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Samsung Odyssey G5 QHD VA 144Hz Freesync Curved Monitor 27" $269.10 ($263.12 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


[eBay Plus] Samsung Odyssey G5 QHD VA 144hz Freesync Curved Monitor 27" $263.12 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay

$269.10 for non plus members

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    Best buget gaming monitor?

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      It's not a great monitor, but it's a great price.

      Will be very smeary when gaming/scrolling.

      • Why is that? Is it something inherent to VA panels?

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          Sort of: they need more voltage to correct for it, as seen with TVs and Samsung's G7 QHD 240Hz monitor. The panel grading also needs to be higher than this. Takes this monitor from the typical 30-40W to something like 70W.

          When properly done though VA beats IPS for gaming and media consumption. IPS has better colour accuracy, but it has a problem with powdery trails (returning to black/off).

          TN is king for gaming, but fast VA is a really good compromise to make. Fast IPS is a little further behind, but given that most of the monitor market is focused around productivity, that's sadly where the manufacturing output is going to be focused as everything starts to shift over to OLED and microLED/QNED.

  • This may be a stupid question, but what's the advantage of a curved monitor instead of a flat one?

    • Apparently for some it can help with immersion & also reduce eye strain/fatigue. Some reviewers claim it can be better ergonomically on neck movements. Can aid some players in competitive gps shooters with helping peripheral vision. For me, I have never tried I’ve only used flat monitors & never had an issue thus far. (Also, I have no idea if these claims are legitimate, I think it’s a personal preference)

    • Some folks find it more immersive. I don't mind a curve, don't love how it looks on my desk though so I stick to flat panels mostly!

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      In theory, it tries to mimic the curve of your eye. So the edges of the monitor are the same distance from your eye as the center of the monitor, whereas with a flat screen the edges are a bit further away since you're sitting in the center.

      It's like how there are huge IMAX screens that are curved, so the edges don't feel as far away.

      • Pretty sure all cinema screens nowadays have a tiny bit of curve to them, you don't really notice it though.

    • +4

      Curved monitors help to bring the side edges closer to the viewing. Some pros and cons tho.

      Good for immersive gaming
      Reduce screen reflection which is more evident on flat screens

      Takes some time to get used to it
      Might be annoying for certain productivity work, horizontal lines might look bent (I'm a designer)
      Would take a occupy a bit more depth on the desk due to curve

      In saying that, I have been using a curved screen for 2 years and recently changed back to a flat screen. It felt weird because now my edges seems further away from me. LOL

    • The idea is that every part of the screen ends up being equal distance from your eyes as opposed to a flat screen. This means a more optimal field of view and less distortion which is better for "immersion". The difference is more noticeable on an ultrawide IMO.

    • Also, monitors may have bad colours when viewed at an angle, the curve fixes this.

    • I have a similar curved monitor not this model but the same specs. Compared to a flat screen I feel I get a better field of view while having the screen at the same distance as a flat screen. I can notice the difference while playing battlefield.

    • I'll give a stupid answer to your stupid question. If you happen to have a small head or you are sitting really close to the monitor, a curved monitir at 27 inch might be useful. The downside of distortion at the edges caused by the curve screen is not worth it monitors under 32"

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    Thanks OP. Upgrading from the HP 25X

  • Would my GPU handle a pair of these?

    Graphic Card ROG STRIX RX5700 O8G GAMING

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      When you say a pair, are you wanting to game on 2 at the same time? If so, probably not at qhd X 2 resolution

      • I run 2 screens on my PC currently, lookin to update
        Probably gaming on one and surfing on other if possible (is it?).

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          you'll have no problem doing that

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      Your GPU has 3x displayport and 1x HDMI.

      This monitor has 1x displayport and 1x HDMI connection however it only comes with 1x HDMI cable.

      So you would have to buy a displayport cable but otherwise it would work perfectly with one connected by DP and the other by HDMI or just connect both via DP (you'd have to buy two cables then).

      Gaming wise the 5700 will power 1080p without a single issues. In fact it's a bit overkill.

      • Thanks for the reply :)

        1080 or 1440??

        • 1440p. Your gpu is good enough for 1440p for most games

  • any one know if its capable in running in 120hz for ps5 and xbox series x?

  • OOS

  • If you can afford $100 extra you can get a 27" and IPS with the Dell 27" Gaming monitor. Much much better than this.

    • Can you give me a link or tell me the model number please?

      • Sorry it's actually a $150 difference, but this deal comes up fairly often and it's a much better monitor - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624335

        It's on sale like clockwork every month, so if you wait a few weeks you'll be able to get it again.

        • +1

          Thanks! I appreciate it and the recommendation. I’ll look out for it!

    • Hey, other than IPS what else does the Dell do better?

      • Better stand, not curved, USB 3.0 hub.

    • Aren’t the screen on this better than Dell’s screen?

  • Can't go wrong at $269 for a 1440p - 144 hz monitor.

  • 4 available as of right now.

  • These turned up today— AWESOME CLEAR AND SCHMICK!