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Samsung SM-R180 Galaxy Buds Live - Black (SM-R180NZKAASA) $148.98 Delivered @ Mobileciti Amazon AU


Have been cheaper https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/621463, OW currently $318 possible price beat.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Kidney beans

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      Bidney Keans

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      Was expecting BEANS!

  • Getting additional $15 off for prime welcome.

    • how can i avail this .. i dont see any option or any code to put in ..

      • Get $15 off your first order.
        Enter code WELCOME15 at checkout.

        Get $15 off when you spend more than $15 on eligible items. Discount on items sold by Amazon AU/US/UK only

        • The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

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  • How's the fit on these, wouldn't need to test a pair first in people's experiences?

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      It really depends on your ears. They fit my ears fine. 4 of my friends have it too, and it fits their ears fine.

    • For me they seem ok, but one is a bit loose (and really does not feel secure) and the other seems to be a bit too tight (with the charging part digging in a little). So I guess my ears aren't symmetrical. Overall I'm happy given the price I paid - which was 'free' as they came with my A52 - but I prefer buds with Comply foam tips (or even decent silicon tips) from a comfort perspective. These are better when wearing them in bed though, resting your head on a pillow. One minor issue I have with these is they don't really "snap" into the case - which means when putting them back into the case in the dark, I find myself fiddling around with them a bit so the lid closes properly and they can charge.

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      They are great and comfy and the Samsung SMS and email reader works great

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    Reckon the noise cancelling would be good enough to work okay on a ride on mower?

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      Would help probably, but I'd suggest you should use enclosed headphones/earmuffs to physically block as much of the noise as possible first to protect your hearing…. maybe you could wear these under a set of earmuffs, but if you're doing it a lot then I'd be looking at something like https://www.bunnings.com.au/3m-worktunes-call-connect-blueto... instead.

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        Ive got a set of QC35's but I usually mow in full sun and wear a wide brimmed staw hat, was hoping an in ear set might have done the job when i have the hat on

        • FWIW You can get wide brimmed hats that allow you to wear earmuffs etc - eg https://www.yourworkwear.com.au/products/earmuff-hat. Might not be as sartorially elegant as your straw hat though, but if it's a cheapie you can always modify your existing hat in less than a minute with a knife. Just saying…. ;-)

        • was hoping an in ear set might have done the job when i have the hat on

          Maybe you can wear proper neckband earmuffs (e.g. this) on top of whichever earphones you end up getting.

          • @eug: That's actually not too bad, and also have never thought of modifying a straw job, that's might also work with my qc's

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      my mum has one of these

      the noise cancelling is pretty worthless unfortunately, I wouldn't use them for a plane trip let alone for a ride on mower

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      Wouldn't recommend pretty much any earbuds when using loud equipment for ear safety.

      Should be using something like plasticspaceman linked for best safety. I use my Taotronics noise cancelling overheads for my push mower which do a good job of blocking the noise, but your ride on might be louder.

    • nope, they not designed for full noise cancelling

  • Anyone successfully have this price beat by OW? I tried and the rep refuse due to it not being sold by third party, not Amazon.

    • I've tried to price beat at OW for third party sellers on Amazon and they've refused. OW only price beats items sold by Amazon.

  • Ordered the Mystic Black version and they sent me the white version. Anyone in the same situation?