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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G $1249 Delivered @ Samsung AU


Samsung have dropped their price for the 5G Galaxy Z Flip. Might be worth a look if you crave the satisfaction of snapping your phone shut after a phone call, just like the old days.

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    " snapping your phone shut after a phone call, just like the old days."
    i do but one small issue, the old days i dont pay $1000+ for a phone

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      There were shit loads of phones that cost more thank $1500 in the 90s and 2000s. Remember the tiniest Motorola v3 or something and the small Samsung phone that looks like a black lipstick? They were all very expensive back then. The only way to get it was to go on a 60-100$ plan for 24 or 36 months.

      • Plus you have to factor in inflation.

    • That one is only 4G.

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    Has anyone ever seen any of these flip phones out in the wild?

    I'd love to see some figures on just how much of a failure these phones are.

    • These are still considered first adopter devices until the price comes and they become more durable. So dont pass judgement at such an early stage of the lifecycle of foldables.

      And to answer your question, ive probably seen 30-40 Fold/Flips in the last year. So not many at all.

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        You're right.

        When I wrote that I just had the Galaxy Flip in my mind, folding it open to end up with just a regular size phone seems a bit silly. But when you can open it up two get a double wide phone like the Flip 2, there's definitely something there worth exploring. I'll hold my judgement. :)

        • Im using the Fold2 right now and for me, this device is a game changer.

          No longer do i need to use a tablet for office tasks on the go, i find i can do everything on the phone from having teams meetings and sending emails at the same time. Even sharing and editing powerpoint presentations in a video conference. its the ultimate productivity device and the best device to watch netflix and youtube on :D

          I pretty much neglect my device as well, no screen protector or case. I've thrown it at a wall, had my daughter walk on the screen when it was fully open and there are no issues. I only do this because i have Care+.

          Im looking at the Flip3 (google the leaks) to replace my personal phone. I'm quite attracted to the lower profile device for a phone that i will only use for personal calls and a bit of media and web browsing.

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      I love my 4G one. I personally don't think it's a failure at all.

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        I use mine all the time too! The only thing that is a little annoying is the smudges that the screen pics up, but I really love the small form factor

  • I would be wary when using these devices. While I know that for some people it has been drama free so far, for me personally, I have a fold and my partner had a z flip and both our screens broken randomly. Mine stopped working while I was using it in the dunny (used for a year+) and my partners had microcracks in the hinge after about 3 months use. A quick google search found that there are a lot of people having the same issues and after speaking with a second hand reseller, I found out that a lot of people have the screen fixed and then end up selling it for cheap due to how fragile the screen is. Now we're both using our old phones and waiting for the iphone 13's to come out.

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