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Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid (1,272 Items from 865 Creators) - US$5 (~A$6.81) @ Itch.io


I was waiting for this since I heard about it on Reddit. I have had many hours of enjoyment and inspiration from the Racial Justice bundle last year. Bundle of 1000ish things, games, soundtracks, assets, TTRPG, tools, etc. Haven't looked closely enough to unearth any real treats yet but for under seven bucks Australian for the couple of hours wading through weird TTRPG rulesets will be worth it for me personally…

Edit: The creator of the bundle has posted to Twitter there will be further additions "next week", so if you were on the fence about the value of the inclusions in the bundle it might be about to get bargain-ier!

Edit the second: More games and creators added. Deal remains great value for money!

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    Not a deal. The UNRWA is a terrorist supporting organisation (https://unwatch.org/whats-wrong-unrwa-must-reformed/ ). I am not sending any money there and neither should anyone from OzBargain, this is sick.


      Do you realise the link you provided is a biased pro-Israeli website and it’s not impartial 🤦‍♂️

      The number of people on both sides who use these radical websites to form views and then argue points is shocking.


        Nice ad hominem there. I did check the sources and was satisfied that the content of the post was accurate before posting.

        Fact remains that Hamas is a terrorist organisation and UNRWA resources go to supporting HAMAS activities. Do you disagree with that assessment. If so, why?


    A charity that monitors antisemitism and provides security for British Jewish groups has recorded a “horrific surge” in racist attacks in the past month which campaigners said “surpassed anything we have seen before”.

    The Community Security Trust (CST) recorded 351 antisemitic incidents between 8 and 31 May, more than for any single month since records began in 1986.

    The CST said the rise was fuelled by antisemitic reactions to the escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza. It called the situation “utterly predictable and completely disgraceful”.

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    VILE HATE Thugs waving Palestine flag smash up house of Muslim YouTuber they accuse of ‘disrespecting our brothers and sisters’


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    I thought most Palestinians cant stand their despotic gov who refuse to relinquish power - dont forget the current Palestinian "authority" was voted in to power on a 4 year term -

    that was 17 years ago!!! Zero elections since then…..

    The Palestinian Authority decided after 3 1/2 years in the first term they would not do elections anymore and they've controlled Palestine ever since without elections. What kind of person who advocates for freedom of expression and representative government would support that?

    It says on the advice that donations will go to the UN.

    So your donation dollar is supposed to go via the UN (which is a fat, inefficient organization full of overpaid people who do virtually nothing)

    then supposedly…….

    the UN will pass on the few cents that are left to the Palestinian Authority that is notoriously corrupt. How much money do you honestly believe will reach the long suffering Palestinian people??

    Dont give these shonks one cent - give them nothing