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Logitech G502 Hero Lightspeed Wireless $144.17, Razer Viper Mini $44.03 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not the historical lows, but good prices in a while.

Logitech G502 Hero Lightspeed (which 'Go to Deal' will take you to)

Razer Viper Mini

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I have a viper mini. Great mouse (it's not that small)

    • Can concur, my favourite as well, given I have small hands. I wish it had more than the two spare buttons though. But a great mouse overall. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon selling used G502s for $132 is, um, interesting?

    • Probably open box, change of mind returns.

  • +1

    Is the Logitech G502 wired a decent price at $77…. I need my brother a bday present.

    • +1

      Fairly decent. From memory, it has dropped cheaper - but normal price is around the $100 mark.

      Do keep in mind that it feels (can't remember specs) much heavier than other mice, but I loved using mine for the mass amount of buttons it had.

    • It is an absolutely fantastic mouse for $77 - I'm still using the G502 after 6 years. It's seen lots and lots of use, and the only issues I've encountered are:

      • Feet/gliders fell apart recently, after ~5 years use. Easy to replace. Perhaps it was a scratchy/unclean mousepad that ruined the feet?

      • Cable braid started to come apart and fray

      Apart from that, it functions perfectly fine. I remember buying mine for $55 back in 2015, still to this date the best mouse I've ever used.

      • +1

        Oh i have one on my PC and have had the cable braid frey but its about 6 years old… so I cant complain.

        • +1

          But what the heck is the difference between the east and western european? This is why I hate amazon sometimes

  • I'm looking for a wireless gaming mouse that can be used for office work as well. Preferably usb-c for charging, option to switch between my computer and work laptop. Any recommendations?

    • What mouse do you currently use or what mouse have you used in the past that you really like?
      How big are your hands? What grip do you use? How important is the weight of the mouse? Are you right handed or left handed? What games do you play? Do you need lots of buttons? What's your budget?

      • Thanks for the questions. I currently use Razer DeathAdder (wired). It sits nicely on my (medium sized) hands. I'm right handed. Usually play FPS or Strategy games (like dota). Don't need a lot of buttons - though I prefer to have the two buttons on the left side of the mouse.

        • +2

          Nice. I use a DeathAdder as my work mouse. The Razer DeathAdder v2 Pro Wireless is meant to be a sensational mouse however it is expensive ($159 at mwave or $150 on Amazon).

          If you're on a budget, the Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed is meant to be really good for its price ($60). However, it does use a battery. You can always use bluetooth on your work laptop and then use the USB dongle on your PC for lower latency and gaming. This would make it really easy to switch between the laptop and PC as all you'd need to do is pick up your mouse and flick the switch on the bottom from bluetooth to wireless. The G502 in this deal is meant to have an almost identical shape. Both are highly rated as far as ergonomics are concerned.

          As mentioned below, there are a lot of reports of double clicking issues in the current generation Logitech mice. This can be mostly overcome by splashing out on mice with optical switches (rather than mechanical) but it does set you back a bit more.

    • I looked into this recently and I think I am going to go for a Logitech G604 wireless. It is kind of the only one that has a long battery life (for the office part) and no RGB is a plus (for battery life too) for me. The only thing that it does not have from your list is the USB-C charging from. It has replaceable batteries that I prefer because if phones are any example, that will die first.

      • Thanks for the input. For me the USB C input is really important as I want just one cable coming out to charge all my devices (laptop, mouse, keyboard, headphones, mobile)

  • Razer Naga Trinity (mmo mouse) on sale too for $88.66.

  • +2

    Please read up on the double clicking issue with the 502 before purchasing.

    • +6

      Owned probably close to 15 Logitech devices over 10 years. 0 problems. Probably the only brand I trust.

      Seems to be device specific from what I’ve seen.

    • +4

      Razer fails a lot quicker than Logitech.

  • +2

    I'm on my fifth G502 Wireless. They all had issues with left click failing within a few weeks of purchase (one lasted two days!)
    If you get lucky with the switch lottery though it's a great mouse. The mouse I'm using now had the same issue but I soldered my own custom switches in there half a year ago and haven't had any trouble since.

    • +1

      i think the g903 has the same problems. i have a g903 and the right click occasionally starts acting up, though a few hits or pressing it really hard can fix it. don't know why logitech make a great mouse then just buy the crappiest switches they can find.

  • Wait for prime day. Im holding off until the G502 hits ATL.

    Also, logitech has great customer support but its a good idea to keep a spare mouse.

  • Love this mouse, just wish it had Bluetooth. Does my head in with WFH with work and home computer.

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