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Panasonic SD-2501 Bread Maker $215.25 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best price since mid March when it was $245 with AJFox post and browneh $199 Afterpay post.

Considered to be the ducks guts of breadmakers by some. Because it may be the breadmaker to make preserves, and the one we knead right now.

What is it with bread that brings out the puns?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Yeah, It’s a shame that bread puns are always so crumby.

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      Sometimes they can be sweet but often just sour dough.

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        It's gotten to the stage where I don't even get a rise from telling them any more :(

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    I bought this just before COVID hit for $200.

    It's the highest rating bread maker on Product Review. https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/panasonic-sd-2501

    Excellent piece of kit. Makes amazing bread. Easy to use.

    • i too bought for 200

      • and for 200 we both bought

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    This bread maker is awesome (ex-baker here), if you're on the edge of deciding just do it

  • This will probably be a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway..

    If I know nothing about making bread, this would be the reason I'd buy this bread maker right? Or do I need prior knowledge?

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      Correct you won't knead to know anything.

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      Completely nothing! It's dead easy - you chuck in 1.5 teaspoons of the dry yeast (bread mixes typically come with that but I use Lowan yeast in the maroon cylinder container 280g), then 3 to 3.5 cups of the bread mix (or if you've bought a Laucke box, they are already in portioned bags), and finally about 330 to 340ml of warm water. Press buttons. Wait.

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      Just follow the recipes in the manual that come with it.

      The ONLY thing I'm aware of is don't mix the yeast with the other ingredients. I put in the in liquid/oil/butter first, then all the dry ingredients and then sprinkle yeast on top when you're ready to go and let the machine do the rest.

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    This is a very good machine. My wife uses it constantly for kneading dough, which it does really well (for brioche but also pizza). Also bakes great bread.

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      Once you have decent home made bread, it's very hard going back to Supermarket junk.

  • Has anyone tried making gluten free bread with this ?

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      Yes, its possible still taste like sh!t

      (by accident bought gluten free mix pack)

    • Yes but it didn't turn out very well. We used Well & Good bread mix. It baked the outside nicely but it wasn't cooked properly on the inside. But mind you the outside slice or two tasted fantastic. Maybe there is somewhere to tweak the cooking time.

      • If anyone reads above, also see Merlins self reply about a new timing mode :)

        • I went back and had a look at the mix and I think my mistake I baked only one loaf where the instructions say that it makes two loaves so maybe that is why it was under cooked. This was using the gluten free mode on the bread maker. But people shouldn't definitely try different gluten free bread mix brands and find something they like. Well & Good did taste excellent in the parts that were properly cooked. Even the kids didn't notice it was gluten free.

    • I want to know this too, I tried gf bread on Kmart bread maker and wasn't great, keen to know on this one?

    • http://www.allaboutbread.com.au/knowledge_gfb.php

      This company's GF bread is pretty nice as far as GF bread goes. It's fluffy and light and tastes pretty good.

      I've only baked it in the oven, as it doesn't need kneading, a bread maker seems a bit overkill IMO

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      I should have researched myself before posting .. sorry guys. Looks like they have added a 100% gluten free program option in the settings now … https://www.panasonic.com/au/consumer/household/kitchen-appl...

      • Thanks!

      • It’d still be good to know how well that mode works. I have a kid with coeliac and I’d love to be able to make her reliably good fresh bread.

      • Now, if only they had a USB port to update firmware, Panasonic, you there 👀

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    But a $30 Dutch oven and you will get better results. Look up chef Billy Parisi on utube for recipes.

    • A way, way more work, dough.

      • Incorrect. No knead sourdough. I make it weekly.

        • I don't need, but prefer sourdough.

          May I have a link?

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              @Duece1995: I get this recipe, however he totally (yet gently) kneads the dough there by doing somne stretch-n-folding.

              And still no doubt: the effort required is just tremendous compared to using the machine from this deal. Not saying the effort isn't worth it!

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                @pizzaguy: I do agree it does require more work and time.

                I've always has mixed results using a bread maker previously. Once you make it using this method the quality and results are consistently good.

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    Excellent price - I literally paid the price for procrastinating early last year, was desperate to have one during the Great Victorian Imprisonment, then stuck without any stock anywhere, until I finally found one when they were dribbling back into stock for pretty much RRP. hangs head in shame

    They are brilliant though - the bread mixes from Laucke (boxes and the bigger bags) are dead easy and very tasty!

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    How does it compare with the Panasonic SD-ZB2512KST Fully Automated Bread Maker posted a few days back here ?

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    I bought mine more than 10 years ago and still works without issue.
    Surprised they still sell the same model, but I suppose if something's not broke….

  • If you have the app offer (not sure if targeted) it brings the price down to $205.25.

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      What app offer. I do have the Amazon app on my phone. How to access offer?

      • First time using the app gets you $10 off

  • Another silly question, had a bread maker 20+ years ago.

    What happens with the knead ring? We would always get a baked loaf with a massive hole in the middle when pulled out.

    • Still the same with this model. It doesn't retract so bakes in the loaf. Just have a slight hole in the load.

    • It's a narrow paddle so you don't tend to end up with an overly large hole in the bottom of the bread. We often use the machine for making the dough and then bake it in the oven. Loaves, cobs, pizza, buns etc. For a quick loaf then we use the machine on basic rapid.

  • Needs peoples suggested recipes for this…?

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    This is a great bread maker. We got one last year around August and the bread it makes is really good. We didn't know much about bread making beforehand, but it came with a recipe book that's pretty good, and we've been able to adjust things accordingly.

    We haven't made too many different things with it yet, but have still made a bunch of things. Happy to answer as many question as I can!

  • We've had one of these for, I think, about 5 years and use 3-5 times a week, making all types of bread and dough. It's an awesome machine and this is an excellent price.


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    I always find home made bread out of these type of machines super dense. Are they any good at fluffy sourdough?

    • If you use the machine for dough making and remove the dough, give it a gentle knead and let it rise for an hour in a warm spot, bake in a preheated hot oven and you'll get the crusty outside and fluffy inside. Same principles apply as when making it by hand.

      Additional to the machine - Using electronic scales helps with measurements. Baking it on a crisper pizza tray gives a good all round bake on a cob style loaf. Not letting the loaf cool too quickly will stop it from wrinkling. Loaf size tins can be expensive so maybe check the Oppy.

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      Always use fresh bread flour, not normal flour. Make sure you get the quantities correct and be aware not all yeast is the same - if you get bread flour and it comes with yeast, use that. Be aware that yeast will go stale. Put the ingredients into the machine in the order recommended. For the best loaves, use the breadmaker to knead etc, but bake in the oven.

      I will note that I use this to have fresh bread in the morning. For everything else I go old school, although cheat a little by using the bread hook on my Kenwood mixer.

  • I’m pretty tempted to get this bread maker, been on the look out for a while, but I’d be keen on making gluten free and sourdough bread as well.

    It seems from the above comments (and comments from previous posts) that it’s not really that capable of making good gluten free/sourdough bread. Anyone experienced the contrary to this?

    • Checkout MerlinsEgo’s reply to himself

  • I might have purchased this, but my meeting ran over and appears to now be out of stock!

    Out of interest, is there a specific bread mix you need to purchase for this, and what's the average cost of a loaf?

    • A few on FB marketplace where you live so that's an option

  • anyone knows any tricks or tips with making a sourdough bread with this machine?

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      • thanks! is it possible at all to automate the process almost completely? i.e. aside from making a sourdough starter, basically doing everything else just in the machine?

        • Yep. Full auto.

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          I make 3-4 sourdough loaves per week - a good loaf takes a minimum 36-hours. An automated sourdough bakery would need to be able to refrigerate. I use my SD-2501 just for the first knead, 45 min pizza dough programme.

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    Or you know just buy bread $2 a loaf and save yourself money and time. Unless you see yourself using this a lot its not worth it.

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      No good bread is $2 a loaf!

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      Any loaf that costs $2 or less is usually crud

  • I'm feeling pretentious; have been home baking for a couple of years. Have bought no other bread in that time.
    Started with a Kogan bread maker.
    Got pissed off with the hole in the bottom, so used Kogan machine to prepare dough and then oven baked.

    Then I stopped getting bread mixes and made from scratch. Still with the Kogan

    Now have a planetary mixer and the dough it makes is brilliant.

    I can see a total regression as I go to hand making dough :-)

    Bread machines a bleh… :-D

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    Back in stock as at 15:32

  • The best thing since sliced… well, you know.

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    Back in stock again

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    Just got one - it’s back in stock

  • What are they like to clean?

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      Generally you don't clean them, no need. It's only the bowl and paddle and you only ever rinse these and wipe with a soft cloth, aiming to not get any scratches.

  • I purchased too. What’s a great whole grain type bread mix?