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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus (Black) $123.82 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($117.63 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Cheapest price ever according to Camel³ not requiring UNiDAYS/Afterpay/eBay Plus, etc and is for the AU model with local 12mth warranty

Free standard delivery available for non-Prime members.

White, Red and Blue colours also available and all at historic lows according to the camels.

E.g. White for $140.00 ($133.00 OW/PB)
or Red for $148.00 ($140.60 OW/PB)

Some have done 5% price beat @ Officeworks without issues considering it's the same AU model, sold by Amazon AU and has free shipping. So should be $117.63 at latest check.

Currently $299 on Samsung's website

Here is a decent comparative review of the Galaxy Buds+ vs the original Buds:

Here is a recent deal with insightful reviews and FAQs from other OzB'ers in the comments

* Fast Quick Charging
* Easy Battery Check
* Qi wireless charging + D2D Power Share
* 10 hours of playtime/22 hours with charging case
* Clear Voice Call Quality
* 2 Way Dynamic Speakers
* Enhanced Ambient Sound
* AKG sound for audio steaming
* Bluetooth v5.0

Having owned and loved both the Buds+ and original Buds, I can confidently recommend the Buds+ if you're looking for reliable and great-sounding Bluetooth earphones, especially for seamless integration with Samsung mobile devices (although they are still brilliant with other Androids and apparently iPhones too). Samsung somehow managed to make big improvements on the already great battery life of the original, and squeeze in a better mic setup and 'ambient sound' performance, while maintaining the exact same compact design. (Fun fact: the two models charge in each other's case no worries). Another minor note is that the new 'double tap earbud edge' for volume gesture is very handy on the Buds+ model, and works by double tapping the back of your ear.

The original yet still very capable Galaxy Buds can be had for $89 at Kogan/Dick Smith if perhaps this is your first step into the Bluetooth headphone/earphone space and you feel the $130 for the Buds+ is a bit much to start with. Either way, you won't be disappointed!

BTW, first time poster, speak the truth in love 😉

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Probably a good idea to wait for Google buds a series instead, RRP $129 AUD/ $99 USD
    pretty sure price will drop under $100 quickly

    It has hands-free access to Google Assistant, real-time translation, and an IPX4 water-resistance
    Galaxy Buds+ only has IPX2, a low rating not for use during heavy exercise or a rainy day
    However Google buds A doesn't have wireless charge and less playtime,
    but 15 minutes of charge in the case gives you up to 3 hours of listening time and an hour will give you a full charge

    • If you're waiting, you'll want to see if it has similar connectivity issues to the ones that plagued the original Pixel Buds

    • Possibly. Cheers for the summary. Hopefully the Buds A Series will be great too, but they are a bit of an unknown at this stage.
      Some thoughts about Google Buds A vs Buds+…
      Sound quality in Buds+ is known to be fantastic, as well as noise isolation. As others have also noted, battery life is incredible, and 3 minutes in the case apparently you 1hr of listen time.
      You can trigger the Google Assistant by gesture on the Buds+, but I normally do it by voice while my phone display is off anyway (very consistent for me on my S21). Works fine through the Buds+.
      Re the translation feature: I love languages, and would hope to make an effort to speak directly to the other speaker in a conversation (potentially reading from Google Translate anyway lol)… so much more fun. But I'd love to try the Pixel Buds translation regardless!

      Galaxy Buds+ are very solid and proven, and at this price are currently unrivalled in bang for buck value. But yes, also keen to see how the new Google set performs!

  • This or the Galaxy Buds Pro?

    • +1

      These, fit on the pro arw terrible

    • Comparison
      Active Noise Cancellation on the Pro is the biggest difference, but it does take a big hit in the battery department, and the wingtips aren't replaceable.
      Sound quality is similar.
      Is ANC worth the $100+ extra to you?
      I find the passive noise isolation on the Plus to be more than adequate.

  • +6

    i'll chuck in that i've had these for a shade under a year and they are absolutely fantastic, great fit, good audio quality and feature set, INSANE battery life. if they died today i'd probably get another pair tbh.

  • +3

    Yeah, for this price range, buds plus is definitely a good buy. Had for over a year and never need to worry about the battery which lasts forever.

  • +1

    Can you get officeworks to price beat it by 5% and pay with afterpay ($30 off on $50 purchase)? It would be $96.61 then!

    • This would be amazing! Unfortunately I don't live near an Officeworks to try this. Any way to do Afterpay over the phone after a Price Beat lol? Or could I do it in-store upon pickup from an over-the-phone PB?

    • Bought from OW in store for $118.76 this evening. Very happy! Unfortunately it looks like the AfterPay deal is over and was only available for online purchases.

  • This or Galaxy buds live for $15 or so more?

    • From soundguys.com comparison:
      "In areas like battery life, sound quality, and isolation … the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offer a lot more to bargain hunters and commuters alike. They have best-in-class battery life, excellent sound, and very good isolation. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have decidedly average battery life, decently accurate sound, and isolation that struggles thanks to an unsealed ear canal."

      In my own words… Similar in a lot of ways, but Buds+ is better in battery life, sound accuracy and noise isolation. I especially find them really good at the latter, while still being comfortable, thanks to the interchangeable rubber tips giving a perfect fit and seal, instead of the Live's one-size-fits-all approach.
      So if you really want to wear loose beans in your ear, go for it, but you won't be gaining anything except some interesting looks I reckon…

  • +1

    $132.84 now… :-)

    • +1


  • +1

    I think the best feature of these ones are the phone calls. You can use them for calls without issues.

    • Agreed! Never had any complaints.

  • Showing 127.55 now

  • Price keeps dropping….

    • … and I keep updating the price in the title 😅 How low will this go?

  • $125.93 now and tipped me over… ordered. :)

  • +2

    Sound is decidedly average.


    If you want sound quality, Bluetooth is not for you. Wired earphones are the only way to go. And price wise, with wireless, much of what you are paying is going to the Bluetooth side of things not the sound side.

    I have these and am underwhelmed.

    I use these instead.



    • +1

      i have the buds+ and i think the sound is quite good for bluetooth, but hard agree on the soundmagics, incredible value for money, i have the previous model (e10) which i use for gaming.

  • +1

    Thanks OP picked these up for $120 at Officeworks

  • +1

    I have these, good value at this price the battery life is really good.
    I do find them a bit quiet and not as bassy as my Jaybird Vistas, but the Jaybirds only have 4-hour battery life.
    Use these for commuting and phone calls etc, Jaybirds for Gym & running, and Sony Wh-x0x0x0x0x0 for work.

  • +1

    Price matched at JB with minimal issues.

  • +2

    I have looked at this deal 5 times today over 12 hours, the price keeps dropping. it is now $124.72. Pricematched at OW with no issues

  • +1

    Find them very light on bass-wise compared to my cheap taotronics (two different types). Bit too much treble as well. . Or is that a better sound signature???

    I've played with the Wear app and now use bass boost, but still too light on for me.

    VERY comfortable!

    • Sent back to Amazon. Mic quality not much better than the cheapies I have. Minor crackle/distortion in left ear as well.

  • +1

    If you don't have an iphone, this is a really great price.

    I can vouch for good battery life - it's pretty long and charges quick. Maximum charge time after a year is I think an hour less or so, but I use them very very heavily.

    I can sleep on my side with them in with very minor discomfort, which is a real problem with the sony's, bose and some others

    My only complaint is after a year, the rubber rings that wrap around the body with a little wing (which come in different sizes so you can fit them to your ears) have become a bit loose and tend to fall off if I'm rough with the buds. I guess I'd also like the battery to never degrade but what can you do.

  • +1

    A bit of equaliser tweak and some foam ear tips significantly improves sound quality esp lower frequency and tames the mid high 2k-4k frequency harshness. I have these and the jaber 75t and i prefer the buds+. But as mentioned above cant compete with decent wired for sound quality but you would be looking at paying much more for that. Overall at $120 odd you can't find better. I ended up getting another pair for my wife and my son has now scored the jaber.

  • Its even cheaper on amazon now btw

  • Are these au stock on Amazon? The comments are saying grey import?


    • They are AU.

      • Ok thanks

  • Good deal especially if you have the amex spend 100 get 20 offer

  • hope OW don't price match overnight so i can grab a pair tomorrow morning

  • Ordered on Thursday (17/06) and delivered this morning. Received wrong item. Lord have mercy.

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