Best Value Credit Card - Highest Reward / Cashback Vs Annual Fee

Hi All,

Hoping to seek your guidance on the best value credit card for 2021.

Whilst this can vary between people ideally I’d like to see what people are using currently - including a rough breakdown for fees vs benefit per$.

Currently I am using the Essential Credit Card from Amex with 0.5% back in points and a $0 annual fee.

Thinking about switching to a separate financial provider due to the limitations with Amex.

Any information will be helpful!



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    I've been using the Kogan Money Black Credit Card. You can check the website for more details.

    ** All their rewards are added as credits in Kogan and can be used only to purchase items from their website.

    Only one drawback - The card cannot be added to Samsung Pay or Google Pay yet. Can only be used with Apple Pay

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      All their rewards are added as credits in Kogan and can be used only to purchase items from their website.

      This is the major drawback, not no Google pay.

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        1% back is the highest among all 0 fee cards. Even you value 20% less, still 0.8% back.

        Hardly any 0.5% back card among 0 fee cards.

        The truth is most people will only earn $100 to $200 Kogan cash a year to spend, which is a small amount.


      Thanks Arjun - I’ll take a look (however I’ve never purchased from Kogan haha 😂)

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        was the same with me.. but once I started getting credits I bought a lot of stuff like Monitor, Monitor Stand, Tablet, Webcam.. all from the credit earned..
        most of the other cards may have reward stores, but might have limited options to purchase.

        with the Kogan Card you also get Kogan First membership which gives shipping free for most items..


          And its free for life isnt it? Not many reward paying free for life cards out there IIRC.

          edit: confirmed, it is free for life.


      No such drawback if you know how to Zip/Bundll with Kogan. I never carry it in my wallet but use it indirectly all the time.

      You can always repay Zip/Bundll in whole dollars on Kogan, without losing points in a situation like "90 cents spent, 0 point earned".


      This is actually a decent card. 1c Point value and $400 Kogan credit for no fee is nice.

      How is there admin interface - easy to set up a monthly auto-pay from your bank account?


    2% cash back on purchases (not inc utility bills) and zero fees. Upgrade to a higher tier and get more % cashback.

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    you're welcome

    $800 back for $2000 spend
    or 40% off everything you buy


    For me Kogan credit card is the best.

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      Gee I hope it isnt a relevant username!