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Macpac Thermals: 2 for $50 or 3 for $65 (Geothermal Pants RRP $49.99) + $10 Shipping ($0 C&C/ $100 Spend) @ Macpac


Miss out on the Aldi Ski sale thermals?! Stay cosy this winter with brand name thermals!

From the website:
Made with 100% recycled polyester, our Geothermal baselayers are light, warm and fast to dry. Soft on skin with a brushed fleece backing, they’re designed to manage moisture build up as required and dry fast when wet. A durable baselayer, Geothermals are ideal for hiking and general purpose outdoor use — available in a range of styles and seasonal colours.

Seem to have good reviews, and plenty of sizes and colours available.

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    Reviews say they're oversized just like their jackets so go 1 size down.

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      Uberlight down jacket is true to size for me.

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    Do they have free return shipping?

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      I don't think so, but you can pay via PayPal and use their free returns service (make sure you activate: )

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        So I guess the best option is buy 5 for free shipping then return 3.

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      If you are close enough to a store they do returns over the counter in any store afaik… I did that last time I bought some sale items..

      • You can return it in store. Buif if you paid by PayPal you need to post it .

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    Just ordered…Good for when riding my motorbike…Thanks OP…Cheers

  • How's the short sleeve version

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    Their "Prothermal Polartec" (not Geothermal) are WAY more expensive, but are just awesome kit for a ski/snowboard base layer. I have always battled sweat when I snowboard, even when wearing lightweight gear under my ski jacket. I heat up on the downhill runs, then freeze on the ski lift going back up.

    But recently I have purchased an Arcteryx lightweight shell as a waterproof outer layer and use the Macpac Prothemals as a base layer underneath. I stay perfectly dry and warm all the time. No sweating at all, its awesome.

    I have tried several different Arcteryx base layers, they worked fine, but they were no where near as comfortable as the Macpac Prothemals.

    • You've sold me. What's the sizing like on the prothermals?

      • Perfect, I am a size medium for most brands (Billabong, Uniqlo, etc) and the size medium Prothermals were perfect. Just buy one at first and try it out.

        Given the reputation Arcteryx has, I was really disappointed by the weird sizing and fit of their base layers, tight in some areas and loose in other areas, and I don't think I am a strange shape, I am pretty much human male size medium. I LOVE my Arc'teryx Beta SL Jacket though, it is super light weight, super breathable and super watertight. I was snowboarding in the rain at falls creek in 2019 at zero degrees and stayed dry and warm.

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      Honestly anything merino will probably do a better job. It's scary - a new merino base layer will often come out of the washing machine dry if the spin cycle at the end is good enough.

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        I wish I could wear merino, I have tried the best I can buy and I just cannot stand the feel against my skin. I have a few of the best of Icebreakers shirts and base layers and I cannot stand the itchiness on my skin. I know the pros and cons, but the new synthetics are close to a match in performance and are just way more comfortable for me.

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    Thanks Op. This would be good for our upcoming
    camping trip.

  • recycled polyester, isn't it plastic bottles?

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    Thanks for 3

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    Cheers OP - ordered 9 of them…. Working from home and I find these great as warm long sleeve t-shirts - comfortable without having to have another layer - warm jacked over the top if going out… At around $21 each shipped they are perfect, and quick drying means less hassle with washing as a single bloke… Perfect…

  • Anyone had bad pilling issues with Macpac base layers before?

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    How do these stack up against Uniqlo's heattech thermals?

    • Following. Asking the real questions

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      I have had both for last few years. I find these better.
      Just ordered 4 more

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    Thanks OP!

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    Thanks OP! ordered 6

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    Can you buy 3 different ones and still get them for $65?

    • yes

    • yes. and I didn't do the math but I think per item, it is worse if you order 4 compared to 3 or 5. i believe it is about $94 if you order 4

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    Don't forget 3% Cashback via Cashrewards :)

    • I followed it but didn't get confirmation after… dang..

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    "Made with 100% recycled polyester," where the Aldi base layers on sale were 100% Merino wool. Hardly comparable …….
    If you want any comparison, compare the Macpac Merino's. You can't get two for $50 of them for a reason.

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      I guess it depends which product you compare it to, Aldi were selling both polyester thermals and merino thermals …. but that's only if you were able to nab some in your preferred size. For those that missed out, or don't have an Aldi near them, this deal might be helpful.
      Out of interest, do you find merino wool thermals are a much better product? I haven't tried them.

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        Fair enough. Did not see the polyester thermals at Aldi.
        I always buy merino thermals and was lucky to get some in the Aldi sale.

        Agree with garage sale that in polyester you develop BO…..

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      The best Merino wool base layers are great, but synthetics have come a long way in the last few years to be largely comparable in warmth to weight, and are usually more comfortable. Merino still has several benefits, but if you are like me and don't like the feel, then synthetics are not the poor cousin they used to be.

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      yep …..don’t develop BO in merino wool thermals in a day ….you do in polyester ones …… no comparison to aldi merino wool …..

  • some sizes are out of stock when checking out……

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