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Up to 40% off Coffee Sale + Delivery ($0 with $40 Spend) @ Normcore Coffee


It's Normcore Coffee's 5th Birthday this month!
To celebrate the entire birth month, we are offering a huge discount of up to 40% that is applied to all the blend coffees, specialty single origins, capsule coffees and some selected merchandise.

No coupon code is needed. The price is already applied.
This event is run until 30th June.

Example: Damn Good Blend 250g $9, was $15

Also, we will release some new coffees every single week!

Enjoy the Damn Good Coffee!

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  • Hey Op,

    What's the roast date on these?

    • hey! We roast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
      So, the coffee you get would be 7-8 days old the oldest (depending on the delivery).
      Usually, people get the beans that are around 5 days.

      • Thanks OP,

        From the perspective of someone who has never tried your coffee, most I've seen single origin go for on here is around the $30 mark delivered. I think the cheapest your coffee is after promo is $36 kg + $11 delivery (and that's for a blend).

        With the above in mind am I missing something that should make me think this is a good deal??

        • Don't worry, free delivery applied to orders over $40! ;)

          • @normcorecoffee: So provided its under $40, the price of $47 still stands?

            • @woahxd: Yes, but got a huge discount already? 😂

              • -2

                @normcorecoffee: Genuinely looking for a reason to try but you haven't answered my question. And for someone who is on the fence I am not prepared to commit to spending close to $50 on coffee I may or may not like.

                Will sit back and wait for more OzB reviews before I make up my mind I think

  • Beans at Normcore are always fresh. I'm not a huge fan of their blends but their single origins are fantastic!

    • Thanks for the words!

  • The DG Blend became my go to over the last year. Always fresh, great flavour. Give them a go!

  • +1

    Great cafe

  • I’ve ordered from Normcore lots of times and really like their blends for milk based coffees. DG Blend is my favourite. In my opinion, much better than Inglewood, Lime Blue, Grand Cru, etc

    • +1

      Oh, thanks for the words!

  • Hey OP! Does this apply to 1KG as well? I was trying to buy 1KG of this one, but it still shows the full price.


    • Yes, you can order 1kg bag or 4 of 250g bags this time. The same price.

    • I noticed the "was" price doesn't appear but it is indeed discounted as it is 4x the 250g discounted price.

      • Yes, you're right. It's all discounted price now.

  • prob my fav cafe in Sydney cbd !
    I only have capsule at home, so I might consider giving your capsules a go.. haven’t had any luck/success with the non metallic capsules from other suppliers

  • Hi OP, do you have any suggestions for aeropress black coffee for either blend or single origin?

    • +1

      I would love to recommend single origin beans, especially Ethiopian or Kenyan.

      • Last year (mid last year) you guys had a single origin which had a Bergamot flavour to it, is that coming back anytime soon? That was a seriously good single origin

        • Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find out that great coffee. But we have other exotic coffees instead!

  • OP. Can I pick up an order instead or just buy direct from one of your cafes? Cheers.

    • Hello! There's an instore-pickup option available as well as the free delivery of over $40 orders. Also, you can buy beans from the cafes, but the promotion is online only.

  • Are you guys running the discount special in store, just seems easier to pick up on the way to the office from Wynyard?

    • Hey! No, it's not. The special birth-month promotion is only running on the online store. But you may want to order beans online and pick them up from the Town Hall store. (The Wynyard store does not offer in-store pick-up as the space is very tiny.)

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