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70% off Wilson NBL Basketballs + $7 Delivery ($0 with $99 Spend) @ Wilson


1st post…
Lowest I've seen for the NBL Solution Official Game Basketball (Amazon currently has it at 41% Off - $59.13).

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    Price in the title

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    Is there an option for a complete ball. 100% Wilson basketball?

    • haha there you go :D

  • What's the other 30%

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    How is this different to the NBL Replica one (https://au.wilson.com/products/nbl-replica-basketball?varian...)?

    That one is $14.99 plus shipping or 21.99 delivered.

    • One is a game ball, one is a replica

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        Your comment is as useful as one-ply toilet paper

        @Maki, just from how Wilson categorises the balls, official ball is indoor use only vs replica which is indoor/outdoor

        • Thanks :)

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        Why would they replicate game balls, when every game ball would be replicated off a game ball?
        Or is this marketing?

        Edit: JimB answered it.

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      The NBL Solution Official Game Basketball is an official ball used in the NBL. .. indoor use only.

      NBL Replica isn't an official ball- indoor/outdoor

      • Couldn't find anywhere in the description saying the replica was suitable for outdoor (which is what I'm after) - would this be ok on concrete surfaces?

        • I'm assuming the official (indoor) one would be shredded by concrete? Therefore the cheap replica would be more durable??

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          It would wear really quickly being used outdoors. I would not recommend it.

          I've used this in the past and these are great basketballs, I prefer these to the Moltens. Only leather game balls are better but those are $200+

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            @sydney_kings: I'd definitely trust someone with the username sydney_kings about basketball lol..

            I switched from Molten GF7x to Spalding TF Elite once Molten replaced the GF7x with the BG series.

            I have no idea why Molten decided to replace the GF7x, it was a great ball… no one I know likes the BG4000 or the BG4500.

            I purchased the NBL Solution Official Game Basketball to give it a try.. same price as a cheap ball.

            • @JimB: We use Molten GMx, GFx, and GGx when playing indoors. The game ball at our stadium are Spalding TF Elites which I never really got used to. Very deep channels and a lot of a harder feel than the Moltens. Haven't tried the new Molten BG series so can't comment on them!

              • @highon2str: We used to play with GF7x and GG7X for indoor and switch to BG5000 (which is leather) when the GF and GG series were discontinued. It's good for first few times and then it gets super slippery. So we end up using Spalding TF1000 which is quite good.

              • @highon2str: The BG 4000 and 4500 just doesn't feel right.

                Everyone liked the GF7x, great feel and good price. Not sure why Molten decided to revolutionise the ball….and IMO made it inferior.

                I quite like the Spalding TF Elite.. bought one for $110. Basketball is never on sale when you need/want one. Couldn't justify the extra $40 for thr TF1000.

        • Just bought 2 of the replicas for $36.97 shipped. Will see what they're like outdoors, worth a punt!

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            @highon2str: But if you're punting it, you're playing the wrong sport.

            Sorry. I'll let myself out.

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          If you filter by indoor and indoor/outdoor it will separate the balls.

          Yes it will be ok for concrete but of course doesn't lasts as long.

          I'm going to get the NBL Solution Official Game ball for indoor and the NBL Replica size 6 for my son.

          Pity they don't offer the NBL Solution Official Game ball in a size 6.. bargain.

          • @JimB: Thanks :)

          • @JimB: Will the replica last longer than the official ball on concrete?

            • @CoronavirusVaccine: They should

              Usually the indoor only balls have a softer and grippier surface.

              Used indoors, they last a long time, used outdoors they wear out very quickly.

              • @JimB: Thank you for the clarification. I don't play myself so this is helpful as these are going to kids who play in neighbourhood's ourdoor court.

        • If you use it indoors it’s an indoor ball and if you use it outdoors it’s a ….

      • Thanks for the explanation Jim. I have a leather spalding NBA one but need one for concrete so guessing the $50 one is the go.

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          For the price, you can't go wrong.

          Can't say I've played with leather spalding NBA official ball.. I've heard they are fantastic to play with. Probably wouldn't help my mediocre game anyway.. lol

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            @JimB: Mate I don't play basketball at all. Occasionally go have a shoot around at a gym with a mate. I'm one of those guys that like to buy the official balls even just for a shoot around. Also have a leather NFL ball that rarely gets used haha.

            • @robbiey: Here I was thinking you're an A grade player..lol

    • The official ball is supposed to be indoor only. Premium material and softer surface. Worn out quickly if you use it outdoor but it feels so much better.
      Replica is made of PU and for indoor/outdoor use.

  • How does this compare with the Wilson Evolution?

  • thanks. bought 2. highly recommend this one

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    Hate to be this basketball on a boat with Tom Hanks

  • Cracking price especially if you buy more than one (to average out shipping cost). It's been ~$36 (Amazon prime) before in the past. Thanks OP!

  • Would this ball be good for outdoor

    • Wouldn’t last long

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        Only if your stuck outdoors on a deserted island calling WIIIILSONNNN!!!!!

  • Indoor only. These are made of leather for floorboard courts. They'll tear up on outdoor concrete floors.

  • Is there any difference between this and the cheap basketballs like in kmart, target, big w.
    For example they can all be used for indoor/outdoor.
    The only difference i can think of is the difference in bounces which I believe is marginal.

    • Grip is different. The new official FIBA ball from Molten is slippy although Ive been told it improves after a few months (unconfirmed)

    • Better balls are grippier and have more control.

      The better balls have deeper channels.

    • I track my shooting practice with the HomeCourt app. With a premium ball like a molten Fiba approved or Wilson official, I can easily shoot over 75% on the free throw line
      Using a cheap ball or a replica the best I can do is around 70%
      Premium balls are more consistent and offers better grip.
      Based on my experience, the ball does matter a lot.

  • Awesome indoor ball. Love it, pretty grippy too.

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    Thanks OP great first post, reminds me of the last epic $15 Wilson Evolution deal. Picked up a few outdoor ones for the family this time around. 👍

    • Oh man Wilson Evolution's like my all time favourite ball!

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      Can you link the outdoor ones?

  • I got an email that it's $20.98 + shipping?

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      thats the indoor/outdoor camo ball, its a different model.

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    Just bought 7 of the replica ones so i don't have to pay for shipping

  • Thanks for the post saw the price didn't even think just ordered straight away lol

  • Great deal thanks for sharing! - this is the new ball they're using in the local recreational league (Melbourne). Also got a replica ball for some outdoor use.

  • Great find!

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    Who wants to do OzBargain 3point Contest?
    We can use the CamoBall as the MoneyBall lol

    Spalding 12 Ball Cart

    • omg this is awesome, got one!! Lol thanks for the link.

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    The product is sold out completely.

  • That's a shame - just the rubber and composite left.

  • Ben Simmons uses these to practice his free throws

  • just got a molten GN7X for outdoor ($65) felt amazing in the shop, big ribs like molten indoor balls and had a sticky surface but dust killed that quick.

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    Dear Customer,

    Thank you so much for your recent purchase during the NBL Flash Sale last week.

    Due to the heavy order load, our software accidentally oversold the NBL replica ball and we are unable to provide you with this ball – we apologise for the inconvenience.

    As an apology we would love to offer one of the three balls listed below to replace the purchase of the NBL replica ball:

    Wilson Evolution size 7 ball - https://au.wilson.com/products/evolution-game-basketball?var...
    Wilson Camo ball - https://au.wilson.com/products/nbl-camo-ball
    Reaction Pro Size 6 – https://au.wilson.com/products/reaction-pro-premium?variant=...

    Please let us know which one you would prefer!

    Alternatively, if you would like a refund instead please let us know and that can then be arranged as well

    • I just got this too, sadly I will be asking for a refund only wanted that ball.

      • Happened to me too…
        is the evolution worth it…?

        • the evolution is a very soft, indoor only ball. Not for outdoor use.

  • Got the NBL Camo Ball, it’s awesome for outdoor

  • The replica game ball has a very "hard" bounce on concrete. Can't quite put my finger on it and it's still new but can't imagine it will wear in much.

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