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Smart Lamp Wireless Charger $5 (Was $24), Breeze Blast Personal Air Cooler $9.95 (Was $59.95) @ Selected Australia Post Stores


The lady showed me the print out of the big list of clearance items but unfortunately I couldn't get a copy.

Link to Wireless charging lamp: https://auspost.com.au/shop/product/smart-lamp-wireless-char...

Photos of some bargains:

Closet Caddy - $5
Tac Wallet - $7.95 (was 34.95)
Breeze Blast Personal Cooler - $9.95 (was $59.95)
BBQ Tool Set $5

There is also a $9 Vodafone android phone 4G, books, health products, As Seen On TV Products, etc.

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  • Which store?

    • Blackwood SA but I would say it's nationwide.

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      Customer Service are actually quite helpful finding stock, especially if you have an item number

  • Will be interested to get the lamp, if we can find the stock

    • I just installed mine, works really well. Has 3 temperature settings (warm, cool and cold) and adjustable brightness.
      There was one left at Blackwood

      • How well does the wireless charging work? Cant find any info on the wireless charge output

        • 5W output, recommends 3W input but I am using a 2W one and it works, won't know performance until I charge my phone tonight with it.
          Micro USB input, also outputs USB if you want to charge something via cable which basically acts like a passthrough.

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    Also available are various USB-C cables for $2 and USB-C to lightning cables for $5

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    $9 phone! Wow

    • Pretty sure it was this one, or very similar to this:


    • Got a shitty 4" Boost touchscreen phone for $5 from Target before lol
      It barely could run Uber Eats 😂

    • Can anyone please provide a method for checking stock level data for this product ?

      • 📞 137678

        • tried already, they couldn't reach the store on my behalf and couldn't provide a number. What are we in the 19th century asking to be connected?

          • @seug123: You want to dial phone numbers instead of being connected, like a peasant?

  • All Legos in Strawberry Hills PO NSW are 40-50% off e.g. mini builds (30363, 30361) $2.95, small Creator sets $7.95, City police sets 60272 etc $14.95. Only a few of the small and medium sets available, more than 10 mini builds left.

  • "Wireless Charging time 6hrs 47mins"

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      Good for overnight charging while you are sleeping.

      • +5

        Yeah, I'd actually prefer my battery be charged slowly when not in a rush.

    • That’s the one. Works pretty well! Even without the clips and handle system it’s a good price for a storage cube with a clear window.

      • reviews mixed but $5

  • Thanks OP. Just bought one from Adelaide city.

  • Thanks OP. Called up Aus post and asked them to put one on hold for me at my nearby store.

  • Thanks OP! Called Bomaderry NSW and they did not have one, but dropped into Kiama NSW and they had one Smart Lamp left.

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    Anyone wants the Smart Lamp Wireless Charger? You can pick it up near Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  • Can this be positioned horizontal so could also be used a headset stand?

    • The arm folds down at the base to horizontal, 90 degrees from vertical and anywhere in between. The head also can fold about 135 degrees, this thing is very configurable for position.

  • +1

    I just spent $190 :-) thank you!!

    11 books
    War medals stand
    Kids educational toys
    USB cables
    Coffee insulated mugs
    Drink insulated bottles
    Lunch insulated packs
    RFID protected travel wallet

    I may have got a little caught up in it haha!

  • I just bought a "smart" lamp. build quality and LED light is very general as a $5 quality. request a 5V/3A input. LED output is 3W. the wireless charger output is not mentioned in the manual. but it works for my iphone.

  • How do you guys get the local Aus post phone number ? I googled it but only get 13 number. Rang the 13 number and they said they have 11 in distribution site, but they said the price won't be $5, most probably $19.95. Anyone try to ask local Post Office to send internally to another branch ?

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