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NetGear Orbi RBK50 AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System 2 Pack $244 (Pickup Only) @ The Good Guys


The Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System, is a high-end routing system with both a router and a satellite. The Orbi AC3000 has Tri-Band WiFi, with an extra spectrum for super speed internet access. It covers up to 5,000 square feet so you can access your broadband from anywhere inside the house, or when you're out in the garden. The satellite has four Ethernet ports so you can connect from multiple devices, without compromising quality, so no more family squabbles!

Stock Update: Seems to be available in South Australia stores.

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The Good Guys

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  • I've got RBK23, if my aim is coverage. Is that better? Since NBN is only 100mbps anyway. No network sharing files.

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      You would still not benefit much if it's just for internet, although you may get some noticeable response for gaming. On paper Netgear advertise your rbk23 as ac2200 and there rbk50 as ac3000. However, if you dig deeper, the usable bandwidth for connecting your devices to the mesh setup is still the same - 400mbps over 2.4ghz and 866mhz over 5ghz. If anything, your rbk23 theoretically has better coverage since there's an extra satellite.

      The main difference in the ac2200 and ac3000 is the rbk23 has 866mbps backhaul between routers and satellites and the rbk50 has 1766mbps backhaul between the routers and satellites. And given that the backhaul operates on a 5.xghz spectrum, that 1766mbps between router and satellite is only achievable if the router and satellite are 1m away from each other. 5.xghz spectrum speeds degrade quite rapidly based on distance, you can lose over 75% speed over 10m. Also keep in mind that running an ethernet backhaul does not free up the dedicated wireless backhaul for usage for your devices, the place I'm running lets me run a wired backhaul so I've tested this.

      You may get some benefit for gaming since the communication between the satellite and router is faster.

      As a theoretical example, your connection to the internet is 100mbps, let's say that your orbis connected to each other via 100mbps backhaul and your console connected to the satellite by 100mbps wifi. Let's say your game needs to send a 10megabit (1.25megabyte) file to the server, at 100mbps each step between console and satellite, satellite and router, router and internet would take 0.1seconds, and the overall operation could take 0.3seconds theoretically.

      However, let's say your internet is 100mbps, your backhaul is 1000mbps and your console is connected to the satellite at 1000mbps. Sending the same 10megabit file from console to satellite now takes 0.01seconds, and sending that file from satellite to router now takes 0.01seconds as well, but sending that file over the internet will still take 0.1seconds. now the overall operation is theoretically only take 0.12seconds.

      • Great write up! I am in same boat with RBK23 it’s only one satellite though

  • I bought this wifi system long ago. Had to buy it from US at the time because in AUS they do not offer the 3 pack and it was cheaper buying from US at the time. Great system

  • Any idea which TGG store in NSW that still having this unit?

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    Just call up JB Hifi. They’ll price match. Apparently there’s a fair few left

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    Give your local store a call, I just called Mile End in Adelaide to confirm they had my click and collect order, and the lady I spoke to said they have plenty instock, even though it says online that they have no stock, you might get lucky.

  • So can you use the orbi router as a satellite?

    This article indicates you can set the router as an AP, is it feasible that i can use my existing router and connect both of these to it to extend my network?

    Alternatively, can i just use the satellite or am i forced to use the router?

  • I bloody missed that. Do you guys know any other place selling it at a competitive price?? Tried to search on static ice but couldn’t find nowhere close to the price listed here.

  • How does this compare with the Tenda Nova MW6? Worth the upgrade?

    Asking so we can run a gaming PC elsewhere in the house instead of right next to the router.

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      If it's on the same power circuit, just run an ethernet over power setup. That way you can get 1000mbps over your power lines assuming you use the right adapter and your power lines in your house are still good. On one end you have an ethernet cable from modem to the adapter, on the other end in another room you have an ethernet cable from adapter to PC.

      Mesh systems are good for if you move around the house a lot with wireless devices, but the wireless backhaul speeds drop dramatically if the router and satellite are more than 10m apart.

      • Thanks for the advice. I’d thought about the power line adapters but didn’t think they would be efficient. Will have a closer look.

  • Page not found. Sold out?

    • Yeah page died about an hour ago or more. Guessing it's only local stock left if you can find one.

      It still shows up if you search "orbi" but you can't add to cart or check stock or buy online

  • Managed to get the last one at my local in Newcastle.

  • Got one from a store by ordering over the phone. They were even nice enough to offer a discount and deliver!

  • And now that TGG's page is not showing, there is nothing to price match against. JB Hifi has stock nationally for $375 with the 5% off and $100 off the $499 list if you still need one today and can stomach paying the difference.

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    Quick update from WA
    Rockingham Store does not have any.
    Clarkson Store has 2
    Joondalup has none (I’ve got the last one)

    Call the stores to check cause they’re showing sold out online.

    Thanks to PAFC1870 who encouraged me to call my local store.


    • Awesome! Got the last one from TGG Midland. Picking it up this afternoon.

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        I also forgot to mention to add 3% extra discount buying e-gift cards from Shop Back, I bought two of 100 and paid the rest on my CC.
        Good way of saving you a large coffee.



        • Thanks for that. Another $6 off so $238 - bargain of the month.

  • Managed to get a set from TGG in SE QLD…the last set within 500kms. Cheers OP!

  • Good promotion, got one

  • Can someone perhaps share a JB receipt? Might be able to try our luck.

  • For those who have bought or about to pickup from TGG, Go in store and ask for an additional 10% off / 10% refund (today only)

    • I bought one last night and confirmed on phone this morning that although it is a clearance product, the 10% can be applied and will be refunded on pickup.
      Also note: Although pulled from their website (dammit cound not PM officeworks) there are still some is at least 1 stores left with stock.

      • Yes. Even though no stock is shown, some stores still have some. That was the case in Midland yesterday, where I got one.

    • Nope. Just got call back saying not available on Clearance items.
      I'd fight it if it I was the one doing the pickup. oh well.

  • How does this compare to Deco M5 set up for a home wifi network?

  • I just saw an RBK50 at TGG Belmont. Also one at Cannington.

    • +1

      Thanks - got the last 2 at Cannington shipped down to Melbourne!

      • Awesome. I also bought another RBK50, so 2 now to add to the one I already have - WiFi dead zones will now be impossible to find on my property - and half way down the road!

        I'm glad you got 2 from Cannington. I bought 1 from there yesterday evening and I could only see 1 other. Obviously they had more in stock

        • Shipping is a +$10 if anyone is wondering

  • Sold out in SA, just called mile end, they had no stock and said he checked other store levels.

    Figure other retailers will be moving the stock at some stage?

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    Bought one today at The Good Guys Tuggeranong (ACT) store, still another left on the shelf when I was there. Got it for a further discount at $231.80

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