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[Switch] The Rainsdowne Players - $0.01 @ Nintendo eShop


As far as I'm aware, this is the first time an Australian eShop title has ever been $0.01.

The US eShop started doing this a year ago which forces Nintendo to implement price policies regarding how much a game can be reduced.

Keep an eye on the Aussie store to see if more games follow suit

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    i think its sorta free, you pay 1 cent but get 1 coin back.

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    Got it thanks

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    Thanks OP, got it

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    Awesome, thanks OP!!

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    Is there a way to search for games at a specific price? Or is it just a matter of checking "recent price drops" on Deku Deals regularly?

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      Last time I checked I couldn't even see a web page for games. So I'd stick to dekudeals

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      On the console itself, use the search filters.

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      You can also search by specific price on dekudeals.
      Top of the page select browse, then games from drop down menu and then on next page down the menu on left side enter your price range.

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    This is to boost the game into top 10 and drive more rrp sales?

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      It could be intended as such a test, but I believe Nintendo have changed algorithms so that games with such a heavy discount don't appear in sales charts in the eShop.

      That might only be America, so it'll be interesting to see how it plays out here

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      Why not? The game doesn't look like trash and they're trying to make a living. I don't mind getting a cheap game for the latter to happen. Good strategy.

      • Because it is gaming the algorithm. Not going to complain about the price, but when I search top sales, I don't want a bunch of trash games listed there just because of heavy discount

        • I read somewhere that yes, Nintendo addressed what was happening with these.

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    It certainly looks worth 1c

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    Quick note if you want to get this for "free", don't use your existing gold points to purchase.

    If you pay via PayPal/other means, then you'll pay the $0.01 and also get 1 gold point back.

    If you use your gold points you won't get anything back (which is probably common sense, but just a heads up).

    Other than that, thanks OP!

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      Damn it, I missed out on the 1c!

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        Guess it's bread and water for dinner tonight then :(

        • +5

          Just water for me :(

        • +3

          you think I can afford to mill the flour? a sliced lentil with rainwater

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        Buy 2x to recoup your losses! :)

        • +1

          Just bought 10,000 - Nintendo didn't catch that loophole ;)

  • I thought Nintendo banned tis practice in the Estore as it was known to be used for simply bumping titles in ranks. But i see a post above that they may have negated the effects of these cheap deals. For .01 why not. i guess.

  • Lol. Not even gonna bother with this one.

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      I mean, you can’t go wrong for 1 cent… just give it a try!

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    had 1 point, which was perfect for this :-)

  • This even worth free? Is the game any good?

  • he said it's a "really solid indie game"
    youtube review

  • a little pricey