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Jamo DS6 Bluetooth Speaker with Clock/AUX/FM $129 Shipped @ Hificlearance via eBay. Now $119 with code PPSS100.


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Another great deal on a Jamo Bluetooth speaker, the DS6. This originally appeared to retail for $499 and is still @ $329-$349 most other places.

Please note that despite the sellers description, this IS NOT a portable type speaker. It has no internal rechargeable battery,

Available in White or Olive, the DS6 which is two models above the last deal I posted on the Jamo DS4's, of which I ended up buying another pair. I am hopeless……


They have plenty in stock of both colours last I checked.

The price on these is so good I thought I would take the punt give one a try, so ordered and delivered and having a play.

I am currently listening to it and I will post a bit of a review a little later.


The DS6 wireless speaker and radio adds a great sounding retro element to your home or office. The smooth, contemporary design, discreet touch sensitive controls and the dimming display respond to your touch and environment.

Contemporary Design
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Remote Control
Digital clock
FM radio
USB charging port
Room-filling acoustics
These bookshelf speakers utilise Bluetooth® wireless technology for music streaming from your phone, tablet or computer

Tune in to your favorite FM radio stations. A vibrant, stylish digital display shows the time, wireless connection, and radio station - all easily controlled with a remote.

The DS6 wireless clock radio speakers also include an AUX audio input and includes a separate USB port that acts as a charging station for your electronic devices.

Specs and manual from here, just scroll down the page a bit;

Same seller also has some of the next model down, the DS5 speakers left at $109 a pair in black or white.

Original Coupon Deal

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    impulse purchase


    the price is good, but is the product any good?

    not a single review online

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      Jamo do quality speakers, i have a set at home for my home theatre and the sound is incredible. I'd expect their smaller ones to be similar.
      Just a pity the brand hasn't got a huge following.
      Edit* Turns out it's nothing mind blowing, apparently volume doesn't get overly loud and the remote interface is hit and miss.

      Note the speaker does seem tiny though with a 249mm width.
      Little wonder they struggled to sell these at $499.
      $129 would be fair

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    Apologies. Bit of a long winded personal opinion/review. Finished reviewing and now just enjoying a movie with this speaker for sound.

    Not an exhaustive or pro review by any means, nor am I associated with the seller, just my thoughts on it's sound and its features as an average user. And also probably the longest thing I have written since I left school 45 years ago, lol.

    First up, the seller has this listed as portable. It isn't really, as it has no internal rechargeable battery although it did hold the time when I unplugged it and moved to another point.

    Secondly the specs state a 25mm tweeter and 76mm main driver. What I saw from shining a torch through the grill was indeed 2 x 76mm drivers and two front firing ports. I could not see separate tweeters, but perhaps they are coaxial. The grill feels to be glued in so I didn't try to hard to remove so as to avoid possible damage.

    This thing is really nicely built, heavy-ish at 4kg and has a stunning glossy painted finish with an aluminium stand. The stand is removable via a screw in the centre and in the box there are 4 self adhesive gel type feet you can stick on the underside of the speaker, which is what I did, This gets its height down to about 220mm.

    It also comes with a 3.5mm Aux lead and obviously a power supply and leads and as well card style remote control.

    For a speaker that I believe was first introduced mid 2018, it does have limited connectivity. It only has Bluetooth, Aux in and FM radio. No optical input here. Also the FM part of it is pretty poor in my mind. It only stores 4 stations and only the first 4 it sees. Unfortunately I could not work out a way to tune it manually. Also not great is the legibility of the remote, the writing and the symbols are a very dull white on a matt black background.

    Before we get to how it sounds, I used it with Aux from my phone, tv and as a tv speaker sitting below the screen, and receiver headphone output. And although I rarely use Bluetooth, I tried it with Bluetooth connection from my phone, Chromecast with Google TV and for music via a Google Nest Mini, all of which worked as it should.

    Ok, the important bit, How it sounds. It sounds typically Jamo, somewhat warm and fairly even. Bass is obviously a bit limited due ti its size, but to me at least, it sounds well balanced overall. Only when pushed to what I would call unreasonable volume levels does it start to sound a little sharp in the high mid to upper frequencies.

    using it for a tv speaker it does a good job. Being a smallish single box with stereo speakers it doesn't have particularly wide dispersion but it did well with the 40 inch tv I used it with, with sound appearing to come from edge to edge of the screen.

    I ran a test tone generator through it from 80hz with a starting level of 70.3db.
    70hz was -3db
    61hz was -6db
    57hz was -10db
    55hz which it specs state was it lower limit is down -11.1 db. Significant but well and truly audible
    50hz was -20db

    I initially bought this to use in the garage, but after having a play and a listen, it's going in my bedroom and will be connected via Bluetooth to the google nest mini. Gotta love playing music by voice command.

    I am very happy with it so far and would recommend it within the context of its design purpose. A smallish to mid sized Bluetooth speaker that sounds nice, looks nice, is well built, goes loud enough and is very well priced.

    I have to admit I am a bit of a Jamo fan. I have them in my main HT system, my family room 2.1 system, my spare room and now my bedroom. I really do think though that at this price, most criticism really is nitpicking. There area lot of speakers out there that I have heard that a way more expensive and nowhere near as good.

    Hope this is helpful to some.

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      Just a note on the FM station storage. It will hold more than the four I stated above. I am not in a great area for the best reception, so I retried after moving the speaker to a different spot and it picked up a few more.


    Thanks for buying and reviewing these Jamo's OP. I bought the DS4's last week and am quite pleased with them. Still wearing in but they look fantastic. I am now waiting for the DS7's to come to a price like this!


      Most welcome.

      DS7 at that price? Would sell like hotcakes, lol. I think they were @ $600-700 on release.

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    Use Coupon PLUSCC1 for $10 less. The price is $119


      Thanks, didnt think to check coupons.

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        I would say thank you since I was looking for a speaker for my new desktop computer before your post shows up :)


          AFTERPAY10 code for $10 less is also avaliable.


    $119 with code PPSS100 til July 1st.


      Expired that code


        Thanks. Will change.