This was posted 6 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Rexel Auto+ 100X Auto Feed Shredder $149 Delivered @ ALDI (Online Only)


Don't waste your time with those pathetic $50 shredders that can barley do 3 pieces of paper at once then overheat after 5 minutes.

This one looks a lot beefier and can do more pages at once. Simply load up the tray and get shredding!

Large bin so don't have to empty as often.
Also does staples and paperclips avoiding the need to remove them before shredding.

I'm a big fan of shredding. I won't put anything in the recycling bin that's confidential and not shredded. Too much risk of it being read if just put straight in recycling bin. Bills, paperwork, etc, all gets shredded, so I like a shredder that has a bit of guts to it so I'm not there all day.

Good timing for me as my previous shredder just died.

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    Run Time: Duty cycle: 5 mins on / 30 mins off

    • Which is fine as it can do much more pages at once if you load up the tray.

      Also, load up the tray and if it has to stop to cool down, it'll start again when it's ready to go - 100 sheets at a time.

      This looks much better than the $60 one they are also selling and much cheaper than anything similar at Officeworks.

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    Officeworks is clearing the 110X for $50 if you can find any.
    Reviews are poor.

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    bought 1 50x for $50 at Officeworks and working very well. they are still available on line.
    80x is OOS for same price $50

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      looks like its OOS everywhere though.

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    NSW LNP has entered the chat

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    A cheaper alternative is a fire pit (or a metal garbage bin) plus a match, which will achieve a similar result.

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      not really as environmentally as friendly as recycling though, (well, unless you where going to burn it to start a fire pit anyways)

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      I recycle general papers but now keep sensitive stuff for burning on the fire - whether at a car camp or in the fire pit in the back yard. Just keep a box for it and when ready burn it all either a page at a time, or chuck the whole cardboard box in, depending on the effect you're after. Sick of shredding.

  • Costco has Fellowes 12c for same price.

    The 12c looks better in specs. P4 security instead of P3. 10 min. runtime (against 5 min) before 30 min cooldown. 12 sheets per pass (instead of 6 sheets)

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    I have the 50 version of this and yes you can put a stack of paper in it and it will shred them all, however if the paper is creased from folding (documents you got in the mail) then they may not go through. Mine is a few years old now so maybe they've got a better system for dealing with that.

  • i just use my hands, sometimes scissors

    cathartic really…especially when making different shapes XD

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