[Price Error] Boose Portable Blender $0 Delivered @ Booseblend

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Completely free and no shipping cost with the code.

Just pick a colour!


Credit to Leng (high school friend, don’t think she is a member here)

*** In response to say they were hacked which is total BS.

PROOF Boose management are lying POS when saying they have been hacked when the answer is more likely to be incompetence. I have uploaded photos to my account and links here



If there was ever a time to give the company a one star review in every social media platform Boose have, this would be the time because of the way they handled the whole matter (unprofessionally).

To say we hacked you without any proof is a pretty terrible accusation to make.

Promo code was from So Good promotion that asks to post our smoothie creations with a chance it’ll be featured on your social media. And nowhere did it say “don’t share the code”.

Fellow OzBargainers, how do I post a screenshot of the message with coupon code to put these back tracking idiots in their place? ****

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      • Haha this is true, it's what we do here

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      Yep I feel bad now too. There's no way there going to fulfill these orders, and because everything is now 'sold out', it means they won't have any genuine sales until they realise what has happened.

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        Yeah, I have the same thoughts. It's just some 20 something Uni of Syd grad's young company, and we've probably just messed them up for a few days, just for a blender 90% of us won't use. The buy first ask questions later instinct of ours has turned us inhuman.

  • You can still order form their home page even if it shows sold out …I did going through home page and using the same code … try your luck guys

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    Great.. freebies
    Mostly Cancellation on its way 🙂

    • Cancellation, with a 20% discount code!

      • Noooo

        • +2

          Already received spam.

      • +1

        You've been Ozbargained, by the store.

  • +1

    code is no longer working

  • +1

    Game over invalid discount code.

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        how do you make sure that you remove all personal information are erased from your DB and please unsubscribe everyone who places the order from your mailing list?

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    Take everything and leave no survivors

  • +4

    Lol after ordering, already received an e-mail that wants to get to know me better for 25% off next purchase.

    Also, RRP way overinflated. Similar products on eBay for like $13 delivered. They might fill orders

    • +2

      Give away a $10 blender. Capture people's details to onsell. Offer a 25% discount on overpriced items for the next purchase. Bargain for the business.

      • dont use your real name/email/mobile :) WIN WIN …. :D

    • +2

      Yeah I thought I had less time than I actually did to get one and google autofilled my details so I just went with it. My details have been sold everywhere at this point.

    • Hmmm. They only offer me 15% off next purchase…

  • +1

    Ok ordered successfully, let's see if they honour or give a shit.

    • ikr

  • anyone got cancellation emails yet?

  • Done and code worked for back order

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    Would be around 4000 orders based on click here so 4000*70$ =280k gone in 20mins so mostly they will send cancellation.

    • +4

      Thats their sell price though, actual cost price of the blender would be way, way less.

      • +2

        Agree. eBay, Supercheap, Big W have similar products for under $20. Shipping would be their biggest cost for fulfilment.

      • agree, even its 20-30$ then comes around 100k+. But they got contact info of 4000+ users which may worth for them to upsell in future. Lets see

        • +1

          Doesn't mean all 4000 of those people bought. Not sure how many of these they would have had in stock as well. Either way they nabbed a fair bit of info (mine included)

        • +1

          I've just gotten 5 emails since ordering…

      • These are about $10 AUD on alibaba, so lets say 4000 orders thats still $40 000. Too much for a small business to honor.

    • User 4000 orders to test their site? And cancel?

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    just got this messege

    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi Luke, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

    • +2

      That's the automated response

      • At least you could offer a reasonable discount. You got lots of subscribers and potential customers…

  • +2

    Cancellation email received…

    • Ah well. Fun while it lasted, I guess.

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    These kids of deals should be for people who are members of ozbargain and not just everyone. Otherwise it will always get ozbargained quickly. Plus people will possibly contribute more if they actually had to have accounts on here.

    • +3

      That's actually a really good idea. Hide the code until you sign up.

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    First they collected all my data including phone number, address, email ID, etc. Now they cancelled my legit order? -_-

    • welcome to the year 2000 where email personal info is becoming big business.

    • +2

      Try shooting them an email requesting to delete all your data. I haven't received a cancellation yet.

      • LOLOL!!! yea…. they'll do that LMAO

  • +9

    To everyone worried about their information is being collect. How else will the Nigerian prince contact you to share their inheritance?

    • +5

      be sure to thank your friend who works there again :)

    • Trueeee

    • Are you the Nigerian prince?

      • +6

        Not Nigerian but I do plan to bequeath a portable blender to my estate.

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    We got played. Leng high school friend and Littlevu baited us and now they got our info. It's over. Lesson learned.

    • +1

      Hi Zylam, not affiliated with the store 👍

  • +1

    Missed it cause of Work

    • -1

      Hi UDC, I posted the deal and I’ll prob miss out too haha. Post kinda took off within the hour.

      • +1

        It took off in 5 minutes

      • Yeah that's the power of ozbargain mate.

        You get your share first and then you share at ozbargain.

    • I don’t think anyone will get it but was worth a try!

  • +3

    Inb4 it's cancelled and people sook citing ACCC etc etc. It always happens.

    • +2

      Don't forget to CC the federal police and privacy ombudsman just in case the ACCC don't respond within 24hrs…

      • They've already started with the "scam" part. How stupid are people? How did you not see this coming? 😑😑😑

  • -2

    Order placed, I wish they can fulfill the order

    • when did you place?

  • +1

    No cancellation email yet, my guess is we'll just not hear anything and it wouldnt be sent either

    • I just got a cancelled email ):

      • +1

        youre lucky you got cancelled :D lol , but they got your details lol they are smart :D

        • +1

          ahh crap

          • @Guke: yes lol; some do that for gathering details (maybe)

      • +1

        Not been cancelled yet, but not expecting to receive it heh

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    For everyone who will get upset when they cancel your order. You are not missing out on much, just have a look on youtube, looks rubish to me!

  • I wonder if we can figure out how many people ordered since time of OP's post. Order number seems very low. Thibking it might be sequential.

    • probability mathematics from the number of clicks on this post ; btw good problem to solve haha like my porbability teacher tells us lol it would be accurate measure though (Probability mathematics satistics)

      • Wouldn't another way be to use OP's order number and subtract that from the some of the last people who got in on it.

        • good one; ;) unless its sequential or run a SQL Query lol i there are loops lol (If they used SQL and no injection/validation guidelines) but less chance haha

  • Got cancellation email.

  • +5

    Scams i think they wanted our details

    • Maybe, but why not leave the deal last even longer(to harvest more info)?

  • +3

    Just received cancellation email. And I ordered as soon as OP post went live lol. Bye bye boose

    • What was your order number range. Mine may be towards end 9900+

      • Mine was 9187

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