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Heinz Custard Varieties 110g $1 ($0.85 S & S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon Au


Watching Teletubbies with my son with lots of reference to tubby custard. To give you some insight into how my poor mind bowed to this repetitive reference, I went in search of custard…

Strawberry and Banana

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    6+ Months

    Thank goodness I'm old enough to eat these!


    Aren't these usually $1?


      Interestingly it seems Coles and Woolies have dropped their prices to match. So really the value would be in the free postage and/or S & S

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        It's more likely that Amazon are matching their prices.


          I recall seeing the majors being more than Amazon at the time.

          Edit: Wasn't the custard - was the fruit. My eyes deceive me…


    Are these any good, ordered one of each for taste


      No. They stopped all the good flavours like cherry and black current

      So you may be disappointed if you're old enough to remember the good old days (over about 24 months).


    Water (59.5%), Full Cream Milk (28.1%), Sugar (5.7%), Cornflour (4.8%), Unsalted Butter (1.2%), Cocoa (0.7%). Sweetened.

    With a litre of milk, some sugar, a bit of the rest (literally says "a pinch of cocoa") and little effort at the stove, you get three litres of this custard in the price of two tiny jars.