[Backorder] Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB RAM $57.60 Delivered @ PB Tech


EDIT: Stock is now on backorder for July 2021 dispatch

Great price if you just need a Pi for non-desktop duties (OctoPrint, PiHole or some other IoT thing). Page explicity states that this is the upgraded board - I ordered one from them two months ago and can confirm this personally.

Shipping is from NZ but appears to be a flat $5 across Australia, so the title price includes shipping.

The usual stockists are asking a lot more for this model right now:

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  • Good price indeed, way overkill for pi-hole tho, pi-hole doesn't even push a zero to 30% from my experience.

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      Unrelated, have noticed youtube have started showing ads on the android tv again even with a pi-hole in the network setup.

  • How is this for Home Assistant?

    • HA.io doesn't need much resources at all. It can easily run even on previous generation Pi3 with 2GB RAM.

    • Was just about to ask the same thing…. :)

    • I run it on a Pi Zero W from a previous deal on here. You’ll be fine :)

    • I have been running a bit more than 100+ devices for home assistant on a raspberry pi 3 and it was fine. I switched to LattePanda Delta anyway since I had one around eating dust.

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      Got mine running on a 4GB model, right now on 50% memory usage, but got 2 big packages installed, the UniFi controller, AdGuard. Everything running in docker containers.

    • Runs perfect, no issues.

    • I think in general this is better than previous pis because it can boot from USB, allowing you to use more reliable storage.

      Older pis run off sd cards that can wind up corrupted.

      Edit: Quick Google proves me wrong. Pi 4 and 3+ support USB mass storage boot by default, whereas older pis require SD card to enable it.

      • Is a USB stick much better than a SD card for longevity? Or do you use a proper SSD via USB? I lost my whole domoticz setup last time due to corruption and my backups were too outdated. Would love something that I could set and forget.

    • I run pihole, Deconz and HA on a Pi2B with 1GB RAM

  • Matching power supply good price too at $11.14.


  • The web site says that official power supply is 'necessary', but is it really?
    Has anyone here tried running a Pi4 using POE and a splitter adapter? I'm currently powering a Pi3+B with POE from a unifi8-60w and would like to keep cabling to a minimum.

    • The main problem with a BYO power supply tends to be the rubbish quality wire thickness (AWG) in the cable itself. The official cable sports a healthy 18AWG wire (cheap wires can be 22+, the lower the thicker), which should be more than enough for the PI requirements.

      I was trying to power a RPI 3 and tried a dozen or so wall adapters that all claimed more than enough volts and amps to the PI. Then I realised it was the crappy wires losing voltages, not the brick itself. I tried a high quality USB cable, and boom it's rock solid.

      So, for PoE, in theory it should be OK because of compensation for voltage drops by pumping a much higher voltage into the CAT5/6 cable (like ~48VDC) - Then the POE device will regulate it back down to what it needs, and in your case the splitter should be performing that tasks, ie. running it down to the 5V (the splitter might have multi output voltage options like 5, 9 and 12).

      Notwithstanding that the official Pi4 brick is actually 5.1V and 3A, but I would wage a guess that the -.1 is still within the PI voltage tolerance spec.

      • Pi4 now have addon for PoE (PoE HAT). The addon can output 5V/2.5A DC so no issue with Pi4.

        • Only problem I had with the PoE Hat is that the fan is crazy noisy. Luckily the fan speed can be altered in the config so it only ramps up when it gets much hotter

    • I also have a unifi8-60w and wondering if this is possible. Not really keen on buying the POE hat so was thinking the POE->USB-C route might be a goer. Hoping someone can confirm

      Edit: Thanks Grish

    • I feel this was more of an issue with earlier versions of the Pi 4 where the USB-C implementation meant it didn't work with normal correct USB-C chargers.

  • This kinda put me off

    “ Delivery: Order now and it ships on 21/07/2021”

    No patience me.

    • yep, same.

    • It only had like 5 in stock when this was posted. It was all gone and now it's in back order

    • Regarding back orders,
      I ordered one a few months ago and it said 1 month until they can ship, then close to one month later they added another month, contacted them and a few days later I got notification it's been shipped with no response. Not very reliable but they were on time in the end I guess.

  • need ideas where to use it?. media center are old ones.

  • How would this perform as a local SMB server to connect a directly attached HDD to a home network?

    • Excellently. I use a pi 4 4gb for SMB server, but I also run

      Iso fetchers and downloader

      On the same pi and I doubt the ram usage goes above 1.5gb at peak.

      • Yup, I use a Pi4 2gb for my Plex server and it hasn’t missed a beat since when they first came out. Contrary to what many think, it can even transcode multiple 1080p streams at once. Note I run it on Raspian lite in headless mode (no GUI, just terminal via SSH) which means there’s less wasted resources on the OS. Mine is also running HomeBridge for my Daikin AC, making it appear in HomeKit for my iPhone and on Siri. My old PI2 has been demoted to a Pi-hole and does a great job at that. Love Pi projects!

        • Wait, you can use the hardware encoder on the Pi? Dont you need plex pass for that?

          • @meatgasm: No, HW transcoding is not supported on ARM devices (last I checked). It manages just fin with software transcoding though. Pi is rated for 4K transcode (just not guaranteed with Plex)

    • The Pi is a low end board but you should get around 80-100MB per second transfers read/write. Not fantastic but it is cheap hardware.

    • Works great. That's what I use mine for and the IO speeds are good with an SSD drive.

    • easily within its capabilities.

    • Some inspo ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTVQ4tQ83JM
      As others have stated, gigabit network speeds seem to be the bottleneck for read/write speeds

  • In the market for some game streaming device, would this be good? For both local and cloud streaming

  • Setup PiHole using https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/624347
    Blocking roughly 15% of current traffic.

    Bonus free SD card from eBay plus tuesday promo code xD

    Probably good if you want to run emulators and multiple servers wrapped via docker?

    • Just make sure you minimize the SD card writing that happens with Pi-hole, and regularly back up your configuration (I recommend rsnapshot) as I’ve found them prone to boot failures, especially if you lose power.

      • Or shift it to an external USB :)

        • I've just transitioned the majority of the services I was running on Pi's to a second-hand Dell Wyse Thin Client I bought off eBay for $50 delivered. I've installed an old SSD in it so I'm running ubuntu. The recent QLD-wide blackout was the final straw as it knocked out both my pi-hole and network controller / wireguard Pi3B's.

  • Posted in error.

  • This would make an excellent Kodi box actually. Just download LibreElec. Very very happy with mine.

  • What's the best aluminium heat sink case to get for emulators and other more intensive stuff?

  • Great price…but having to register an account and fill in details such as gender………why?

  • Was gonna use this but it seems my Pi 2 and 3 Model B will work well enough for PiHole.

  • Good enough for kodi?

  • Tried to grab one at the Wellington store last weekend, but everywhere was out of stock. Eight 4GBs were left in the country, so I got one of them.

    Surprising they’re suddenly discounted, considering stock!