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Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel $328 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


My first post…

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel $328 @ Harvey Norman.

Pay with 5% off Harvey Norman gift card from Shopback App will bring it down to $311.6. Best deal at the moment.


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    Harvey Norman doesn't deserve our business, this is barely a bargain anyway

    • +14

      It's OP's first post, give them a break.

      Amazon are matching it.


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        The one you've linked is the G920, whereas OP is referring to the G29. Two completely different models

        • +1

          Ah my bad, it came up when I googled it. Thanks for the correction. Price match at JB then?

          My point still stands about not shitting on a first poster though lol.

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          Actually, two nearly identical models, except one works with xbox, one works with playstation.

          both work with PC.

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        Amazon really isn’t much better at all.

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          At least they didn't lobby for GST on online purchases

          • @cheapo123: They just don't value human rights. I can see how you think GST on online purchases is the same as treating humans like trash while paying them minimum wage though.

          • @cheapo123:

            At least they didn't lobby for GST on online purchases

            Lol, why would they, they sell online. No offence, but seriously dumb comment.

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              @cloudy: let me rephase 10% on online international purchases. if you had any awareness for news content you would realise the reason why 10% gst for online purchases was because of him and why I always shop at jb and price match harbey

              • @cheapo123: If you also had awareness of news, you’d realise they kicked up a stink about international service too, claiming it’s too hard and will pull out of Australia and after a few weeks they come back and started paying their share of taxes to our states for education and health.

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      Why the hate on Harvey Norman, see the comments about them on oz bargain a couple of times now

      • +22

        underpaying staff, terrible sticker pricing, Gerry Harvey is a C-word.

        reminder that Gerry is the reason for the GST being applied to international retailers.

      • +10

        Hardly Normal is the reason we are paying 10% extra cost (disguised as GST) on everything that you buy overseas and get it shipped to Australia.

      • -1

        If he has what I need when I need it and others don't, I'm buying there and then.

      • I've just stopped going there cos they fked me over post obviously doesn't happen often but dealing with them was a nightmare

      • +1

        If you have seen what they've posted on Twitter and their activities, you'll understand why. It's truly shocking.

    • +3

      Yet we give hundreds of positive votes to RRP PS5 deals. At least this is a saving.

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    Until Gerry fixes his staff salary, his Twitter and repays JobKeeper it's a no from me. Rather pay more elsewhere.

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      I guess not buying from Amazon either. Really reduces the places you can buy from hey.

      • -5

        Amazon have been rolling out payrises. I'm not aware of any Twitter and JobKeeper issues with Amazon. Not saying Amazon is perfect but I have more concerns with Harvey Norman and their failure to respond.

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            @onlinepred: To 4agte:

            Mate ozbargain isn't the retail union. We just want cheap prices for crap we don't need.

            You think most of the coupons, ebay stores or cheap stuff listed here comes from places that pay people to live luxuriously?

            Heck to the no mate. It's a good sentiment for sure but negging the poor [email protected]*4's post is a poor choice given your reasoning.

          • @onlinepred: Wait. Are you suggesting Harvey Norman treat employees well? https://bit.ly/3wXyFT9
            Maybe worry about your own own positive double standards before you worry about my negs. I'll vote as I please, as you can too. Hypocrite.

            • @4agte: I never said that. Read. Also you clearly have no idea about how Amazon workers have been treated. Literally suicides, depression, no toilet breaks, pooping in boxes, pissing in the corner of the storeroom, forced unpaid leave during covid for full time perm staff.

              All I'm saying is you can't say one thing about Harvey, neg a deal, then upvote amazon deals. I looked at your history and you upvoted numerous amazon deals without commenting about how terrible Amazon is.

              • @onlinepred: I never brought up Amazon. Read.

                • @4agte: No, but by negging this deal because of it being from Harvey Norman, clearly you should also neg Amazon deals, but you upvote them, so you have double standards. It’s what is known as being hypocritical.

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    the irony of the anti Harvey Norman pro Amazon rhetoric

    • Guess people don't follow whats happening in the US.

  • +1

    you might go judge capitalism lol. Put it this way all sort of profit making business are bad.

  • Can you use multiple gift cards in 1 transaction? or is it 1 gift card per 1 transaction? :)

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      Yes, u can use multiple gift cards in 1 transaction

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    For those who don't mind spending a bit more, Fanatec have just released a a CSL DD (not cheap, but much more affordable now) which could pave the path for a few to get on the Fanatec ecosystem. https://newstandardd.fanatec.com

  • These Logitech wheels can go get stuffed.

    They're great, but only work on one generation. Bought a G27 for my PS3, won't work on PS4. They expect me to upgrade my wheel every generation? Go get F****.