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Bitdefender Total Security - 5 Computers, 6 Month License $0 (Free) @ Sharewareonsale


I believe this deal expires at 4:45PM 4th June. I tried to enter the AEST in the New Deal page "Expiry" field like the site says you can, but I couldn't figure out how. It allows you to type 4:45PM but then doesn't allow you to type AEST.

Has everything their most expensive product (Premium) has except unlimited VPN. So that includes phishing, banking, and ransomware protection.

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    • I used Firefox first and saw only German. Just noticed if I open it in Chrome, a pop-up option appears to "Always translate German to English". Might help someone.

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    Free but need Credit card details 😁

    • Hm, does it? That's odd. Don't think they usually do. I haven't installed it yet because my email address is already registered with them. So I need to clear my cookies/cache and set up another temporary email address.

      • Good luck

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          I'd prefer ESET but this will do for now. I just finished installing it and wasn't asked for any payment details. Maybe you've installed a trial using that email address before, so they wanted you to pay because you've already received a trial before !?

  • i get a cheeky "javascript void" and nothing happens :)

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      Someone says that about every antivirus deal posted, and half of those people go on to recommend others which even more people say are worse.

      There's a reason every PC magazine antivirus test includes this along with Panda, ESET, Kaspersky, Trendmicro, etc. Is it the 'best'? Of course not, but that's subjective anyway: because what's 'best' for one person/system is 'bad' for someone else depending on everything from it works TOO good (slows their computer down, warns at many webpages they visit, won't allow them to view email, etc) so they rubbish it for doing it's job. And/or they say it's awful because they happen to have another program installed the antivirus doesn't get along with. But to say it's 'worst' is nonsense. Well, I'll qualify that first by saying: it's nonsense unless it's really gone downhill in the last couple of years and I missed it. In which case, don't just make a baseless claim, share the reasons/tests that prove it.

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        Well, few years ago, I used to subscribe Bitdefender and pay like $25 / year. For some reason, it thinks my motherboard overclocking software was a malware. They refuse to fix it for few months. This is when I switch…..


        • Ah ok. So more an example of a hardware conflict like the program conflict I mentioned above. Fair enough.

          A few/several years ago some folks had a problem with ESET or Kaspersky I think it was. It went something like: an update required an uninstall and that disabled the network adapter on some computers so they lost their internet connection. Really handy because then they had no way to research what happened or how to fix it.

  • Thanks OP but I am happier using the free version.

    • No prob.

      Actually I just checked and their free version is missing enough components that I'd probably just get a free trial with another company: https://www.bitdefender.com.au/solutions/free.html

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        Nah all that stuff is junk. Bitdefender itself is really good, I recommend.

        • [Shudder] No banking protection (I assume it's a sandbox but I haven't looked yet), and no ransomware file protection? You're brave. Kudos, lol.

        • Just pay $20 for 5 device for a year from saveonit. Cheaper and no need to switch and leave rubbish in the registry after uninstall.

  • Its free

  • I was using bitdefender for 2 years in 5 different PC build. No problem at all and I like it. I switched to eset now simply because it was only a few dollars from previous deals. If there was a deal from bitdefender, i would have extended it. 50% off offer from them to renew is not good enough for me :D

  • Thanks for the free deal on Bitdefender. I've just established my account and free licence - I'm sick of my bloated Avast which is so intrusive I've had to disable even one of the core shields and it's always upselling crapware like PC tuning driver updates and so on - I'm one of these people who likes full control when I clean registry and junk files update drivers etc rather than leave it to some automated unwanted bloatware.

    I'm grateful for the chance to try Bitdefender. I've heard good things about it. It will complement my AV (MalwareBytes) and the firewall has got to be better (better control) than Windows Firewall and hopefully much less intrusive than Avast.

  • I used to use bit defender many years ago but suffered from a strange bug where it would throttle my internet speed or constantly use bandwidth even though there was no update in progress. Uninstalling it fixed the issue but every time I reinstalled it for a scan the problem would return.

    Have been using kaspersky ever since with no issues

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