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Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable $278 Delivered @ Addicted To Audio


While stocks last, now $278 with free delivery (Standard)

Sony PS-LX310BT Turntable now $278 @ Addicted To Audio with Free Delivery

Was $349

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    Hey team, any deals on the Focal Elegia, similar to what you ran last year for the Elears? The Elears have served me well through working from home, would love a set of Elegias to take to work.


      Nothing at this stage I am afraid.

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    Was 349…
    $299 on Sony's Official website:
    $11 saved.

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    No deal. $269 through MyDeal. Also your RRP in the text is $349 yet your link says $399?


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      For the sake of $9 to go with an online seller with zero ratings…absolutely no comparison, I'd take a2a any day. At least the perth store I use, the people there are super helpful, know their stuff and will always answer any questions.

      I mean you're not wrong it is cheaper, but I'd say the better deal is the a2a option.

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        Yeah I bought my amp in the Adelaide store and the guy literally spent the whole day letting me listen to an absurd amount of combinations of speakers and amps. They’re a good, passionate bunch of people there.

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      plus $10 off also as new order or if using their app (I am lalking about Mydeals)

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      RRP was $399, but we used to sell at $349 :) so please check before :(


    I have some simple rules when picking a turntable, one of which is picking one where the tracking weight may be varied depending on the cartridge employed. Not only does this turntable not offer that value in the specifications, even on the manufacturer's site, there is no weight adjustement visible, leading me to believe that you are tied to Sony's proprietary cartridge.

    Sony make good gear. Sony also have a nasty habit of offering proprietary solutions such as software for their walkmans, "sports" earbuds ect that they walk away from leaving one with an orphaned unit within 5 years.

    I would advise anyone looking for turntables to run as far as you can from this unit. Your turntable can be replaced, but there is a vast gulf between the life of a record tracked @ 2 grams and one tracked [as mine are with a now vintage Shure 555 [1.25grams, checked with Decca test record] or Pickering XV15 [1.75 grams, tested the same way that I have had since 1981 and had been used on Rotel, Garrard, Miracord, Technics, Marantz and JVC turntables] that accept the same range of styli which are still manufactured, and will probably be available one Sony has walked away from this unit in a few years time.

    Anti-skating: No. Why - you're tied to Sony's cartridge.

    Weight adjustment: No, you're tied to Sony's cartridge.

    Speed [pitch] adjustment: No. No-one wants to transcribe records recorded before the mid sixties, especially ones using portable battery equipment by amateurs such as Alan Lomax…

    If you want a fashion piece to suit a throwback to a 1960's "Scandinavian" minimalist look, go for it. The output will be acceptable. Just don't imagine that this is in any way an audiophiles choice. A once respected name in consumer grade Hi-Fidelity is now the Daniel Wellington of the turntable world. This is not a match for a Ozbargain set of KEF speakers…

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      All nice and valid points. But would you name another turntable with those mentioned features for this price range? I actually want to buy one for my KEF speakers.

      I don’t think this is an “Audiophile” turntable. It is just a “normal” or entry level turntable for someone that wants to spin some vinyls. And, it has Bluetooth… Look how handy that is!

      BTW, depending on the KEF speaker the Ozbargainer has, it is MORE than a match.



        It might not be a top spec turntable however for the money it is better than most and also has the convenience of a line amplifier and BT connectivity, plus actually looks really nice too


        It is cheaper than competitors, however the absence of tracking weight info anywhere , the proprietary head shell [From https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/audio-components/ps-lx31..., "EXCHANGEABLE HEAD SHELL No"] are the main reasons this is a disposable unit.



        although $1 more and also doesn't offer tracking weight information, not an minor consideration for many and definitely not unimportant , is of equivalent standards, however comes with AptX and is from a company with as long a history and who were almost ubiquitous as a supplier of consumer grade OEM and manufacturers cartridges in vinyl's heyday - the bluetooth standards of the Sony also missing from any specification listing I can find, and one they would surely shout about were it present. With other similar units, almost all offer at least cartridge replacement if not headshell replacement, and the two standards were well established decades ago with little reason to change.

        Again, I stress, you are tied to Sony for your stylus, and they have history in such matters.

        I didn't neg the deal - and for those wanting to try vinyl it will function well, however it is more suited to a box-shifting store like the one I lifted the AT info from, or even K-Mart.

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          Great! I hate being stuck with one brand and options.

          That AT one is awesome for the price, even cheaper is not getting the BT option.

          Actually after you commented, I went to see other options. If anyone is willing to squeeze a feel more bucks. It think this Rega will be a good option.


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            @GiullianSN: The P1 is one of the best turntables under $1000 - can be your first and last turntable if you want it to be.


    Should I get this, or the lp60x?


    Does this have USB output? Addicted to Audio says no, but some other sites such as cruttchfield say yes. I'm confused.


      Chooserator says no USB, but literally has a picture of the back of it, with a USB port…


        It’s definitely got USB

        I picked one up and it’s impressive for the money

        Highly recommend and looks great too


    Sony website lists this at $295 RRP. JB has it at $299.

    OP is lying about RRP.