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Roasted Salted or Unsalted Cashews 750gm $9.50 @ Woolworths

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    can't have enough of these

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      Go a bit nutty for them

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    Coles had them for about the same price a couple of weeks ago I bought a pack and have nearly finished them😋

    • i usually go through these in 3-4 days at best, unfortunately 😶

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    Great timing had just ran out. Goes great in stir frys and some thai/malaysian currys.

  • What country do these actually come from?

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      Pretty sure they are grown in Vietnam 🇻🇳

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        World largest exporter!

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        That would be why I keep hearing GOOD MORNING VIETNAM evey time I open these.

    • When I bought them from Coles it said on the pack 5% from Australia I asked a staff member where they were from but they didn't know and I couldn't find it on the pack. They taste nice so I'm not too fussed🙂

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        5% is salt hahaha

        • I thought it might have been the packaging.

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    Just saying, can't beat the taste of the Costco salted cashew, it just taste good.

  • Australian or imported ?

    • Are there any Australian grown cashews (sold at less than $50/kg)?

      • Price no object if au nuts

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    Cheaper than ALDI, which is a rare thing.

    • this is a valid comment, why the downvotes?

      • People here don't like ALDI maybe.

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    lol… May contain traces of nuts… love it… ha ha

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    wheres the nut free version?

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      People are a bit trigger happy on the downvote button lately…

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      when you eat everything in the pack in will be free of nuts

  • Ozbargainers going nuts this week

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    Thank OP.

    May contain traces of nuts :) :P

  • Cannot wait.

  • How's salted ones taste? Is it too salty?

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    For those near Drakes, which I think is in SA and Qld, they have a SLIGHTLY cheaper deal, with Yummy Cashews Salted, Unsalted or Raw 500g, $6

  • I'm trying to buy at the special price but after logging in if shows the full price.

    Any one else having issues?

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