Which Do You Prefer? Chips, Wedges or Gems

Nominate you favourite potato side out of these three. Thanks for voting.

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  • +27

    beer battered steak cut chips…

    • Perfect.

    • my absolute fave! they never put enough beer into it so I'm finding myself having to make a thin beer / flour mix to do a second coating - can't beat them!

    • oooooooooooo yeaa

  • +22

    what, no mash?

    • +2

      Because I forgot that it exists. Haven't had it in years. Sorry

      • +4

        Had steak and mash last night, buttery goodness

      • +18

        What, Hash Browns not mentioned?

        • Uhhh. Had a $1 one at Macca's last week and forgot.

      • There is so many side dishes you can make out of potatoes, so don't worry too much about it.

    • +1

      Waffle Fries!

  • +1

    French fries.

  • +4

    No ‘all of the above + mash’ for the Irish OzB members?

  • +4

    Waffle fries for sauce dipping and a side of mash potato.

  • +1

    If I was on Death Row and was given my final order, I'd probably go with Chips + Chicken salt.

    • +2

      & gravy.

  • Chips air fryed

    • Pre deep fried store purchased or hand cut?

    • They're better than deep fried?
      Or just due to health reasons?

  • +11

    Where is the potato scallops option?

  • I love the gems at pizza hut. Last night I tried the woolworths home btand but didnt quite like the, what are the best ones?

    • +2

      The Woolworths one come out fantastically in the air fryer (20 minutes at 200 degrees).

      • +1

        Aldi's are also OK. To make them crisper and less greasy, we put them on a grill over the tray when baking.

  • +8

    Curly Fries.

    • +1

      Spiral/twister potato.

  • +3


    Tots or gems for me

  • +3

    wedges with skin on for that extra fiber

  • +5

    Potato Gems when done right though (Y)
    Potato is such a versatile vegetable i love it in any form it arrives on my plate in

    • +3

      I especially like it's liquid form.

    • Yep you can make Vodka from potato's

      So a friend told me ")

    • Brings back childhood memories of getting potato gems with chicken salt from the chicken shop.

      • Never heard of this brilliant combination. What else can you share from the future?

        • Well this was in Mount Hutton back in the 90s and early 00s. So if anything it's still 20 years in the past.

    • -1

      KFC literally the worst.

      • The evidence (the survey linked) says different.

        • This votes were submitted ironically obviously.

  • Yes

  • +6

    If you are buying from the supermarket frozen food section - Gems. Gotta over cook them, grab plenty of different sauces, salt the bejeezus out of them.

    Then pray your body can cope an hour later.

    • I do cheese, jalapenos and diced cooked bacon/onion "salsa" with ranch. Animal style.

  • +3

    Hot Bandito wedges or bust.

  • +6

    Wedges with sour cream and some sweet chilli, can't go wrong.

    • +1

      Or US BBQ sauce, and melted cheese!

  • Gems

    I'll have you know they're called Potato Beans.

    • never seen any supermarket packaging with that name.

  • +1

    Voted wedges but it’s very dependent on the quality/type of chip or wedge. I would have voted chips if we were talking about the chunky potentially beer battered variety with some sort of tasty seasoning. Got these earlier in the week when they were half price and they were as described ‘delish’ https://shop.coles.com.au/a/fairfield/product/mccains-delish...

    Sweet potato fries - home made in the airfryer are a winner with the toddler and apparently count as a serve of veg.

    Favourite deep/air fried potato side overall for me would be hash brown

  • +1

    I had to google what gems were, eaten them lots of times just didn't know what they were called.

    Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream is the best way to eat potatoes!

    • Have you ever tried hickory bbq sauce, heated before dipping your fries in?

      You might just change your mind about eating wedges

      • +1

        Dipping fries in heated hickory BBQ sauce? I will give it a try!

      • +1

        Dip anything into that stuff and it'll taste great.

  • Proper chuncky chips with chicken salt!

  • +1

    Potato gems with chicken salt and gravy

  • +5

    Anything that doesn’t require the box to be squeezed to make it look full.

  • +1

    I like both wedges and beer battered chips. :)

  • +1

    Aldi have some nice skin on fries

  • +1

    Depends on the quality of the chips or wedges. I would go for high quality chips (actually crunchy, seasoned well, etc.) over standard wedges any day, vice versa.

    But potato gems overall because I have them so rarely.

  • +1

    Depends on my mood and what sauces are available

  • "chips" is a terrible option - there should be a multitude of chips options - french fries, thick cut, skin on, waffle etc.

    • +1

      At the end of the day they are all varieties of "chips". The list would have been huge.

  • +1

    haven't had a baked potato with sour cream in ages.

    steak cut fries with rosemary salt.
    French fries with garlic and truffle aioli
    mash potato and gravy
    crinkle cut chips with salt and malt vinegar
    thick chips in chicken salt wrapped in in butchers paper.
    duck fat roasted potato gems.
    wedges skin on with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce

    ohh the list is endless

    • +1

      Triple cooked duck fat potato chunks. Yumm.

  • +2

    Whatever is the cheapest

  • My fat fingers hit Wedges instead of Chips.
    Time to lay off the chips….

  • I had some woolies gems with aioli the other night.. it was actually great.

  • ALL THREE!! :D~~

  • The king of vegetables!!!

  • +3

    Don’t forget Pommes.

  • +1

    Waffle fries, curly fries, gems, mash, hash brown

  • +2

    sweet potato fry

  • +2

    Rösti - Premium German Style Hash Brown - Aldi Special "Oktoberfest", once a year

  • +2

    All of them + Mash and Hash Browns

    • Agreed hash browns. Hard to prepare them wrong

  • My crispy skin twice cooked roasted in garlic & olive oil potatoes + sweet potato sometimes with pumpkin.

    par boil then roast @ 250c with salt + garlic in olive oil in the turbo oven for ~35mins

    • Awesome

    • my oven can only be dialed up to 230

  • Chips from freshly cut potatoes, not the frozen ones which everywhere seems to do. But, can't seem to find anywhere that does them.

  • I'm somewhat shocked at the popularity of the thread :O but for what it's worth wedges ftw

    Can hardly believe 20% of voters prefer gems, rigged poll?

    • +1

      This poll should really be taken with a grain of salt 🙂

  • I don't know where to begin, all the items missing or creating a list of favs. I'm just gunna start upvoting everyone (except the french fries guy).

  • I forgot gems existed until I saw your question. They're criminally underrated and now I want some

    • +1

      Get to Aldi now (they call them Jewels). Preheat oven to 220, 25 minutes later and some salt. Heaven.

      • All of that except get to Coles.

      • +1

        My air fryer might as well be called a potato jewel fryer.

  • I've read that there is a chip shortage happening right now. Better load up I guess?

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