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Samsung Tablet A7 Wi-Fi + 4GX - $264 Outright (Half Price) Delivered @ Telstra (Telstra ID Required)


With a slim design, vibrant entertainment system and outstanding performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Wi-Fi + 4GX 32GB is a stylish new companion for your life. Dive head-first into the things you love and easily share your favourite moments.

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    +$15 for 1 month of plan.

    This appears to be 2020 version, not sure if it sucks as hard as the 10 inch version.

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      Yeah Samsung's budget tablets tend to suck, 3 GB ram is lame.

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        I tried it in store at big lee seemed fine to me, i just want the 64gb version. My old tablet only had 3gb also and had no issues with it, although i dont make a habbit of leaving multiple apps open or running backgrouns apps excessively like i guees more novice users might?

        • so how do you optimize your usage?

          • @amorn: Besides using the built in optimizations, i simply make sure only apps running in the background are the ones i want to be and close apps, clear recent apps, force close any buggy or memory hogging apps after using things like that. This was using my old Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 that only died last month (well, won't charge) that still ran good 6 yrs on considering it was stuck on old android. Best bang for buck device i've ever bought. I did have another tablet, a chinese one with supposedly superior specs but it was a POS. Never again.

            • @Xizor: Thanks for the reply. How do you identify byggy or memory hogging apps? what is POS? I am new, so. :)

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                @amorn: In android settings you can see what apps are utilizing what resources. Buggy, well, that is just experience. POS… piece of ^%$!.

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                  @Xizor: thanks. you are generous with your time!

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          I wouldn't know, I moved on from poor people devices like this.

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            @Merlict: Funnily enough, i moved on from poor value devices unlike this. :D

    • Display
      10.4โ€ WUXGA+ (2000x1200) TFT LCD inches

      So would this make it the sucky one?

    • Can confirm, tablet can be purchased outright without a plan. Just donโ€™t select any plan and proceed to next payment page. $264 total cost wit $0 per month. Received tablet today.

    • Can be purchased for $264 without the plan if you have an existing telstra account (e.g: existing nbn plan, etc)
      Skip selecting a plan and proceed to payment. Received mine yesterday.

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    Not sure why this tablet is so expensive in Australia.
    The wifi only model was $150 USD (A$195) in Dec 2020 on Amazon US, but they don't ship to Australia of course
    I won't get one until it's under $200

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      The wifi only model was $150 USD (A$195) in Dec 2020 on Amazon US, but they don't ship to Australia of course.

      2 things:
      1. Amazon US do ship here. I recently bought a tablet case as long as it's fulfilled by Amazon US they will happily ship here. Also for 4am funsies I just attempted to buy the Samsung A7 2020 32GB Wifi tablet today U$199 which was U$150 on December 7th according to camelcamelcamel and it let me.
      2. The price breakdown today is as follows:

      Item: USD 199.99
      Shipping & handling: USD 35.47
      Total before GST: USD 235.46
      Estimated GST to be collected: USD 23.55
      Total: USD 259.01

      According to the listing the Graphics Coprocessor is a GeForce GTX Titan lol

      Amazon US will collect GST and postage for the 32GB model is U$35 for the slowest option. Delivery 8-12 business days. By the 6th of June was U$45.
      So your $150 USD ends up being + U$35 postage + U$18.50 GST. Even with a exchange rate of 80cents the cost would be A$244.
      So this deal for $20 extra you get local warranty and the 4G version.

      Good luck with your under $200 search though. :)

      • Amazon US do ship here.

        Not all products.

      • +15

        Yes you're right but Amazon US does ship the A7 to Australia only because it is June 2021 and it's USD $199 now

        Back in Dec 2020 when it was newly released and heavily discounted to $149 USD, Amazon US deliberately stopped shipping to Australia to avoid crashing with $379 on Amazon AU

        I say "deliberately" because when I changed the shipping address to Singapore or Hong Kong, it showed $149 USD again with free shipping.

        There was a moment during the Amazon US boxing day 2020 sale, it was A$220 on Amazon AU when I chose the seller as Amazon US with free international shipping as a prime member. That's the exact bargain I was hunting. I was going to combine with 10% off gift card and 7% cashback from CR, that brings it down to less than $190 AUD. But it was gone as soon as I proceed to the payment page.
        I am sure it was not out of stock because it's still in stock on Amazon US

        I contacted customer service immediately via live chat, but they refused to help, instead they asked me to choose Amazon AU as seller and pay $379.

        I was so furious and I will never forget this. since, I have found Amazon US switches off shipping to Australia frequently on multiple products to avoid self competition with Amazon AU

        The true price of this Telstra offer is $264+$15=$279 as you need to pay at least 1 month for their mobile data service.

        I don't need 4G on the entry level tablet and I am not going to pay $279-$190= $89 more than I should for a basic model.

      • +2

        wow, respect the effort just to make a point.

        • +7

          First I want to share my unpleasant experience with Amazon to warn my fellow OZB members about their dirty tricks

          And second, I am enjoying lockdown here in Victoria, not much to do anyway ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Isnt this still a reasonable deal for the 4g version of it. The non cellular one goes on sale for around $300 odd and it seems to sell well.

    • Locally, yes. If it was the 64gb one id buy.

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        This tablet supports external microSD up to 1TB

        • +1

          Yeah, i just find internal is faster and less stuffing about with apps/games if have 64gb. Prefer to leave the sd for media.

  • Has anyone tried price match?

  • its pretty good deal, even with 80% off on education store the wifi 32gb is still 300 odd dollars

    • If 80% off costs $300, I'd say the education store has terrible prices. That's a regular price of $1,500!

  • Thanks op. Got one. Bought someone the wifi as a gift and was impressed. Happy to pay $264 for the 4g capable one

  • Interesting price. I just bought an iPad air 3rd gen with 64Gb and Cellular for $450 secondhand off ebay. And that was a bargain. I was aware Android's were cheaper but this is brand new for nearly half the price. I've had an android and an ipad tablet before. The Android stops getting updates after a year, whereas Apple are often updating their devices 5 years later. I like the external SD slot to store app data and maps on - not an option on the iPad.

  • What's the use case for a 4G 10" Android with a 32GB of memory?

    • Massive GPS in your car… Watch youtube while on the move… Search for local deal when you stop… Find cheap fuel on the way home…

      • That's one very good use case. Now how to mount a 10" tablet in the dash…

        • ask your passenger… LOL

          • +2

            @dlovep: "Mind holding this 10 inch for me while I drive?"

    • It depends on what you want to use it for. 32gb is decent for fair bit of storage.

      I use the samsung galaxy tab A 2016 still obviously looking for an upgrade but the function is there.

      Work email
      Private email
      SD cars for extra storage
      Field reports and documentation.

      I also have a few games, ps1 emulator with some games so yeah if you do your homework and it fits the bill then go for it.

      I doubt this would be any cheaper than it already is.

      • I guess the SD card expansion option does make sense. Otherwise I couldn't see how it could fit into any use case comfortably.

        • It all comes down to personal use. If you are a light user, webbing, streaming etc 32vb is enough.

          I wish samsung would give you the option to either use the sd card as extended internal memory Or an sd card.

  • Any way of purchasing this without also purchasing a Telstra plan?

    • Yes, just purchased one without joining any plan, just outright but required Telstra ID/account.

      • That's strange because I created a Telstra ID but I get an error message when I try and purchase the tablet without a plan.

        Unable to process your order
        To make this purchase, you need to have a Telstra plan. To continue, please add a plan to this order.

        • +1

          Can confirm, tablet can be purchased outright without a plan. Just donโ€™t select any plan and proceed to next payment page. $264 total cost wit $0 per month. Received tablet today.

  • FYI..Price Match refused by JB hifi

  • Price beat from Officeworks?

    • refused at OW as it needs a plan to be added.

  • +5

    FYI, this model is available on Optus for $180 ($5/month for 36 months, or $7.50/month for 24 months) only on 24-36 month contracts.
    You can add $15 optus data sim and cancel after first month, so total=$195. It's not an outright purchase like this one from Telstra.

    10" model is for $6/month (total=$216+$15/month) but that is OOS.


    • Thanks for posting

      Have you cancelled after a month? And they didn't charge you the full price of the tablet?

      Because their T&C says otherwise. I have never purchased from Optus, just want to play safe. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Device Discount: If you have device discounts, they will apply for the duration of your device payment plan. If your device payment plan is cancelled before the end of its term, you will need to pay out the remaining device payments in full in your next bill and any applicable discounts will be forfeited.

      • Yeah, I'm on their business account - so I never actually cancelled. I presumed as it has been mentioned many times before, including some deals for Telstra and Vodafone, that it was possible. Based on the T&C, you may want to tread lightly.

        Otherwise, then I guess the deal only makes sense if you are pairing with and actually need the $15 monthly SIM (which only has 5GB on it - the device addition do not work with the current 5GB + 5GB double data promo).

    • You only get the discount if you stay connected.

  • Would this be network locked to Telstra or can I use an Optus data sim?

    • +1

      I popped into local store and asked. He said that the buy outright are not locked. I also checked if when booting if it had Telstra Logo or the likes and it doesn't. It's stock Android which is good.
      In Store Purchasing: Unfortunately was not possible at $264 without adding a min of the $5 plan. Not a drama, I just ordered online and as noted by earier post above, one can skip the plan and check out.

      • not sure what am I doing wrong but I didn't select a plan during the checkout and system had my details for the credit check but after the check it says "Unable to process your order. To make this purchase, you need to have a Telstra plan. To continue, please add a plan to this order. "

        Can you please let me know if you have an active telstra connection on a plan already ? Things are fine if I add a plan to it.

        • No. I had a Telstra ID but not an existing plan. I just selected next without selecting a plan.

  • What does the receipt list this as? Can anyone provide a blanked out receipt?

    • Please explain?

      • Does the receipt list this as Samsung Tablet A7 (as per product page) or Samsung Tablet A7 Wi-Fi + 4GX? If it's the former, one may have more opportunities to file price protection with their credit card if it drops in price further in 12 months - 28 degrees, etc

        • Receipt just says:
          Issued on
          19 Jun 2021

          Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 32GB Grey - $264.00
          Includes $265.00 Mobile payment discount


  • +1

    Anyone else getting

    Something went wrong
    We're unable to process your order at this time.

    Take me back to Telstra.com.au

    during the checkout process after ID check?

  • $249 at Amazon for the model without 4G.


  • Is this network unlocked?