This was posted 7 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Large Big Mac Meal for New Uber Pass Members @ McDonald's via Uber Eats


Become an Uber Pass member and unlock a Free Large Big Mac meal!

Per comments below, this is working for some members who recently signed up - if you sign up today, you may need to wait a day or so until this is available to you.

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  • Didn't work for me, could be targeted, or could also be that i activated the pass before the code

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    Oops, you're not eligible for this promotion.

    Story of my life with ubereats

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      Same, haven't had a promo code work since October last year.

      • My advice is stop using it for a little while. Use Deliveroo or just cook a few meals. They'll start pinning for you! Well, that worked for me anyway.

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    Didn't work for me either, new Uber pass subscription 2 week trial.

  • Didn't work too.

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    worked for me! thanks op. I was already a uber pass member

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    how to activate uber pass?

    I read this article:

    But it's not showing up in my uber app..?

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    Intriguing! Thanks for checking all.

    Did you sign up after seeing this post, or were you a recent member already?

    • I signed up for the ubereats pass 2 week trial just then, and then used the code (not eligible though)

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        Same here, just activated trial and tried this code, didn't work

        • Looks like it doesn't work for new sign ups to Ubereats Pass

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      I got a big mac meal and nuggets delivered for total $2.66. That makes me moist.

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    Worked for me, signed up a week ago for the trial and added the promo.

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    I signed up for a trial just under two weeks ago, and I applied the coupon with no issues.

    It actually stated $20 off the meal.

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    Email sent by Uber but code says your not eligible for this promo.

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    Worked for me; I'm a current Uber Pass member. Thanks, OP!

    ETA: I added in a double cheeseburger to get free delivery. (As said above, it was a voucher for $20.)

  • Worked for me thanks OP

  • Worked for me. Signed up a week and a half ago. It is a simple $20, no min spend coupon.

  • Thanks worked for me.. got the $20 coupon & free delivery as well.

  • Thanks, worked for me on anything for $20 off at Macca's

  • Signed up 2.5 weeks ago, no go with me. QLD

  • Renewed it yesterday. $20 off the total for me!

  • Uber pass doesn't even show up in my app, anyone else had this issue?

    • Yeah not showing as an option to join on mine and I’m updated.

      • Weird, my housemate has access to it and their app isn't even the latest version

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    Not Elligible :(


  • Oops, you're not eligible for this promotion.

  • How does one sign up for Uber pass? It’s not showing up on my app…

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    About time. Today is the last day of my free trail. Got the code and it worked.

  • Trial member here. Worked for me.

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    Uber pass is just a joke
    Thought by paying the membership it comes with free delivery
    Then found out that apart from delivery fee they are still charging a service fee, so what’s the point of the free delivery

    • So leave and join door dash

    • Yep not worth it at all. Menulog and Deliveroo are giving free delivery all the time, why pay a subscription to Uber eats? I don’t even use them anymore since they brought in service fees.

      • Indeed…. and the total fee has actually increased for me (without Uber Pass)
        previously ordering from nearby stores cost me only $3.99 delivery fee

        Now with the new service fee model
        ordering from the same store cost me delivery fee ($0.99) + service fee ($3.99)
        the Uber Pass that cost $14.99/m just save me $0.99 each time…..and I am paying the same final cost ($3.99)

    • Also the 20$ minimum spend

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    For those who joined the trial membership
    Remember to turn off auto-renew after joining
    Membership will still last for till the end of 2 weeks (similar to ebay plus trial)

  • Has anyone joined just now and code works ?

  • Works for me, I joined uber pass a few days ago and made a large order just after joining. Auto renew turned off as soon as I joined.

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    Do we have a consensus here, if u just join and try the code it doesn’t work, so if you wait a few days after joining it’s more likely to work??

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      Joined after seeing this Deal. Tried code many times over last 3 days - no luck.

    • it worked for me today. signed up to the free trial, applied code right after and worked!

      before the free trial, it said “oops you’re not eligible”

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      Nope. Signed up for the trial and almost a week later it continues to say not eligible.

  • How do I become an Uber pass member? I haven't used Uber Eats before and can't seem to find out how to sign up for an Uber pass.

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      You first need to be a Uber / Uber Eats user
      then after login in the Uber Eats app, you subscribe for Uber pass

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        Yeah I just signed up and logged into the app but can't find the option to subscribe for Uber pass.

    • not comming on my app either

  • why does no mcdonald shops pop up app on my app anymore?

  • ref New Uber Pass Members . is there free trial? do you get $20 free grocery's per month for 3 months still?

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      looks like a rotating offer, now is spending $30 on groceries get $20 back, but looks like groceries are on the pricey side


  • just activated free trial and code worked! fyi, before the free trial, it said “oops you’re not eligible”

    also got a $20 off $30 spend for groceries.

    thnx op :-)

    • :) got a mcvalue box for $6.29.

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    I got a promo from McDoanlds for this, and it worked on an unrelated UberEats account with a different email. Must be for all new uber pass members if that's the case.

    • I got this too. Tried it today but it says code had expired.

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