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NutriBullet Balance Smart Nutrition Scale $14 (Click & Collect/ in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


"Works with any brand of blender.NutriBullet Nutrition Scale takes away the guesswork, no more recipe book, measuring cups or eating programs. The Bluetooth enabled smart scale assists you to build better smoothies with your existing blender."

Selling for $99 at other retailers at RRP, was discounted to $29 on Good Guys but has been further discounted to $14 on clearance.

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The Good Guys

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  • Thank you! Got one!
    Not to use with Nutribullet but just as a fancy kitchen scale!

    Cool purchase.

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    Also available on their ebay store.
    Good for those targeted with $5 discount when checking out with credit/debit card.

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    what is the accuracy of these? 1g or 0.1g?

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      based on the images it looks like 1g

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      Shows 00.0 on display, so hopefully 0.1g

      • I think that might be for something other than grams?

  • Can this be used as a normal kitchen scale?

    • That's what it is basically

    • Says 900ml cup is required when using the Balance Scale.

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    pity amazon doesn't match the price

  • Free delivery in VIC says on TGG website

    “We are offering Victorian customers Free Delivery and Click & Collect during the VIC Circuit Breaker Lockdown.”

    • Can't get delivery on this

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        Yeh, can't get delivery on this product. Cant pick up as it out of my 5km too

        • Guess you could just pickup after your lockdown is over?

        • Actually you can Zangou, if something is not available within the 5km radius you can go further out

          Even during the stricter lockdowns last year people were travelling more than 5km to get click and collect orders

  • Thanks so much OP. I just ordered one. Great deal.

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    Just ordered one. The nutrition functionality sounds ridiculous and I imagine that will be pointless but it's nicer than what I've currently got.

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    Nowhere to find its precision, maximum measured weight or the batteries it needs.

    Nutribullet website says "Colossal cup is required when using the Balance Scale"
    Amazon's product page says " 900ml cup is required when using the Balance Scale."

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      Colossal cup is 32oz, which is 0.9L

  • Bought one. Thanks. Amazon retails for $29. Good find.

    This would be a better quality scale than the Kmart ones, I assume. I bought the $12 Kmart one with the glass top and the top came off after a few months of use.

    • That's disappointing to hear about the Kmart one. My Aldi kitchen scales stopped working recently and I was going to grab a cheap replacement from Kmart.

      • Just don’t grab the one with the glass top (because it’s glued on and it will wear off in time). The others should be fine

  • Can this be used as a regular kitchen scale? Comment above suggests no it can't as a "colossal cup" is required. Was hoping to use this to weigh chicken breast etc

    • The picture on eBay shows the scale being used to weigh a 100g smoothie. Pretty sure it's just a normal scale.

    • Might not. “Colossal cup is required when using the Balance Scale”

    • Most scales have a tare button to zero the weight. I'm assuming the power/zero button is the one that does that on this unit. No need to worry about having a special cup.

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    Looks good for weighing up my greens.

    • With - most probably - 0.1g precision, it should be totally fine for peas and zucchinis.

  • Is this sensitive enough to weigh small amounts of salt? I'm fastidious about my salt use. No more than a gram or two a week.

    • Now out of stock and currently unavailable on amazon

      This one isn't within 500km for pick up and unavailable for delivery also.

      Not sure I am fussed, already have a scale and never though up until 5 Min ago I needed anything better. Also probably doesn't do anything that there isn't a slew of apps already doing for free if you are that way inclined

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one for click and collect

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    Do we know if this measures in 1g or 0.1g increments?

    • 0.1g

  • Just got one via the Good Guys ebay store (+ $8 delivery)

  • Thank you, mother in law's upcoming birthday present sorted

  • Thanks OP. I managed to C&C. I think it is good enough to use as a coffee scale.