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[eBay Plus] Multifunction Pocket Knife $4 Delivered @ Ausriver eBay


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The item has 30 tools, including knife and fish scaler and magnifying glass etc.
The various tools are manufactured from high-quality steel, corrosion resistance.
Ideal for outdoor survival.


Length: 91mm
Material: Stainless Steel
17 components with multi-functions

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  • +16

    Good chance this will be awful quality…yet I still bought it.

    • +40

      I'm sure it's made from only the finest chinesium.

      • +2

        but most likely from the very finest austraila iron ore.

    • +2

      If the bottle opener works it'd be worth it

      • +1

        A massively chunky $4 bottle opener. I mean I got a free one from here a year or so ago, and I'm honestly not sure it was worth the plastic, fuel, and time spent transporting it from China lol.

        • I wish more of us took into consideration that just because something is a "bargain" the true cost is often elsewhere.
          This shit is shit and buy keeping on buying it, we perpetuate the problem.

    • Nah it's okay. I got mine. Definitely worth it for $4

    • I just want to hear the Crazy Russian Hacker with this "Boom, wow"

  • +6

    Not real Swiss Army

    • Probably as goos as Swiss Army

      • +5

        I would say that's unlikely

      • Real Swiss Army knives have a lifetime gaurentee. A real one.

        My grandfather had a swiss army knife when I was small and I inherited it after his passing. Victorinox provided repairs and replacement parts on a 50+ year old knife and I didn't even have to pay for postage.

        You get what you pay for.

    • +5

      Chinese Army? :P

    • +1

      People’s liberation army

  • -2

    I cannot seem to apply the code

  • +1

    This is not the original "Swiss Army" Pocket Knife, it's a copy, just a reminder.

    • Really? Could've sworn I thought it was the real thing

  • OOS

    • +1

      May be back in stock again

  • +9

    buy now think later

  • +5

    i want a swiss army knife that won't fall apart, not a china army knife that will break off just opening it.

    • But not for $4.

    • Funny you didn't even see it before this comment lol

      • They all assume it is rubbish may be it is.

        • I think we get what we paid for, well, for us ozbargainers the threshold is higher though :P

  • +1

    Remove fish-hook function appears 3 times lol

    • +6

      That leaves you are third one after the first two break removing the very same hook.

    • It's for triple-ganged hooks.

  • back in stock

  • +10

    This or an AR-15?

  • +6

    Stick to victorinox or Wenger for your Swiss army knives. Don't buy anything else.

  • Don't complain when this is bad quality when it's cheaper than a cup of coffee when the real one we know costs $60+

  • +9

    um, probably buying this will increase your insurance premium, so no deal here. garbage

    I'd rather make it to 2030 with a slightly more expensive reliable knife and all fingers still attached

  • +6

    Why would anyone buy this crap lol

  • +2

    What a waste of money this will be.

    • I did have a small non-victorinox one for free and it did work but not sure this one.

      • +3

        Gotta give it to eBay. They're really looking after their eBay plus members by bringing to them the finest of the deals like this one.

        • Actually I bought mine at the last sale. Arrived a few days back. I'm surprised. I can't fault it. Love it. Works

  • +5

    I bought?this last time, Do NOT recommend this bad quality, wast of money

    • +2

      Good quality landfill though.

  • +1

    I have this exact knife from Victorinox.
    This ebay item: they just removed the logo on the pic, but you can still see 'Victorinox' at the bottom of main blade.

    • +1

      May be just this picture 🙄

    • Sharp eyes. If the real product does not have the engraving on the blade then the seller is dishonest by putting up the doctored photos of victorinox instead of the photo of actual product. Can you claim "product not as described" to ebay in this case?

      • I'd be very surprised if you couldn't claim; being a buyer on eBay for years, they seem to be on buyers' side.

  • +3

    For those who actually need this for something more than cutting veggies, I recommend watching “127 hours” that James Franco movie.

  • Is this a genuine Swiss army?

  • Its $4 and you some people still whinging!!!!

    • +6

      $4 for landfill is still a waste of $4.

      • Gold coin donation is not a waste

        • This isn't a donation, it's cheap junk and a waste of $4.

          • @OzBragain: Did you actually buy this in the past got unhappy hence calling it a junk?

            • @nookie: No champ, I've done the 'buy cheap tools to save money' phase of my life and it just doesn't work.

              Enough feedback from others here who've bought this confirming it's junk.

    • +4

      Purchases like this add up, soon you'll have spent what could have been one quality item.

      That said I still bought it.

  • Flub eBay Plus, any alternative cheap ones?

    • This is not an eBay Plus deal.

      • Well I have tried to buy it twice and the code does not work?

        • One code use per account.

  • +4

    yeah I have a custom made and engravaged swiss army knife I bought and picked up in Luzern switzerland. Had to order it and wait 3 days for it to be made up for me.

    I wouldnt' trust anything sold here claiming to be a "swiss army knife."

  • +3

    Just pay the extra and get the proper one from Victorinox, if you buy cheap shit you will get cheap shit.

  • I was given something like this with another purchase; it just looked like a waste of resources. If you have something like this, you really want those functions to work; these cheaply made poor quality tools just aren't worth it even for no cost. I do have swiss army knives in various kits. I have had them for a long time and only bought them once. I don't foresee needing to replace them. They are well made and a joy to use.

  • Thanks OP

  • big ups to the OP!

  • +3

    Pity there is no afterpay to spread the cost

  • Remind me of the” 127 hours “

  • The only question that needs asking

    "Would you trust this to cut your arm off as opposed to your fingers?"

  • Geeze, AusPost says I should receive this tomorrow. Pretty good service from the seller

    • AusPost isn't always as accurate as you might think

      • Yeah, but the fact they've already got it from the seller is good service from them. To be fair, Auspost is pretty accurate for me, I'd say 90%

  • -1

    These things ought to be banned. They're as dangerous as AR15 assault rifle - APPARENTLY, although admittedly the judge who reckoned so has obviously had his head up his unowot for a decade or more.

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