[Unobtainable Deal] Womens Nike/Adidas Joggers $10 + $6 Delivery @ JD Sports

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Hi all,

Some Women Nike / Adidas Joggers available for $10 + $6 shipping

(XS unvailable at time of posting)

(size 12/16 unvailable at time of posting)

Sizes Available Now
Nike: S, M, L, XL
Adidas: 4, 6

Mod 10/6: From comments, it appears that all orders were cancelled/refunded. Moved to the forums.

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    Sweet! Just bought a pair for the GF and hoping I can fit into an XL hahah

  • Thanks, picked up a couple of pairs!

    • Order was cancelled by vendor and refund issued.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Missed out on pairs for myself earlier but happy the GF got some.

  • Says unable to add to cart. I am guessing OOS?

    • +1

      updated post with size availability now

  • Thanks OP, wish I had seen these when I posted my deal earlier I would have saved doubling up on shipping :( Oh well still a great price.

  • +10

    Since when are trakkydaks called joggers? Joggers are what you call sneakers in my world. Okay, it does get a bit confusing when runners can mean both shoes and also under netball skirt bloomers/knickers/scungies.

    • It is from the page for the Nike item: Nike Trends Swoosh Joggers Womens

    • +3

      Was confused as well, wonder where the origin joggers comes from? UK thing or something

      • It's def a UK thing. And they wear these everywhere…

  • cant add any items to the cart

    • Try another browser, I had issues with Firefox

  • 8% cashback on CR too

    • +9

      No time to use CR

    • +1

      Pretty sure it's only 3.5% as these are sale items.

  • 4 and 6 in black still available so not sold out.

  • Bought a couple of the largest sizes of both to try on. If too small or awkward there is always my Mum and sister's.

  • Shows in stock and you get all the way to payment then it says out of stock.

    • same issue

      • Same here. Just kept deleting items until I was left with two items which where in stock and I was able to check out.

  • lucky i got one

  • That went quick!

  • awesome first ugg, now joggers
    she will have Christmas in June! :)

  • You cant get to checkout without stuff going out of stock. Frustrating.

  • Thanks OP!

  • everything gone :(( went so damn fast, it says things are in stock until you get to payment

  • OZZZZZZZZZZbargained!

  • Yep very annoying, doesn't tell you which item is out of stock when you're in the cart

  • +3

    Managed to grab a few pairs but not feeling optimistic, fully expecting the order to be cancelled and refunded lol.

  • +1

    Have 4 items in cart, says OOS at checkout. How do I know which one is OOS?

    • Under each item in question it had red writing with something like 'this item is no longer available' or words to that effect. If it is in stock, it will say 'In stock' in green, under the sizing of that item in the checkout screen.

  • Got one M. Thanks

  • OOOF just got some! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Seems like size small nike is OOS. Got 2 pair of size 6 adidas for the misso. Having nike in cart was stopping me check out. Thanks OP

    EDIT: D'oh! Just realised it was US sizing. So the 6 is more like a 10 AUS. Ah well, at least they're just trackies.

  • bought 2 for missus… nice! thanks OP

  • Can't check out, this is sh1t

  • US11 gone while checking out for the Nike Quest 3

  • When you've got multiple items in the cart and it says 1 is OOS, how tf do you work out which one it is? They all say in stock

    • +1

      same, bad site

  • +3

    This is still in stock: adidas Originals 3-Stripes Linear Poly Pants


  • Got one nike medium for the misses, nike small size out of stock.

  • Finally managed to get thru the checkout after fighting it for 15 mins or so. Kept telling me something was OOS but went thru with everything.
    2 pairs Adidas (10 and 12) for the kids to fight over and a M Nike… hopefully it's not a really long fit. $230 "saving"
    Thanks OP

  • +1

    I believe JD has crashed… Can't add anything to the cart even though shows in stock.

    • Exactly, tried to call them but they are crashed too

  • Adidas size 4 was available but 6 was OOS

  • +4

    What a useless site, fails as checkout saying OOS, and the size I want is still in stock.

    • Push through. I tried about 5 times and it worked

  • Lol sites broken real good now. Can't even get redirected to the homepage any more 😂

  • +1

    Anyone experience the price issue? Price tag is $10 and changes to original price in the cart?

    • I got a pair of the Nike and 2 X Adidas pairs for $36 delivered

  • -3

    Thanks op, didn't manage to get these but bought 9 of another pair that were $10 each.

    • +1

      Do not worry cancellation emails are on the way.

      • Just got one.

  • Couldn't check out with multiple items even though there was stock. Then placed 2 separate orders 3 times with issues and it finally went through. I had to pay double shipping unnecessarily, not sure if JD will refund shipping, contacted them via email as phone support is unavailable.

    • Yes, had same issue. So rather paying additional
      $6 shipping than missing out a good bargain.

  • +1

    Thanks op, great deal! Even if jd site crashed…

  • Order processed at 3pm but got the notice for refund on the entire order.

    • +1

      my order was cancelled too, poor form


  • +8

    2 orders cancelled. Never shopping JD again - they might as well pack up their Australian operation and stick to the UK.

    Their order cancellation is extremely high and website UX and stocktake is horrible. And zero customer service - not even an apology or a giftcard of any sort after all their clickbait. Bye bye JD. And I'll say it once more: Never Again!

    • +1

      same here, my first and last time

  • +1

    Cancelled as well.
    The comments on productreview were correct after all.

  • Cancelled

  • Just received cancellation and refund email.

  • Haven’t received cancellation or refund email yet. Paid with credit card… wonder if it makes a difference?

    • yes it will take up to 5 business days for a credit card refund, for paypal it's instant. lol

  • Cancelled :/

  • Did anyone’s order NOT get cancelled? I ordered within minutes of the deal being posted and my order was still cancelled.

    • Mines not yet cancelled, ordered 3pm

  • cancelled, refund received.
    ordered at 2pm

  • +8

    Cancelled as well.

    I will post a negative review about them wherever I can.

    It wasn't their mistake or anything like this. They lower the price in purpose. I don't give a shit, they can go to Nike shop and buy these Joggers and send them to my address.

  • Cancelled

  • I still didn't receive cancel order yet. But i paid by afterpay. If they cancel wonder will i get money back through afterpay? Thanks

    • yes you will

  • +3

    Order cancelled. JD you lost your credibility(if any).

  • Cancelled. You suck JD.

  • +1

    order cancelled, no apology even. I will be negating all future JDS ozb posts whenever i see one.

  • Order cancelled, bummer.

  • Order cancelled :(

  • Cancelled. Cancel JD to be honest.

  • +3

    Order cancelled and email has seems to have no regrets and no reason mentioned. JD will loose a customer now

  • Only had one order cancelled but not the other. Hopefully the second one gets sent.

    But pretty bad of them to not mention a reason even though they mention to read below to find out why..

    • Ok nope first order got cancelled half hour ago

  • Made an order at 3pm! I haven’t received a cancellation email yet but when I go to Track Your Order it doesn’t show the items or allow you to track. Is that normal for others who got a refund? Not a good feeling…

  • 2 orders cancelled

  • 3 orders all got cancelled.

  • Not the first time this online shop cancelled my orders. Happened once could be bad luck but twice is JD tactic luring customers to check out their site. Will not trust these crazy sales from this shop in the future.

  • All orders got cancelled

  • No email received but JD App showed order and ACCEPTED earlier this evening, but now just says PLACED. Items I also purchased are no longer on their site

  • Got a refund as well.

  • +2

    Just got the refund.. what a joke

  • Also in the cancelled camp

  • Cancelled. Is this a joke?

  • +1

    JD are an absolute joke!

  • +15

    I'd vote for JD to be banned on OzBargain!

    • yes, I would too

  • +2

    This company is a piece of shit, purchased the item within 30 minutes of when the deal was posted, no mention of what happend price error / stock…

    There was plenty of stock when i bought, all items was in stock.