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[VIC] Free Oat Milk Coffee, Sunday 6/6 @ Various Cafes (Inner Melbourne Suburbs)


Melbourne, it’s our shout this Sunday! Pick up a FREE oat coffee from your local spot - we’re picking up the tab.

The cafes are:

via curiousxcharlie on Instagram

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    "Oat milk"!? Have they run out of dog's milk?

  • +2

    Oat milk is the least worst of the alternative milks.

    • +1

      Surely you could just have the coffee black?

      • +4

        I could also drink tea but turns out people like what they like.

      • +2

        Surely you could just drink water?

      • We have souls though

  • +7

    Sending hoards of people to cafes for free coffee during an outbreak = good idea?

    • +1

      It will probably be served outside or a well ventilated area, people will be wearing masks, won’t be staying long and it supports small businesses who have been hit hard = great idea

      • +2

        People will be drinking coffee and therefore not wearing masks.

        • +1

          Its take away? You cant stay and dine anywhere in Vic

    • +3

      Hoards? That's exaggerating a tad.

      • Ok. A lot?

    • +1

      I see you are in Sydney so I'll just break it down.

      • These are pretty busy cafes doing takeaway service anyway.
      • Masks are compulsory inside and outside currently.
      • To my knowledge, there have been no cases in Australia transmitted through people ordering takeaway (especially with masks).

      I think we need to dial down the fear mongering a bit and follow the current guidelines & science.

      Wildlife is pretty strict where they have I think 1 customer at a time to order and then wait outside. Definitely try the croissants or other baked goods. They sell out by noon daily if that.

      Note: I'm not a doctor. I am vaccinated, get vaccinated if you can.

      • +5

        Cool. I am glad to see that because I live in Sydney you think I can't read guidelines.

        I think we need to dial down the fear mongering a bit and follow the current guidelines & science.

        Me too!

        There are only five reasons to leave your home:

        shopping for necessary goods and services
        care and caregiving, including medical care or to get a COVID-19 test
        authorised work and permitted study
        to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

        I hardly think leaving the house for a free Oat Milk Coffee is classed as "necessary goods and services".

        • +1

          I hardly think leaving the house for a free Oat Milk Coffee is classed as "necessary goods and services".

          That's your opinion but the facts are:

          Restaurants and cafes can serve takeaway and delivery only.

          Best to read the entire document instead of the summary at the top. People can go fishing as well. Also horseriding.

          SOURCE: I live in Victoria, went to get takeaway today with police across the street (who were getting service station coffee + fuel).

          • +3

            @neil: He's not wrong though. In no place or situation is coffee a necessity.

            • +1

              @Tacooo: Cool, I should have called the police on the police who ordered coffees from the servo today.

              • +1

                @neil: I too can make pointless arguments not based in reality that don't further the discussion in any way, shape or form.

            • @Tacooo: i think supporting local cafes is a necessity. very low risk, high impact. more people should drop by imo

          • +6

            @neil: Of course people will get Fuel + Coffee, Food + coffee.

            But I think that encouraging people to go for coffee which will attract people who only go to the cafe for the free coffee itself, and nothing else, and wouldn't have gone otherwise, is a bad idea.

            • -1

              @b2dz: Wtf is this logic? Thank God you're not enforcing the lockdown here in melbs

              Cops: So you came here just for the coffee, did you?
              Citizen: Yeah
              Cops: I'm gonna have to write you up for that
              Citizen: Wait but you were in the queue in front of me and also grabbed a soy latte
              Cops: nah nah nah, we also grabbed this croissant, dicchead. Alright, cuff him boys, then let him walk free whatever we don't really enforce the rules consistently around here

              • +2

                @Deseret: Did I say that cops should arrest or interrogate people?

                Read my above comment again. I simply said it was a bad idea, not to fine everyone who takes up this offer. Lighten up.

    • Probably should've done it via an app that allows you to choose a time and stagger it.

  • This is targeted to the inner city hipster crowd, how about the awesome ozbargainers in the outer burbs

    • +3

      Oat milk. Good for those with dairy allergies. Out of all the "milks" out there it's probably the closest to regular milk.

    • +3

      It’s like milk but doesn’t require us to raise and kill animals for it.

    • +2

      Does 'milk' need to involve pain and suffering for an animal?

      • +1

        Exactly - it doesn't. It's a substance. Humans produce it too. "Oat milk" is mostly water, but I guess "oat water" doesn't have that special ring to it.

        • I guess you could just about milk anything with nipples.

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