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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Console (Neon Blue or Red) $398 + Delivery ($0 with Club Catch Membership) @ Catch


Notice Catch is having Nintendo Switch on sale at $398

NIB Reward has Catch Gift Card @ 8% discount, but they chard 1% surcharge on Visa/Master card.

Assuming you buy $400 gift card at 8% discount, + 1% surcharge, it will be
$400 * 93% = $372

You'll still have $2 left in 1 of your gift card

Enjoy the math!

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    They are selling at this price everywhere - JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, Target. BigW will be selling at $379 once the toy sale starts

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      And with Big W you can find 5% off Big W gift cards and get $15 worth of rewards points back if you purchase online.

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      Can’t believe it’s still at this price tbh, especially with the new version looming over the horizon

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        That looming has been goin on for over a year. Nvidia still haven't announced a new chip yet a new switch is looming apparently

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    I recommend everyone NOT buy this. New model is likely going to be announced in like 3 days! Will bring prices down but also the new model may be far superior at not much extra. Not to mention lots of people will be selling used ones cheap because of the new model also.

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      I'm not saying this is bad advice, it may be excellent advice, it's just that a very similar thing was said just before the release of the new graphics cards from last year. It's June 2021 and they can often still be hard to find. Even the last generation, used cards ended up being expensive at a point because nobody could get their hands on the chips.

      If the new model is announced, they might end up being just as hard to get as the PS5's and XSX's are now. People have had a year experience of the current semiconductor shortage. But I am not sure how this could affect prices of the current model switch. Not too sure what my conclusion is, but I just wanted to share the other perspective.

      • people cant mine crypto with a switch, demand isnt even that high for them imo and there will be a flood of used ones for sale soon.

  • Guys, more and more news say a new version "switch pro" will be release around E3 on mid of June, and start to sell later this year, so hold and don't buy the current version.

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      Agree a new one will be announced in the next few days (before E3), it will be more expensive though. If I had to guess I would say it's going to sell for $549 in Australia without the dock, and $649 with the dock. This is my opinion, and not confirmed.

  • I saw the price in Costco is $447.99 for grey 32g. And 2 limited per one customer.

    • What's 32g?

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    Worst time to buy one of these.

  • I can barely believe this is a deal.
    (in reference to electronic prices not a comment against the OP)

    Didn't it launch in 2017 for like $450?

    consumer electronics dropping $50 over the life span of a console generation. I'm impressed

    • Yeah, I've been eyeing this console for a while. But just couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a 4 years old console…

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    Hmm there’s a possibility of won’t come out until June 2022. Or won’t even announce the new switch or switch pro whatever will be called next.

  • Ignoring the semiconductor shortage is the switch selling that well that Nintendo doesn't need to cut the price yet?

  • The Good Guys have Nintendo Switch Grey + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + NSO 3Mth Bundle for $399 for those that may prefer also. I believe Neon may be the same price too but it's marked as a special order.

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