A 7G (regular width) was way too narrow and tight.

      The sizing is absolutely bonkers to me, because I would have never bought such a size normally. I've checked their online sizing guide, and that too puts me around about a 6.5-7 H so the online chart is probably a reasonably safe bet.

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      Went to my local store today and got sized - normally I'm US10-11, but I'm an 8.5G in RMs… Go figure

  • Only Chestnut and Black available. No Rum or Dark Tan colours :(

  • Also works for dynamic flex craftsman, same price post discount

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    Everytime I see a RM post I amazed this is the same place where people is willing to go out of their way to save 50 cents on anything

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      What you don't understand is I have my RM williams for 8 years and only have had to change the rubber piece on the heel a few times. Savings.

      I can wear it out to work, out to play. Savings.

      Made in Australia.

    • They really are worth the money. I bought myself a pair of kangaroo craftsman. I wear them everywhere . To a fault. I went to the beach and got stuck as I didn't want to ruin the leather lol.

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    Black is out of stock - in size 10 G

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      Same size! Might get chestnut instead

      • I already have the Chestnut and its a great price to get the black. Highly recommend the boots!

        Okay, pulled the trigger on the dynamic flex craftsman.

        • I really dislike the dynamic flex.
          As an fyi if your foot is a flatter foot like mine. You would feel the inside arch too much in the dynamic flex.

  • My size was originally OOS (by the time I saw the deal ~24h after posting, there had already been a couple thousand link clicks!), but I signed up to be notified when it came back in stock and got the notification tonight. Dynamic Flex instabuy.

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      Same, more sizes for chestnut 8g back in stock, grabbed a pair thanks to the notification. $475.

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    Is the code expired now? Doesn't work for me.

    • Didn’t work for me either.

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        There's a signup code to get $20 off

        • Yep that’s what I ended up using. Not quite as good but still pretty decent deal. Finally got a pair.

          If you have a pair, could you let me know how often these need to get resoled and where do people take them to get resoled? Just any cobbler or RM Williams themselves?

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            @Smol Cat: I would find the best cobbler in your city..I don't have one but I got a few other work shoes that I've put protective soles on.