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NetGear Orbi RBK50 AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System 2 Pack $244 (Pickup Only) @ The Good Guys


The Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System, is a high-end routing system with both a router and a satellite. The Orbi AC3000 has Tri-Band WiFi, with an extra spectrum for super speed internet access. It covers up to 5,000 square feet so you can access your broadband from anywhere inside the house, or when you're out in the garden. The satellite has four Ethernet ports so you can connect from multiple devices, without compromising quality, so no more family squabbles!

Stock Update: Seems to be available in South Australia stores.

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      Thanks, picked one up from Amazon AU for an extra Satellite. Shame you can't use the router as a satellite.

      Note: only a few left on Amazon AU.

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      hmm when I click the link, cant see any for sale. Is it sold out may be?

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    wow super cheap! grabbed a set just to get an extra satellite.

    EDIT : from amazon to save driving to pickup.

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      grabbed a set just to get an extra satellite.

      Same here, cheaper to purchase the whole unit then an additional satellite.

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    Cheapest ever?

    lol the camelcamelcamel alert that i set up over 2.5 years ago have just emailed me for the first time LOL.

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    Wow that's amazing. Anyone know why it's so cheap? Newer model out with wifi 6?

    Very tempted to replace my smartthings wifi….

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      Anyone know why it's so cheap? Newer model out with wifi 6?

      Clearance on old stock. New Wi-Fi 6 model has been released

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      RBK50 stills performs well for Wi-Fi 5. The new tri-band Netgear Orbi with Wi-Fi 6 will set you back minimum $899.

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        Agree, rock solid. My modem is at one end of the house (16m) and this mesh set up gives me full speed in every corner of the house upstairs and downstairs. This is a great price, you will be paying a lot more for the wifi 6 model.

    • I'm not convinced on 802.11ad as of yet. Is the range still about one room?

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    Great price for a great product.

  • amazon oos?

    • Yep. Amazon AU only had 5 left when deal was posted.

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    Price match OW

    • Does OW price beat clearance products?

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        No they don't. I tried, and they said they don't price match clearance items

  • are they the older model? Should we wait for wifi 6 AX?

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      This is a sale to clear out old stock. Wifi 6 is already out but its multiple times more expensive

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    Amazing deal OP!

    I have this and it's exceptional, highly recommend anyone jumping on this.

    Seems there is a new one is on the way too.

  • Good price - I yesterday ordered the dual-band AX1800 Wifi 6 model for $355 from Amazon
    I don't need the third band, as I use wired back-haul.
    Not sure if this is better or not, being AC3000 vs AX1800.

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      Not much better. They may advertise ac3000 but 1733 is reserved for the wireless backhaul.

      • Thanks mate. Set up the AX1800 system last night and it flies. Wifi 6 has made a huge difference to my iPhone and desktop speeds.

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          It definitely does. I bought an ac3000 orbi setup for my place and then realised there's no way to tap into the third band for regular use. I'm running a wired backhaul as well and I'm still annoyed that the bandwidth for 5ghz is still capped at 866mbps.

          • @DangerNoodle: It's not super clearly explained, hey. I didn't realize the difference til I read some reviews. I'd always assumed tri-band > dual-band.

  • Ordered! Thank you!

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    i have this, biggest POS and regretful purchase ive made. the tech is very average.

    also netgear only give you 90 days support, so if you have a warranty claim after day 91 they expect you to PAY to raise a ticket with them.

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      Same here, ended up selling it on Facebook!

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        as soon as i move house ill be flogging this 1000%

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      I am using this since last 3 years and it never missed a beat. Can't be happier.

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      Never had any trouble with it myself. Rock solid reliable. yMMV.

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      Australian Consumer Law guarantees at least 1 year of manufacturer warranty, with the manufacturer responsible for fixing, replacing or refunding the faulty item within that period. You can always go back to the company you bought it from and get them to fix it.

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      Warranty and support are completely different things.

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      Sounds like you got a defective one, or don't have it set up right. I have it and been fantastic including streaming local 4k content from my NAS through double brick walls.

      • I had a dud satellite and Netgear sent me a new one and I sent the old one back. This was 6 months into use so found them really easy to deal with and didn't cost me a cent. Love the Orbis. YMMV

    • -7

      I agree.
      It was ok when mesh was first a thing but now it’s garbage compared to my cheaper Nighthawk MK62.

      • +3

        Glancing at its specs and reviews i honestly don't see it. Sure it has better cpu, wifi 6 etc. No doubt the nighthawk MK62 is superb value/performance wise but even in my situation i dont how it would outperform the Orbi given each unit has less range and less bandwidth on 5Ghz and no dedicated backhaul. To call the Orbi RBK50 garbage is quite ridiculous.

      • +1

        LOL, "garbage" is new levels of clueless, even for in here.

        • -1

          Lol did I pinch a nerve guys? This is my experience and I am sharing it with others.

    • +2

      Wow I couldn’t disagree more. Been absolutely rock solid for me in my house. Across 2 levels, 5 bedrooms, 3 lounge rooms and even well outside of the house on the deck and in the yard. I have gigabit hfc and average 500Mbps on most devices over wifi in most parts of my house. Which is outstanding for Wi-Fi 5.

    • +1

      Wow not my experience at all. Been running this for 2+Yrs in two different houses. Very impressed with the coverage I get from the router and 1 satellite.

    • +1

      Yeah Netgear are absolutely abysmal when it comes to support and I avoid them if possible.

      What problems have you experienced with the Orbi? Feedback around this particular product has generally been quite positive.

      • +1

        when it works, its great. but when it doesn't work (like when they rollout new software that kills the unit) or on occasion if multiple devices are using video / audio it has no way of managing QoS properly. my connection is 50mbit and very stable so its not my internet.

        Also if your nodes are too close together your device will jump between AP's and may disconnect in the process.

        I had to reduce the power output of my AP's to 75% which helped, and im nervous to update to newer firmwares that occasionally get released as there has been cases where new updates didnt play nice with peoples units. there is a long whirlpool thread that explains this in more detail.

  • Been looking at upgrading Asus RT-AC86U as I've been having trouble with with 2.4ghz devices and the band. Last night the 2.4ghz band just stopped all together until it was reset. Any idea whats better, Asus aimesh (with NetGear Trio) or this?

    • I got aimesh with two asus ac68u also, it's crap

      • Can I ask why you think its crap?

        • 90% of the time don't roam between the two router. you need to wait for like 30 second of completely internet offline before you get roam to another one.

          One of the router also crash and need reboot at least once a week.

          May be those higher end aimesh router is good, or some other have better experience. But i think this add on mesh is not as good as dedicated mesh router.

          I replaced mine with tplink Deco and they works fine.

          • @humbala: interesting. I'm moving from having an AP to aimesh with RT-AC86U to avoid exactly this.

  • Just called officeworks. There’s no stock in Victoria as far as they are concerned.

    • They don't pricebeat clearance products anyway

  • No Good Guys stock within 500km Wollongong.

    • Ozbargained :)

  • Don't think they have any stock left

  • OOS

  • +1

    Just price matched at OW in Brisbane CBD.

  • Thanks OP….still stock in WA (Clarkson & Cockburn) as at 1:45pm WST.

  • Got the last one at Alexandria. Thanks OP

  • Cannot decide this or Google nest wifi….

  • +1

    Just got price match from Officeworks in Sydney, despite there being no more stock online - thanks mate.

  • Can someone explain how these work?

    I have FTTP and am having issues with coverage with a single router because the 2.4ghz signal doesn't get great speeds and the 5ghz signal is really weak when you move a couple of metres from the router.

    With this, I can connect the router to the NBN box in my house, then plug the satellite somewhere else to extend the wifi signal?

    • +2

      Yes. Read up about mesh wifi systems, that is what this is. And this particular one has a dedicated channel for communication between the main and satellite unit, so overall it gets better speeds than many other mesh wifi systems (overkill for basic streaming of netflix etc).

      • Thanks mate. I was recommended the TP-Link Archer AX-10 but the mesh system might work better.

        • +1

          What is your current one that has problems? If you want 5gz further than about 5-10m (varies depending on power of the router) then mesh is the way to go.

          If you have not already install a wifi analyzer on your phone and see if your current router is using congested channels (i.e. same channels as someone elses wifi). Changing the channel for wifi frequencies in your router settings is an easy to improve performance if its clashing with neighbouring wifi.

          • @Xizor: It's a stock Belong modem. Was fine for old FTTN house but I've since moved and the house is really long and narrow. I'll run those tests you've mentioned.

            • +1

              @fivespice: Ah OK. Most ISP modems are very average. That TP LInk will likely be an improvement (i used a TP Link C3150 before the Orbi) but if you want to be able to control where you get good wifi, especially where you have strong 5Ghz, a Mesh system will give you that (and increased range of 2.4 in general)

              • @Xizor: Excellent. I appreciate your comments. Very helpful!

    • +2

      This is what I have done in my home:
      I got the sparky to get a direct cable from my FTTP box (garage) to the living room network point.
      Plugged the router in living room, it has a plenty of ports at the back so I could connect my TV and Foxtel box directly via cable.
      Placed the satellite in the home office which is on the other end of my house.
      Plugged my pc (and work laptop) directly to the satellite via cable.

      With this setup I can tell that its working like a charm for me. Best part is that my devices seemlessly connect to the satellite when I move to the rear side of my house, and connect to the main router when I walk to the living room, it all happens automatically and there is only one WIFI SSID. With a wifi extender I would have to have 2 wifi netwrok names.

      Other good thing about this is that the router communicates with its satellites on a dedicated channel and it does not share your home wifi bandwidth.

      Thats my two cents, hope this helps you decide.

      • +1

        Thanks for this. That's a good set up.

        So I'd need to pay the sparky approx. $160 (what he quoted recently) to run an ethernet port behind the TV. Then I'd need to purchase the mesh system and run my TV direct via ethernet cable to the router, set up the satellite in the PC room and plug ethernet straight to PC.

        It would be the ideal system I think for stability. Maybe I'll buy a mesh system first and see if it's worth adding the ethernet port after.

        • In my case my living room just happens to be next to the garage, I placed the router right on the TV unit and its just 1 meter cables needed to connect to the TV and Foxtel. If you already have network cabling done in your home I think you can simply feed a small cable from NBN box to your home network point (probably in your garage?). Then you can place your router next to any network point in your house I think.

        • +2

          Or the other way around. But honestly, for basic use (browsing, streaming etc) you dont need to. If you game whether console or PC, it's better to try and keep that 100% cabled/avoid wifi, but its not a must.

          I have my main unit in room front room in house connected to nbn modem as thats where my PC and NAS are so they can use ethernet and avoid wifi, everything else (media players, laptops, cams, lights etc) are over wifi. We stream a lot over wifi both from my NAS and Internet and its worked fantastic.

          • +1

            @Xizor: True. It really depends on what you use it for and how fussy you are regarding speed

            • +1

              @kamin: I was going to do what you did (it is much more expensive in my situation, stupid block walls) as i like to stream high quality 4k movies from my NAS (much higher bandwidth than internet streaming) simultaneous with other use, but very happily discovered it was able to do this over wifi without issue (nvidia shield lets you select 5ghz only). Satellite about 8m or so away through 2 block walls.

  • Had this setup for years and it's rock-solid even in a really difficult two-level place.

  • Still stock at TGG Bendigo (2). They will post though may charge depending on distance but very reasonable..

  • Had issues with this dropping wifi one or so often. Check out their forums few people had similar. Changed to Asus ax88u haven't had any issues since. Tried everything to trouble shoot it. Parents however have this and haven't had issues (probably wouldn't know wifi drops)

  • FML been trying to get one of these cheap for about 2 years and i miss out on this lol.

  • +1

    Never seen this so cheap. I have this plus 3 extra satellites and find it to be a superb system - rock solid and stable

  • If anyone is near Geelong I just cancelled my order at the Good Guys! So should be 1 there…

    • Got it, thank you!

  • Amazing deal!

  • Got this from Gumtree for $50 a few months back. Great system. Pity it doesn't have USB 3.0 port to share files like the regular modem/router.

  • The Orbi AX6000 WiFi Mesh System is the one to get if it comes on sale.

    • $1,800 for a router and 2 satellites haha they must be smoking crack. No way, i would rather get Unifi/Ubiquity gear.

      • Agree, I have this RBK50 however will upgrade when Orbi AX6000 3 pack is half price

  • +1

    Mine is 3 years old and it's the most reliable gadget on my network. I have never had the need to switch it off

  • +1

    Thanks OP …got it for $219 at JB's after price match & Latitude pay offer.

    • Did you just call up?

      How did you get it onto latitude pay?

      • +2

        yeah just called the local store and they price matched it.

        Latitude pay has offer for $25 off $100 or more spend for first purchase at JB's

        • Thanks

  • Sold out at TGG and Amazon

    • +2

      Yes, no clue why everyone is still voting this up when you can even buy the item and it's been OOS for hours.

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