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Bosch Professional 18V Brushless 10 Piece Kit (+ $450 Bosch Bucks) $1999 @ Total Tools


This is part of the annual tax time deals offered by most of the well known power tool brands. I know very little about the tools themselves and came across this offer while researching power tools as I’m currently in the market myself.

From what I understand 18v will more than suffice for the home handyman/woman and brushless is the way to go.

The advertised “value” of this kit when all items are purchased individually is $3275 and when you consider the $450 bonus Bosch bucks it seems like a bargain.

Note: The Bosch bucks must be used in one transaction and within one week of purchase exclusively on Bosch products.

Any feedback or advice is welcome. Hope my first post is indeed a bargain!

Limited Release 10 Piece ProCORE18V 8.0Ah Combo Kit

Order number 0 615 990 M56

Include: 1 x 18V Connected Ready Drill GSB 18V-85 C, 1 x 18V Impact Wrench GDX 18V-200, 1 x 18V Bluetooth Radio GPB 18V-2 C, 1 x 18V Reciprocating Saw GSA 18 V-LI C, 1 x 18V Multi-Cutter GOP 18V-28, 1 x 18V Angle Grinder GWS 18V-7, 1 x 18V Rotary Hammer with SDS plus GBH 18V-26 D, 1 x 18V Blower GBL 18V-120, 1 x 18V Light GLI 18V-300, 1 x 18V Circular Saw BITURBO GKS 18V-68 C, 2 X 18V ProCORE18V Batteries, 1 x 18V Fast Charger, 1 x Large Tool Bag.

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  • As a home renovator, spent big over the Covid on these tools. Gotta be honest wish I had gone 100% Dewalt.
    Batteries are sooooo much better in my experience YMMV.
    Got every deal I could and sit 50/50 with kit between the two.
    Disclaimer :not a tradie but like good stuff.

  • I’m ready to pull the trigger on a kit just don’t know what I’m looking half the time at as all of the big brands seems to have 101 variations of the same thing. Makes it hard to know what you’re looking at but I’m sure that’s by design.

    I don’t own anything yet myself, just borrow what I need when I need it. Want to make the most of tax time deals! Anyone with experience know if this represents good value for money? I’m willing to pay a little bit more for a quality kit with a decent warranty.

    • +2

      If I was starting again and werent a heavy user, I'd probably go Ryobi. Seems they have 10x the tools of other brands at a lower price.

      • I'm in the Bosch blue 18v ecosystem and use this for ryobi gear with no issues.

  • +2

    I only use Bosch and have most of the tools in this kit… they are almost all brushless and definitely will last you a lifetime and you wont be able to break them. Price wise its a bargain combined with the $450 bosch bucks that you can get couple of more tools with like a sander and a jigsaw. so yes its definitely a bargain

    However if you are starting from scratch I would go with Makita as they have entry level and high end expensive stuff so you can decide to spend big or go for a quality affordable tools. Also they are the only quality brand that have a decent outdoor range.

    Ryobi are ok for most people, I do have some of there stuff that high end brands don't do. however even their brushless core tools like drills, drivers and saws wont come close to the Bosch or Makita of the world but for a home owner they are probably more than enough

  • For around the house / odd jobs and light commerical. Have a look at the 12v range they provide everything you need for the ultra compact size. E.g I have the entire Bosch 18v range but they take up about 7 storage boxes and not very mobile.

    I've started using the drill driver / impact and now have the sabre saw. Very surprised at the power you can get from just a small tool and battery. These are the new EC "brushless" motor versions.

    4 - tools in one bag/box vs having a trolley around the tools

  • +1

    Just bought this kit today and had no trouble instantly redeeming the bonus $450 “Bosch Bucks” in store. It was my lucky day because Virginia QLD store had a trade event on where I also received a $300 total tools gift card for spending over $1499 in store

    I plan to use the $300 voucher on a $500 laser level impact driver combo kit valued at nearly $1000.

    To top it off the fellow who served me also pointed out that I could redeem a 6 bay 18v charger through Bosch redemptions online for spending over $1000 on Bosch gear. I couldn’t believe my luck! Plus a 6yr warranty on the lot.

    So in the end I’ll get about $5000 worth of quality 18v brushless skins for $2200.

    Incredible value!!

    • I think the 6 bay charger redemption is on a $1000 of skins only not kits but have a crack and let us know how you go

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