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Bodum Brazil French Press 1L $27.95, Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder $39 Delivered & More @ NAPF Electronics


Bodum EOFY Sale with Free Delivery @ NAPF Electronics Summer Hill

Bodum Brazil French Press 1L - Black - RRP $49.95 now $27.95 + Free Delivery
Bodum Eileen French Press 1L - RRP $99.95 now $49 + Free Delivery
Bodum Pavina Double wall glasses 250ml set of now $49 + Free Delivery
Bodum Bistro Electric coffee grinder - Black - RRP $64.95 now $39 + Free Delivery

All in stock and ship in 1 business day with Free Delivery

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  • +3 votes

    Blade grinder? What is this, Soviet Russia?

    I have the Bodum bur grinder and it works pretty well. It doesn't seem 'premium' but I bought it after returning a Sunbeam - which was terrible. This one does everything that the Sunbeam didn't (grind well without spraying coffee everywhere).


      Out of curiousity, which Sunbeam did you have? I've been thinking about buying the bodum one (since it's about the cheapest electric burr grinder around) or waiting for the breville smart grinder to go down to $200 again, hard to get good comparisons to other grinders for it though.

  • +1 vote

    Agree, while those devices are good for whole spices (I have and use for that) they're terrible for coffee. Sellers & makers selling them as 'grinders' is pretty misleading and incorrect.

    By definition, grinding is using friction to reduce something to powder or small pieces, generally via two hard surfaces i.e a mill or set of burrs.

    These use a fast spinning blade to chop whatevers in them.


      They're basically a tiny blender. You may as well just use a ninja blender or something.