Congestive Heart Failure How Long Can You Live?

I saw congestive heart failure on my relatives discharge hospital record.

I’ve googled to find out some information but it’s very general.

Has anyone experience this type of heart failure?


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    My mum had this and it was from a faulty valve. They opted to not repair it so she had to have fluid tablets and other medication. Hope your friends can get repaired,

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    Your question is phrased a bit too 'generally' to be answered in any meaningful way. Specifically, you have not provided any details about your 'relative' (age? comorbidities? Medical history?).

    You may wish to check out this (free to access) publication:

    Alternatively you may find the following online resource useful/more digestible, but I cannot vouch for anything contained in it because it is not peer reviewed:

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    Life expectancy with congestive heart failure varies depending on the severity of the condition, genetics, age, and other factors. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around one-half of all people diagnosed with congestive heart failure will survive beyond five years.

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    2 weeks max.


      That is someone's loved one you are making reference to. Not even remotely amusing.

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        Don't you find it amusing that someone would ask that ridiculous question in a ridiculous forum?

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          You got negged because it's obviously only 1 week max


        Laugh a bit dude. Otherwise you're gunna give yourself a heart attack.