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[PC, Pre Order] Battlefield 2042 $79 + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


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For those who want to play as soon as possible

Release Date - 22/10/21

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  • +18

    Sweet, i hope they have learned from the downfalls of the recent instalments.

    • +14

      I’ve said that for quite a few different Battlefield releases at this point. I try to be more of a glass half full person, but they make it tough…

      • Yeah someone always tells me im negative for hating on the franchises new direction. BF1 was good but not fantastic but there is a reason why BF4 still has a large player base and is free on twitch at the moment.

      • +5

        Even though BF1 & BF5 havent been as good as the previous versions, ive still had a lot of fun on them and played many hours of multiplayer

    • +36

      If people keep preordering they don't need to.

    • I've been playing Battlefield 5 for the past few weeks and it's a really fun game. It's very hard to go back to BF4 because of the huge lack of QoL that the modern game provides.

      It was rough on launch, I only got about 17 hours out of it. I'm definitely enjoying it significantly more now than I did when it was out.

      • +3

        Agreed. I dropped BFV quickly after launch but tried it again recently and had a lot of fun.

        BF2042 looking like a sequel to the GOAT BF4

        • But with some classic BF3 maps back, I can't wait to play Noshahr Canals deathmatch again! I hope it's not messed up on launch like BF4 was!

          • @Jasonissm: Damavand peak! Living for the Jump

    • I remember the dude who made the game told me not to buy it so I didn't.

  • +114

    Don't pre-order anything.

    • +25

      Don't preorder and don't buy the day one copy too until you know game works as intended.

      • Sounds like you're talking about Cyberpunk

        • +7

          The one game people expected to be good on launch.

        • +5

          I will leave a list of games hyped to hell releasing in unfinished state to serve as a warning here:

          Elite dangerous odyssey
          Cyberpunk 2077
          No man's sky
          Battlefield 4
          Alien colonial marines
          Fallout new vegas
          Batman Arkham knight

          Point is from EA to CDPR don't expect this industry to deliver an acceptable product.

          • @Adriftx: Don't forget Spore! :D

          • +1

            @Adriftx: Also adding (blizzard fan here):
            Diablo 3
            Warcraft 3 reforged

            Basically any game as service:
            marvel's avengers
            Fallout 76

          • @Adriftx: What was wrong with Fallout New Vegas?

          • @Adriftx: Batman was fine for me at launch

          • @Adriftx: Battlefield 4 Multiplayer is still fun.

            • @fredk1000: No doubt BF4 S rank status now but on release it was terrible. Netcode issues, low server tickrate, crashes, dying behind corners. Still remember it. Took about a year to get it into a proper enjoyable state. BF3 didn't have a good launch either.

              • @sp1rit99: Not an early adopter, started playing 1-2 years later.
                I still like some of the BF3 Maps better…

          • @Adriftx: Also: Sim City 2013, Battlefield 3 and Total War: Rome 2.

          • @Adriftx: You forgot Battlefield V, what a steaming pile of crap of a game

    • +11

      This is only way to stop them releasing garbage broken games. Preordering enabled bad business.

  • Looks great tho

    • +8

      7 maps for $79 looks great

      • I dont think you understand how much more work will be needed to build maps that can facilitate 128 players, they're going to be huge, so I think 7 of them is a decent amount for release.

        • -1

          I think I do understand how the new sector format is going to work and I think I understood it before the trailer released this morning but I hope you enjoy your online shooter.

        • +3

          There's no single player and they have 100 studios working on this.

        • Most of them will be parts of older maps like BF3's Davamand Peak being part of the new Arctic map. They're going to do what CoD does and make larger maps from smaller maps originally and stitch it together. You're getting recycled content for $79.

        • BF3 had 9 maps on launch and the Karkand pack arrived 1.5 months later as a preorder bonus. BF3 had a campaign and co-op mode in as well unlike 2042. 7 maps is pretty bad for a multiplayer only game.

          They also had parts of Criterion and Dice LA working on it as well.

        • Well they dont have the single player section to worry about, had a year off so how hard can that be???

      • +6

        I don't need 7 maps, I have google maps.

        • +12

          What's your K/D ratio on Google maps?

          • +5

            @Togsy: 3:0 - Just done serving time for the last pedestrian.

        • Imagine they somehow pull topography and whatnot from satellite images like Flight Simulator but for BF games.

      • +1

        The only map you need is metro from BF3, spam nades and rockets, count the kills. The rest is a waste of time.

        • Yeah and when your team got locked in your spawn it was a real bitch to get out. But when you were the guy that broke through and made yourself a mobile spawn that was good feels.

      • +1

        Incoming with option to buy couple more maps and weapons with special/collector edition @ EB games

      • Oi I bought Escape from Tarkov for like $200 and that has 7 maps.

  • +6

    Any russian vpn arrangement for $40 like we did for Cyberpunk?

    • Battlefield Games normally dont have english in Russian version.

    • Mexico :D

    • yep! make a new account and sign up to the PC Russian ea play pro for approx $72 AUD/year

  • +34

    Still can't understand why one would pre-order, are they likely to run out of stock?

    • -32

      If enough people pre-order they release it early.

      It's for those who want to play the game as soon as possible.

      • +12

        If enough people pre-order they release it early.

        Huh? That's not how it works. And if it did, everyone who pre-ordered gets a broken, rushed game

        • +5

          everyone who pre-ordered gets a broken, rushed game

          I have news for you

        • -4

          It's okay man. You might not be a real gamer so you probably don't know. If more people pre-order, they bring the date forward. Everyone should do it.

          • +1

            @Sxio: I have no idea if you're being sarcastic or just condescending. Maybe both?

            • -3

              @FireRunner: I was trying for hilarious but i guess it's not translating.

              • @Sxio: You sir, are a Baboon

                • -2

                  @DopeOxide: And yet here you are replying to me… On ya champ!

      • +6

        what are you on about? I've never seen a game release early because of people pre-ordering… Do you secretly work for EA's marketing team?

        • -6

          That's ok. You're probably not a real gamer so you don't know.

    • +1

      Beta access i guess?

    • +7

      Nice bait mate.

      • Genuinely not a bait? My mate convinced me to buy BF1, put about 100 hours into it to give it a chance and I hated it. My experience was exactly what I said above. Don't know why I'm getting downvoted….

        • +11

          You mustn't have hated it if you put 100 hours into it! Got your money's worth as far as I'm concerned.

          • @Kozhutki: Yeh, I just checked my Origin because I realised that sounded like a lot. Correct number is 40 hours.

            • +5

              @DisabledUser193539: Still sounds like a far amount of hours for a game you hated.

              • +6

                @jackwoz: If I gave it any less your response would be "You didn't even give it a chance". Can't win.

        • I have to say that I agree with nurries to an extent. I find the smaller maps fun, running from building to building. But the larger vehicle focused maps can be a pain. Spawn to point, some bugger runs off with the last vehicle and you are left to jog for 5 mins to get back to the front. While jogging, get sniped by someone on the other side of the map.
          I play a lot of games, but I find the multi player shooters wear thin pretty quickly. Some people love them, so each to their own.

  • +47

    Remember fellow gamers, DO NOT PRE-ORDER.

    I learnt my lesson from Cyberpunk 2077.

    • +6

      Even developers with a good track record like CD Projekt Red can't be trusted.
      Don't know why anyone would pre-order from EA who's known to not have a good track record

      • You know what to expect from this launch though. It will be scuffed, servers will be shit with maintenance and patches within the first weeks. But preordering BF is for those that want the 2-3 days early access, a preload and any access to any betas they run beforehand.

    • I refunded the game from GoG hahaha after 3 days.

    • you'd think people learnt their lesson after Duke Nukem

  • Good if JB listed it with the system requirements

    • They aren't out yet.

      • Googling it does, but not sure if final

        • It's not on the product page so I assume they aren't it

  • +21

    No pre-ordering games!

  • +23

    Save your money. Never pre-order.

    • -1

      …and never get to play the beta way ahead of others…

  • +20

    Please fellow OzBargainers, do not pre-order any game, ever. It actively hurts both the industry and consumers when companies can get your money before you even know if it's a good product or not.

  • I'm not on this bandwagon of telling people not to preorder. Do whatever you want with your money. Can't say I see these comments on any reddit thread for a sporting event (please don't gamble - it's bad for the industry!).

    I don't preorder any game months out, because why? I'll preorder a game a couple of days ahead if there's a preload but I think it's nonsensical to purchase something you can't interact with for 6 months.

    So yeah, your money, if you want to preorder, go for it.

    • -3

      Yep, i agree. Ive pre-ordered, because ive never experienced a 'bad' battlefield yet. When i play a BF game that is terrible i wont pre-order again, but until that point i love the BF series

    • +1

      For someone not telling us not to preorder you sure did spend a bit of time telling us why not to preorder until a few days out ;)

      • +1

        He's telling why you shouldn't pre-order rather than telling you not to pre-order

        • +1

          Thanks JV, pretty sure my comment explained exactly that ;)

          • +1

            @MBix: Someone's gotta fill in for JV while he's in the penalty box

    • I agree that people should feel free to do whatever they want with their money, but they should also consider and accept the impact that their purchase will have. The reason the games industry is rife with anti-consumer behavior (Cyberpunk 2077's marketing and launch, Mario 3D All-Stars limited sale window, etc) is because people keep rewarding companies for that behavior.

      If you buy the game either at or just after launch, the companies will still get their money, so what is the point of pre-ordering? If you've already waited weeks, months or years for a game, another day or two for reviews to roll in surely isn't that problematic?

      I don't want to tell people that they shouldn't pre-order, but it serves little benefit to anyone except for scummy companies, so I just don't see the point of it.

  • +17

    Twenty years ago they paid people to beta test games, now they get you to prepay them to beta test their games. Life must be good for a game publisher.

  • +1

    will wait for the open beta like they did with Battlefield V

  • Do we know if it'll have Xbox/PC crossplay yet?

    • No cross play.

  • +11

    Wait for the gameplay and reviews. Don't pre-order it's not like the game is gonna run out of copies.

  • +1

    After BF V I think I'll wait until it's out and get it for the same price …

  • +1

    Is Battlefield 2042 = Battlefield 6? Will this be the 'main Battlefield game' for the next few years?

    • -2

      I guess this is Battlefield 1942 2

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