Should Covid Rule Breakers Be Named and Shamed?

COVID Rule breakers

  • should offenders of this type be named and shamed?
  • will it deter people from flouting rules if people were made an example of?
  • do you think a fine is enough punishment?

as a caveat, seeing that a proportionately high number people are voting NO.
would this sway your decision.

if you or your business was directly affected by this particular rule breaker, would you still vote NO. ?

if your family got seriously ill from this rule breaker ?
if your local area is locked down if an outbreak occurred because they traveled to your area. and your small business needed to close for a week or 2?

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  • 412
    Yes, photos of offenders should be published
  • 420
    No, their privacy should be respected


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      Speak for yourself mate, my family and everyone in my friends circle take it very seriously and never got complacent.

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        Haha if you're telling me you checked-in to every single place you went you must be delusional. Most people didn't bother checking in at all and I'm sure even if you did check-in at some places you would have missed other places like supermarkets that never enforced it until now.

        I took it seriously but there's no way I can say I checked-into every place I went. We're all responsible for that happening at a wide scale.

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          Haha if you're telling me you checked-in to every single place you went you must be delusional

          I certainly have as has my wife, what sort of pathetic twat doesn't? it takes all of 5 seconds.

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    While there needs to be some form of punishment for this atrocious behavior, it also needs to ensure you dont bankrupt a family.

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      If families are bankrupted as a result of their action they need to join the club. However, no one else seems harmed at this point so maybe coming forward early and being tested will reduce that chance.

  • Look whats happening in the AFL, they have special treatment and they still dont wear masks properly (Crows last week) and hold parties in lockdown.
    If a bogan making 200k a year is immune from any decent type of punishment, how will they do it for us?

    • If by us, you mean if you're poor, they'll leak your name and home for shaming already.

    • Of course they get special exemptions as they not only provide entertainment joy to OZ but more importantly those bored in lockdown .

    • If they caused damage to others through their action their legal teams would be in a hurry to settle out of court and prevent further scrutiny of our sports heroes. We are unlikely to ever hear about it because of nondisclosure terms in any settlement.

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    So many people break the rules - just because one couple or whatever was unlucky enough to catch doesn't mean they should be completely villified.

    Go outside in Victoria and count how many people don't have masks on properly, or aren't wearing them outside at all.

    It's just human nature - and sometimes people are just doing dumb shit, sometimes it's completely legal and fine. But you also have to realise lockdown is absolutely shit and really stuffs with you - so I completely understand why people would want to lie and escape it as best they can. It's easy if you're in QLD on an armchair and don't have to deal with it at all.

  • There should be a level of accountability if one breaks the rules.
    How can we make them accountable?

  • no they shouldn't be named and shamed, but they should be fined and punished.

    Mandatory self funded quarantine
    sent straight home when they finish quarantine
    $10k fine each for deliberately breaking restrictions and avoiding authorities
    and mandatory self funded quarantine when they get back to Victoria

    this wasn't somebody accidentally breaking the law, this was deliberate and premeditated
    It has but a whole region at risk - health and businesses could suffer

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    What's with the edit with thoughts on how it might sway the poll voting decision?
    Defeats the purpose of the original poll and capturing people's initial thoughts.

    • You mean people are sheep . ?
      Your are not far wrong .

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    yeah it worked with pirates

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    Of course [sarcasm], because you can rely upon the public to do the right thing.

    I'd prefer to leave it to the professionals to handle their punishment.

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    If people are shamed/punished, they need to be fair and do it to all, not picking and choosing based on class, race or age.

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    Daily occurrence at a pharmacy unfortunately…. Comes in looking for cold and flu meds, when you ask them whether they've been tested for Covid, answer is always "Oh, no, I don't have Covid"…..

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    This question is set up in such a way as to elicit some emotional response for people to pick "Yes".

    Firstly, what is meant by "COVID rule breakers" - it could mean anything from someone who forgot to bring a mask on their morning walk at 6am where they encountered literally zero people to someone who is a confirmed positive case breaking their own home quarantine to go out and get a coffee.

    Whilst we're at it, let's also completely ignore the fact that what you are proposing is to "name and shame" people who allegedly have broken rules. Until a person accepts a charge (i.e. pays a fine) or is found guilty in court, they are still innocent. This is an extremely dangerous game to play - the assumption that whoever is doing the "naming and shaming" will always get it right is completely unfounded, and the possibility that innocent people are harmed is real.

    To be honest, your post just reads like ramblings of someone who hasn't taken any time to actually think through what they're saying and who hasn't spent the time to consider the net effects of whatever it is that they are proposing.

    It also just reeks of this medieval view of justice that somehow the harsher and crueler the punishment, the less crime there will be. The unfortunate truth is that policies around crime are usually set by people who don't understand why crime happens and assumes that criminality is a moral, not a societal, issue. Oftentimes, policies which target crime in this hardheaded manner leads to there being more crime, not less.

    There's plenty of research which shows that for petty crimes, deterrence is not based on the severity of the punishment, but rather, on the probability of getting caught.

  • You would feel different if one of the rule breakers infected your mum and she almost died because of it. Lets go for attempted murder charges.

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      Do you take the same attitude with those who have died from the injection? Thinkk were up to around 240 in Australia this year as opposed to 1 person who has allegedly died from the covaids itself.

      • Thinkk were up to around 240 in Australia

        Please show your working…..

        • They've just grabbed the total number of people who have been vaccinated and have died. They conveniently skipped over the bit about how that's less people than they expected to die in that population normally.

          I'd be willing to bet that even though the restrictions are the reason more people haven't had COVID and therefore haven't died from COVID, they're also against the restrictions being in place.

          It's a similar kind of thinking, or lack thereof, as the people who think the restrictions are to prevent the 910 COVID deaths we had and therefore unnecessary, but if we'd ended up like the US and the UK we'd have had tens of thousands of deaths, those are the ones the restrictions prevent, the 910 die either way (or potentially not with increased restrictions). I didn't look into other countries, but the excess deaths (number of people who died above the expected number of deaths) were very close to the number of COVID deaths.

          Although I think actually the above person is a conspiracy theorist anyway so there's not really any point in mentioning any of this to them or anything else, because anything that doesn't support their point is made up, but it is completely true if it supports their point (leaving out important details that don't).

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    They even named and shamed the BBQ guy that didn't break any rules. The media can not be trusted. Neither can the social media mob. There should be greater protections for people's privacy, and more consequences for breaching said privacy.

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    Incomes of people that insist on being little dictators about covid rules should be garnished to pay incentives for people hesitant on vaccination.

    Want to strut around moralising at strangers? Put your money where your mouth is. Pay me.

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    I suspect the reason the media hasn’t named and shamed them is that they either don’t have their names or they are scared of defamation, since there is still speculation about whether they actually broke the law, ie did or didn’t have an exemption.

    The gov likely won’t name and shame as that’s not part of the normal justice process for similar offences e.g. drink driving. They will also be worried about defamation. The nurses union was threatening to sue last year about information released about that nurse in Blackwater, QLD.

    Consider also, that this couple are one of probably 100s if not 1000s who have crossed the border ‘illegally’ into qld for this particular outbreak. It’s somewhat understandable when if you’re a Queensland resident wanting to come home, if you announce yourself you have to pay $3000-4000 for hotel quarantine, as well of running the risk of catching covid from an overseas traveller whilst you’re in there. An option to be tested and quarantine at home would most likely encourage more people to do the right thing.

  • Murdoch media already answered that: only if they’re not middle-aged white Australians! :)

  • Pro of doing it is that it may make some people think twice and get more people to pay attention to the covid rules, etc.

    Con is that those who are adamant about breaking the rules will still do it… it'll deter people from coming forward if they start developing symptions, and

    IMHO, naming and shaming is the wrong thing to focus on. They need better border control and record keeping of everyone who crosses a border. Surely they can use the same technology as the cameras and tags used for tolls to keep track of vehicle movements across borders at the very least.

  • Looks like they are going to 'Cop It'
    A Melbourne couple who left lockdown and travelled through NSW and Queensland before being diagnosed with Covid-19 could be facing punishment from three states, with jail time even on the cards.

    • PM me if the jail time actually happens. spoiler: it didnt happen last time. one got community service, one got off completely, and the other seems to have disappeared into the void

  • Yes more oppression and fear thank you

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    Remember the Nebuliser guy who was blamed for the 5 day lock down in Melbourne earlier in the year?

    What if he was named and shamed? There was a lot of people out for his blood. Turns out he was innocent, and it was just another hotel quarantine bungle

    Penalties should be given to those that break the law, but not through the public court of opinion.

    • +2

      Exactly. OP is looking to incite a mob, on the internet.

      With incomplete information, mobs run a high risk of "convicting" the wrong person and ruining perfectly innocent people's lives.

      And even if they get the identity right, it only takes one numpty to take it too far.

      And then what? Does it feel good to get your revenge? Did it cure your infection? Did it re-open your business?

      Grow up OP. Focus on looking after those around you and leave the punishment to the courts.

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    Whilst it's disgraceful and irresponsible what some people have done, do all petty criminals and rule breakers get publicly shamed? No they don't.

    • -1

      They should. It’s a strong disincentive.

      • +1

        So is an appropriate punishment. Shaming and allowing the public to respond (take revenge) is not how justice works.

        I presume you occasionally go over the speed limit right, or forget to indicate, or just get through as the lights going red… No biggy…..but according to the government, speeding is also a major cause of death and injury. I think you should be publicly shamed whenever you go over the speed limit because you are risking lives…..see where it's going?

        • no, ur wrong. speeding is definitely not a major cause of death /s

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    No, it will only discourage people coming forward and they are needed to tell health authorities their movements throughout the community to track and trace exposure.

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    We haven't had a good burning at the stake for a while.

  • +2

    This baffles me. Why do people love gettin the pitch forks out? Do we publically name and shame those that steal, or commit any sort of crime? Is there a section in every newspaper "everyone that stole a car today" ? no because that promotes vigilantism.

    The fines should be proportionate for those that break the rules on purpose.

    But then again if the federal gov got their finger out of their ass and stopped attending the hillsong cult, we wouldn't be in this situation :)

  • Linked article talks about MELB couple who went to QLD.

    They didn’t break any rules.

    This is your answer. 45%+ of respondents want to name and shame cos they are angry at things. But are they even correct?

  • …only if they're a certain colour apparently.

  • if your family got seriously ill from this rule breaker ?
    if your local area is locked down if an outbreak occurred because they traveled to your area. and your small business needed to close for a week or 2?

    I'm so confused. If I know their names what do I then get out of it?

    They will be named in court once there is a brief of evidence and a statement of facts to report on. This is presented only once the police investigation is complete. We have seen time and time again reporters getting things wrong when Police and the media publish on the fly.

    Take a look at the case of Lloyd Rayney. Cost the state millions for naming him and saying 4 words - "prime and only suspect".

    1. No, because it discourages people from coming forward for testing and being truthful about where they have been.
  • +1

    This is a pretty bad poll.
    Like others I'm in the middle: don't name and shame but put penalties on the most flagrant of offenders.

    The fact that people think this latest couple did nothing wrong is a bit worrying. Allowed to leave Vic cos of moving? Perhaps. But contravene interstate rules about following the same restrictions has no defence. Not to mention how much they were clearly taking the mickey out of the rules. Coming from a hotspot, oh yeah just stop by the pub for a piss up and sit inside a movie theatre for a few hours … will be a lucky escape if they didn't infect anyone. Saying they got tested is like claiming those Qld girls before would have gotten tested out of the goodness for the community, instead of the fact one of them was cornered into it cos she got sick enough.

    Last I checked police don't go nice on other law breakers in some vain attempt to get information out of them. Yet we have to pander to people who do this? How about be honest with investigators and they won't go hard on you…

  • +1

    Im not gonna touch this with a 10 for pole, just let it go corona is endemic it will always be here it will always come back

  • According to the media, the answer is 'only if they aren't white Australians'.

  • +2

    As someone who works in public health, I would say that it is incredibly tempting to want to name and shame people, and I get as angry as you when people break the rules and affect other people. However, the evidence generally shows that shaming people is more harmful than helpful.

    Does shaming have a place in public health?

    Queensland’s coronavirus controversy: past pandemics show us public shaming could harm public health

    From the second link:

    "Importantly, there’s compelling evidence public shaming is an ineffective tool to encourage compliance with public health orders and restrictions. Extensive research into the stigma experienced by people living with HIV/AIDS has found this stigmatisation reduces the likelihood a person with the disease will seek a test, diagnosis or health care. Similarly, studies on the Ebola epidemic found stigma associated with the virus led people in affected communities to delay seeking treatment. Public shaming also contributed to significant psychological distress for people exposed to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Public shaming of those who spread COVID-19 may feel cathartic in a time of collective anxiety, but the consequences can be serious. Ultimately, members of our community may become reticent or afraid to be tested — especially already marginalised groups."

    At the end of the day, if someone breaks the rules and then gets symptoms, you don't want them to feel that getting tested might ruin their life. And if people test positive to COVID, you want them to be as honest as possible with contact tracers etc about where they've been and what they've done. If they think they're going to end up on the front page of the Sun, they're not going to be honest.

  • Named and shamed? What does that do?

    Round those vermins up and put them into camps, that'd teach them how to go against establishment.

  • +1

    The public support behind naming and shaming, which would undoubtedly lead to more punishment than what the law would otherwise bestow, is actually scary. Why would half of you support this??

    • +1

      I think that a lot of people, particularly those in Victoria, who are doing the right things, get really angry that:
      - some people just ignore the restrictions
      - some people are allowed to circumvent the restrictions
      - some people appear to have immunity from penalties / restrictions
      and then we get another outbreak that brings lockdowns back.

      People will argue if lockdowns should be in place or not; largely irrelevant in my view. People with the decision-making powers make the decisions. It is like saying I don't like the speed limit on that stretch of road, so I will just ignore it.

    • +1

      Because with Covid-19 propaganda bombarding you from every hole in the wall fear became a virtue. And to be virtuous you're obliged to spread it, spread the fear.

      You want be virtuous, don't you?

  • In my travels today and seeing thousands of people at different locations only 1 person pushing his bike through a shopping centre who looked like he forgot where Woodstock ( same age for that period too ) is was not wearing a mask . The QR codes are everywhere with staff watching over most larger retailer entrances which was not happening prior to this lockdown .

  • +3

    Working in transport going through all the states mentioned regularly. Our workplace has a 90 page document on the current legislation and restrictions that gets updated on average three times a day.

    Before you hang people for “breaking the rules” better make sure you know what they are first. I’ve seen police and authorised officers in every state get it wrong more often than they’ve got it right and I have only known about changes because a team of people at work are keeping their finger on the pulse.

    Would not be surprised if the couple were checked and allowed in. I’ve seen it as recently as today in Queensland. They didn’t break any rules in Victoria - relocating was an allowable reason to travel. Could be forgiven for thinking the states were working together and cooperating with their rules, but they quite clearly aren’t.

  • +2

    We don't currently do that for other crimes and misdemeanors. Can you show me an easily accessible catalogue of names and photos of car thieves? And why should covid be any different?

  • +2

    if you or your business was directly affected by this particular rule breaker
    if your local area is locked down
    your small business needed to close for a week or 2?

    All of these are caused by overreactive government, not the coronavirus itself.

  • +1

    You can't be serious?

    In Melbourne we still have a Lockdown and an outbreak with zero new cases today.

    We still need to wear masks outside, we can't visit family or friends and many businesses are still forced shut. Victoria is absolutely shit under this current BS Lockdown

    But you wanna dob in someone who doesn't follow these ridiculous rules?

    • +1

      DH Vic government need to learn risk/reward equation best applied by NSW .

    • +1

      Well said. This.

      Victorian government is out of control.

  • +1

    Let's name and shame so we can all bully the rule breaker. Let us all grab our pitch fork, tiki torch and hang that mofo. While we are at it, might as well implement the social credit like China.

    What could go wrong? Honestly as much as I hate to be affected by the rule breaker, name and shame is not the solution.

  • +1

    $3k fine and 14 days in quarantine hotel with international arrivals would be a good enough deterent.

  • +3

    No. You bunch of commo government 'workers'.

    The court system is there for a reason - it's not trial by media or social media for that matter.

    Ask yourself did the Andrews government tie themselves in knots in an effort to find no government member responsible for the Covid quarantine breaches or the no-bid contracting an unskilled security company to manage the process - simply because they had some tenuous management links to aboriginality?

    How about robodebt - a 1.7 BILLION DOLLAR compensation, a scandal on the most vulnerable and NOT 1 PUBLIC SERVANT named, let alone sacked

    Or the 1000% overpayment for land at the Western Sydney Airport.

    No public servant is ever named - faceless, gormless stewards of society.

    If transparency is ever practiced by those who preach, things may well be different.

    • +1

      No public servant is ever named - faceless, gormless stewards of society.

      I disagree with this point. Public servants work to implement the policies of the governments of the day. Politicians are elected, public servants are not.

      In a democratic country, public servants should not be "calling the shots" and as such, are only responsible to the government of the day for implementing what they want.

      If a policy fails, it is fully the responsibility of the government of the day, not the public service. The public service does not make the decision to use hotel quarantine, they may advise, but that decision was made by the (Victorian state) government. Similarly, the public service did not make the decision on Robodebt, nor on overpaying for land for an airport.

      Those decisions are made by the government and the democratic process is that if you do not like those policies, you can vote the government out. They are who are responsible.

      For all of the things you've cited, the transparency is already there.

      • And here you have if folks - these smug quislings are not accountable or responsible for productivity or performance.

        A failure to act in the best interests of the people of Australia is a breach of trust - an subversive theft of opportunities and resources from our present and future generations.

        It is not so much the the naming and shaming BUT it's selective use of Media - the fifth estate of Government as a punitive tool outside of the requirements of evidentiary rules, presumed innocence or the right to be judged by an assembly of peers in receipt of all the evidence.

        Naming and shaming is 'policy on the run' to bully and vilify people who may be acting legally but contrary or embarrassing to the public servants.

        Personally, all for transparency for the conduct of public servants and elected officials; corrupt, criminal, dishonest, negligent, incompetent, neglect or wasteful should be reported on a public register with name, photo, salary and employment history. Failure to report on their peers & masters for any of the above suspected activities should also be placed on a public register. Why not put their salaries and benefits on a public register also.

  • Shame the Australian government first. Kazakhstan, Nepal, Zimbabwe even fricking war-wounded Palestine have got better vaccination rates than mighty Australia.

    • +1

      It's not a race…..

  • No because when they get outed, they factor that into the sentence.

  • +1

    No need of name and shame, everyone is pretty pissed off at this situation. What needs to happen is law breakers to be punished in accordance with the law and not entertained like entitled karens.

  • -1

    I support whatever causes Melbourne's inevitable collapse to happen asap

  • +2

    As much as I'd like to name and shame them, no. Naming and shaming someone in the name of public justice can go so wrong so quickly, especially when they can easily be labelled as someone who deserves to be punished.

  • +1

    What I think is alarming is the thought process with some people. Recently a day before the lockdown in Victoria, restaurants were fully booked out with some of the patrons stating 'need to make the most of freedom'. Just because officially the lockdown starts in let's say 7 hours, does that really mean it's okay to go around and socialise just like it's a normal day? It seems like common sense (just to name one) is a missing factor for some people in society.

  • EDIT.
    as a caveat, seeing that a proportionately high number people are voting NO.
    would this sway your decision.

    if you or your business was directly affected by this particular rule breaker, would you still vote NO. ?

    if your family got seriously ill from this rule breaker ?
    if your local area is locked down if an outbreak occurred because they traveled to your area. and your small business needed to close for a week or 2?

    I think it is beyond your thinking ability OP to play a few moves of chess in advance.
    You don't realize the consequences to all these examples multiplying substantially if people don't come forward . That part both State and Federal Government have been spot on .

  • 322 votes Yes
    327 votes No

    come on Yes… you can do it

  • +1

    I do think the penalties are insufficient to deter COVID douchebags.

    The fines aren’t doing anything, people can just say they have no money like the pricks they are, so that’s useless.

    There should be mandatory jail terms up to three years for deliberate sabotage like these dumb idiotic Victorians.

    At the moment it seems Melbourne is the recurring COVID capital of Australia

    There is definitely something stinky down there no doubt

  • No, I think a significant fine of between a thousand or a few thousand is appropriate enough, or a short jail time for crossing borders without quarantine or negative test result (e.g. 3 or 4 weeks which is a big longer than the length of standard quarantine for covid anyway). Although I think this is something that also needs to be judged on a case by case basis as well, as some people don't care, while others try to do the right thing for the most part.

  • Nice poll, two clear options. Black or white. Hate those messy shades of grey…

  • I detect some bias in the OP towards the yes option though. That must be the white option or the angry mob option. I always try to run the other way the angry mob is running so I'm voting the black negative no option. No, we shouldn't lynch dum people who try to escape from the police/military crackdowns.

  • No, their privacy should respected at the cost of everyone else.

  • +1

    as a caveat, seeing that a proportionately high number people are voting NO.
    would this sway your decision

    You shouldn't try to sway the vote result just because you don't agree with them.

    For transparency, I voted yes.

  • Naming and shaming is not necessary but if people are deliberately breaking rules there should be penalties, for sure.

  • No. But if they are repeat offenders, then yes.

  • +1

    There are good reasons not to:

    • In many cases it has turned out the story we hear from the government is not accurate and these people are usually far less culpable than it seems initially in the majority of cases

    • People are less likely to come forward and do the right thing eventually

    • Vigilante bullshit. There will be people who harass the families of these people who have done nothing wrong. They're not rational people and they won't take the time to make sure they have the right people. Once they find a John Smith who could be the right person, they'll take it out on them, whether it's the right people or not.

  • Most of you are certainly unaware, but two people have been in prison for two weeks now charged with incitement under the current state of emergency over the false pandemic. Nick Patterson and Paul Furlong. Here in Victoria we have political prisoners jailed for their attempts to exercise basic human rights.
    This is the slippery slope most of you shamers and namers are on. You've given up your rights and dignity in exchange of safety.
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    • +1

      political prisoners jailed for their attempts to exercise basic human rights.

      That's not why they were charged.
      And they aren't "political prisoners", they are just regular old law breakers.

      • Their crimes are peaceful protest and church service. Yep, that's what regular law breakers do.
        Besides, any political prisoner anywhere in the world is just a "regular old law breaker" in the eyes of the ruling regime.
        Good on ya for supporting the ruling regime.

        • Nick Patterson -
          "A professional cage fighter turned key figure of Melbourne’s anti-lockdown rebellion has been hit with more than 20 charges after clashing with police during heated protests over the weekend."
          "The charges include four counts of assaulting police, six counts of resisting police, three counts of intentionally causing serious injury, three counts of recklessly causing serious injury, three counts of unlawful assault, affray and two counts of breaching the chief health officer’s directions."

          so two counts of 'opposing the ruling regimes laws', the rest for playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes.

          Paul Furlong -
          "A Melbourne Christian pastor who claims Covid is a hoax"
          "Mr Furlong says he has chosen to “obey God over man” and called Covid “just a cold”."

          another case of playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes

          Just two attention seekers getting what they deserve based on my readings.

          • +1

            @SBOB: Patterson's arrest is documented on video. It was an unprovoked violent assault after Patterson complied with a "move on".
            You failed to find even an alleged crime for Mr.Furlong. He was refused bail, such a massive danger to the society he is.
            Any resistance to an authoritarian regime is a stupid game with stupid prizes.
            Any dissident is just an attention seeker.
            Keep playing it safe mate, the regime loves that.

            • @ldq:

              Keep playing it safe mate, the regime loves that.

              Damn the Man. Save the Empire!

  • +1

    Why don't we name and shame the politicians who came up with rules that's are not based on scientific evidence and the journalists who gas light us?

    Yes the sheep will down vote me but in WA, they locked down from one case. He was fully vaccinated and followed all the quarantine rules.

    • who came up with rules that's are not based on scientific evidence

      Scientific research and analysis takes time. Viruses don't have the courtesy to give you time.

  • +1

    stop being sheep and shame the both governments first. you have to wear a mask even if you are on you own in the middle of a forest and avustralia's vaccination rollout is one of the worst in the world.

    talk about these first.

  • lock them up, take their house, starve them, kill them all!!!!!!

  • Better to respect the privacy of COVID rule breakers

    Laws are made to be broken

    The more COVID the better, whether you are a “dissident” or a “sheep” it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to die first.

    God will sort everything out after that, after all the planet is overpopulated and could do with some culling - just like what is done to those animals.

  • +1

    Yes government scaremongers should be punished for their overblown reaction to CoNvid.

    Oops, misread the question. Nvm, answer still valid.

  • +3

    Lmao name and shame - you'd have to accept that the government is actually directing people to do the right thing in the first place. This is all stupid.

    The problem is the government can and has been arbitrarily setting what determines a lockdown or not - this is the apparent risk from people not following their directives which don't have any basis in "science" anyway. What does this result in? Bizarre, stupid and irrational "rules"/laws where we fine old ladies for sitting down on a park bench, or it's somehow the law to wear a mask in public when you're 100m away from any other person in Victoria. The government does the damage to people's business/mental health/way of life, sets whatever random goalposts it wants to do this and then blames the general population for every single stuff up its had along the way. Incumbent politicians have the highest levels of support they ever have despite all of them showing their incompetence more than ever before. It's a win-win situation for every single politician in Australia at the moment.

    You can't look at certain sets of covid rules on their own. If it's fair to fine someone $200 for not wearing a mask, or $5000 or whatever for having someone over at their home then the risk needs to be proportionate. But it's clearly not - you can go to a restaurant this weekend in Vic and you can't have people over. If covid is somehow that high level of risk still then the reality is nothing should be open.

    If you think that people should be named and shamed you probably think its appropriate that people snitch on their neighbours and start ratting out people they think aren't following the rules in public. This perspective is twisted, its evil and have people at each other's throats sooner than later. This kind of behaviour reminds me of China during the Great Leap Forward / Nazi Germany - everyone is an informant and the next thing you know you're turning in your family members because they didn't social distance or something stupid.

    Final point - none of the "public health" people are basing their logic in "science" as people like to throw around. The closest science that "public health" has is political science, which is basically what it is. The only people that have this entirely wrong are the sick, incompetent politicians and "public health" beaureucrats who are literally making up stuff as they go with 0 accountability for their consistent failures to get anything right, even by their own standards. Try to look up Brett Sutton's credentials, they don't exist.

    • Pretty much agree. If there were an optimal way to handle the situation, every state and country would handle the situation similarly - at least in Australia.

      I personally abide by the rules because it's simply no big deal for my lifestyle and I'll give the benefit of doubt considering I don't wish to put the enormous time into digging in deeper.

      But others I respect have and if they wish to appeal or even break Covid rules, that's their business. Who am I to think I know better than the 100's of hours they have spent reading scientific literature from all around the world, rather than learning from clickbait MSM like the OP linked to.

      Naming and shaming is simply online bullying, pure cancel culture. Classic tribalism giving people backup to force their beliefs on others. Even the telltale sign of getting edited to recruit more votes when resistance was bigger than expected.

      Maybe 50% of the vote here thinking differently should give an ounce of doubt not to possibly destroy someone's life.

  • -1

    It's a big yes from me. I think that's not going far enough. We should lock them up and the covid deniers in special prisons. Dissenters need to be purged.

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