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Philips Daily Airfryer HD9218/51 $149 @ Harvey Norman


Nice simple brand name Airfryer.

This is the OG Philips Airfryer. I still have mine from all those years ago and still going strong making nugs and chips.

Normal price is $229.00

Same price at TGG - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/philips-daily-collection-airf...

And at JB - https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/philips-hd9218-51-daily-c...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Same price at Amazon AU delivered.

    FREE delivery: Tomorrow
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    I had this air fryer as well up until the start of the year. (Got enough wear and tear).

    Decided to buy a Kmart airfryer and it honestly beats this hands down. Faster cooking, easier to clean and half the price. Plus any issues just drop it off at Kmart (not that I've had any.)


      Chuck mine in the dishwasher so never had an issue cleaning it.

      But will give the Kmart one a go if mine gives up the ghost.

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      I, like you, had this for a very long time and it served me well. Now I have a Kmart one. I agree that the Kmart one is easier to clean and cooks just as good, if not, better. I could not justify the higher price tag and lower capacity. I bought this one:

      Very happy with it!


      We had Kmart one for over 2 years and it broke last week after falling from shelf. Now we bought Philips essential from Big W and we love it. Quality on Philips is far better then KMart. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/philips-airfryer-essential-c...

      This is the one we bought. Last week it was $149.


        2.5L vs 7L is a massive difference though. I agree that Phillips air fryers are quality, but, I gotta say I am pleasantly surprised with the asthetics of the Kmart one. The glass look touchscreen display is very classy.

        Do Phillips still use the wire basket? That was a pain to keep clean. It was my wife's pet hate, and, consequentially, my nightmare! Good luck if they do.


          Pretty sure this one still does… just give it a quick scrub with a wire brush and into the dishwasher. Comes out clean.


          on the XXL, the new mesh is a 1 piece removable and non-stick coated. i pop them into the dish washer and it does the job.
          on the old XL , the mesh is not non-stick coated, but easily scrubbed using a wired brush or after soaking.

          i've used most of the different generations of the philips air fryers before. the weakness isn't the basket, but the areas around the heating element where oils will be coated and really difficult to remove.

          not saying their product is bad, i use the airfryer for cooking a lot (and heavily) and thats why i 'go through' so many of them over the years.

          i can't vouch for kmart. so i'm sceptical about the positive feedback about them and the longevity.


    What chicken nuggets to you recommend for the airfryer OP?

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      Steggles Dino nuggets… tip is to microwave them first so they are thawed out a bit. Then chuck your chips in and the nuggets. Don’t overfill just half way on the basket and 10-15 minutes depending if the airfryer has been preheated.

      Reason the nugs need to be in with the chips is because if not you get dry af nugs. The chips help keep the oil and moisture in the nuggets.

      Easy as great for kids for a quick snack.

      For adults… get the Costco Kaarage and chuck them in there. No need to mix with chips they come out hot and juicy. Something about their batter holding the oil and moisture in.

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        You should change your username to "The aficioNUGo"

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          Lol… just love my nuggets. Best quick snack ever. Marry it to some Siracha… yum.