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Renegade Plant Auger Combo - 3"X12" & 3"X24" $29.90 + Shipping (Was $63.90) @ TradeTools


Bargain price for a pair of garden augers.
You can pair this with a cordless drill.

I bought this a year ago when I was searching for an alternative to a top end garden auger like a Powerplanter.
I've used it about a dozen times with an Ozito brushless drill and it's held up fine.
The welds are on every level which is what I understood to be better than other cheap versions (with welds only at the top and bottom).

I've never used a Powerplanter, so I can't compare.

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  • Does this connect to a drill?

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      It goes in a drill chuck yes

  • I've used it about a dozen times with an Ozito brushless drill and it's held up fine.

    Are these only suitable for really soft soil? I have a cheaper version of this used with a dewalt drill and it just grinds to a stop pretty quickly, maybe my backyard soil is too hard.

    • Perhaps dig it up first and then try… ;)

    • That's really dependent on your drill not the auger bit. Unless you're referring to it grinding to a blunt end, then yeah cheap steel will do that

      • Yeah I meant the drill itself that stops spinning once the auger slightly penetrates the ground. Or it just spins but doesn't get any deeper unless I push down on the drill in which it usually stops too.

    • We've tested it with compacted soil and clay, perhaps your drill isn't powerful enough, try low gear?

      • Aren't typical drills pretty similar in terms of power/torque? Or do I need the power of a corded rotary hammer drill?
        By low gear do you mean the lower or the higher number on the drill adjustment ring?

        • Number 1 of the 2 or 3 available.

        • No there is alot of variance between models. The ring surrounding the chuck doesn't change the torque output of the drill, the gearbox selector is usually on the top of the drill, numbered 1 or 2(sometimes 3). Essentially the lower the speed, the higher the torque, change it to whichever gear is lower in speed.

    • I've got clay soil in my backyard and I've used it for planting and digging around an old tree /shrub to remove the the trunk down to the roots. I've used the guides and videos for powerplanter to tackle the hard soil and it's worked well. Take care of your wrists. The bit that connects to the drill slips sometimes but with proper technique, my cheap drill has held up ok.

  • Would this work even better with an impact driver? Get a bit more action going on it?

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      It won't fit in the chuck unfortunately, requires a 13mm chuck.

  • I was about to buy then just whipped out ruler.3” 75mm diameter, pretty small

    • It goes in a drill not a digger

  • Got one, they look like decent gear. Will give them a workout this weekend

  • OP - will this fit a hitachi 18v bushless drill?

    • Possibly. I had a quick look and it seems they are 1/2" chucks? That's 1.27mm. My ozito is 13mm.

      These augers work with 10mm or larger chucks. Best to check the specs for your drill model.

      Good luck.