expired Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Unlocked $291.74 + $25 Shipping


Just found this great dealwhile looking at Xperia Play Prices. $25 Shipping


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    Finally a decent price from local retailers.

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    What speed is the cpu and is it dual core? Does it play android games only or sony psp style game?

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      1GHz single core Qualcomm Snapdragon with Adreno 205. Same CPU/GPU as HTC Desire HD. Roughly on par with iPhone 4 - single core also.

      It can play Android games as well as PlayStation Pocket games.

      I would suggest people get a dual core phone nowadays. You can feel the difference, more so in Android world. Some Android apps I use - Metlink and Tram Hunter, they are sluggish on a single core phone (Acer Liquid Metal - and that's a decent single core phone). Both apps are quite smooth on dual core phones. Single core phones are okay if they are selling at real bargain prices.


        This phone is aimed at Gamers.

        You play games on your phone this is the ultimate gaming phone. I haven't found the phone sluggish at all. However I only really use it for gaming and watching videos.


    You should add delivery.

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    Dimensions 119.0 x 62.0 x 16.0 mm……this phone is FAT by todays standards Galaxy S2 is almost half the thickness. May not bother some but I suggest having a feel in store before buying.

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      Of course it's going to be fat, it has a slide out control pad and should only be purchased if it is going to be used for gaming.


    I love this phone.

    It is just awesome, just get some emulators and away you go. I even bought one for my girlfriend and she loves it as well.

    I don't see myself upgrading phones for a very long time. Sure it is a bit fatter than normal phones but it has a slide out control panel.


    It's an imported product and isn't covered by Sony Ericsson Warranty.
    "This product comes with 12-month BuyMart service warranty"


    I've got one of these phones, it's really cool with the slide out controllers. Bought it a few months back for $415. Gaming is more fun and easier with proper controls then with touch screens. I could have safed myself $100 if I'd waited but hey I had fun with it so I'm not complaining.