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[PS4] XCOM 2 $5 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest physical copy I've seen!

I spent countless hours on this game since I got it for free as part of PS plus a couple of years ago, trying to perfect my tactic, team etc. - best turn based game imo!

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    Slow-downs and bugs galore on the PS4 version, especially on the major expansion, at least when I played it years ago, just FYI.

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      Also, 90% chance of shot. Shoots misses… 90% of the time.
      Gets used as coaster

      • The rolls are all pre-rolled at the start of the scenario. Once you realise that, you can reload and use the good rolls for the ones you need to hit. But yeah, standing at point blank with a shortgun and 95% hit and then you miss is frustrating as anything.

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    cheap af!!>…..

  • Some very nice mods for this game too! You can make your agents nice and meaty or even more salaciously dressed whist they kill aliens, if it tickles your fancy that way.


    • Not on PS4 though

    • Yeah he's right, not on PS4

  • This was on PS+ at one stage. Check your account before purchase
    EDIT: you’ve already said so

  • Eh, base game by itself without the expansion/dlc felt a bit too boring/grindy for my liking.

  • Great game, especially for $5.