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Red Rooster Merch - Up to 50% off + $9.95 Delivery @ Red Rooster Reds Shop


A bit of an odd one, and definitely won't be of interest to everyone, but just noticed that Red Rooster sell merchandise, and some of it is half price which actually makes it seem like pretty good value if you're into that kind of thing.

Sale items:

Red Red Ready Paddle Ball Game $14.97

Red Red Ready Tank Top $17.45

Reds Slides $17.47

Red Rooster X Thongs Australia Limited Edition Thongs $22.47

Reds Enamel Bowl $4.97

Reds Enamel Mug $5.47

Reds Enamel Plate $6.47

Reds Enamel Tumbler $4.97

Street Food One Piece $34.97

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  • +36

    Thanks OP however part of me feels like they should be paying me to wearing this

    • +11

      Every part of me thinks this

      • +3

        I am NOT a walking billboard.

    • IIRC not too long ago KFC also had merch for sale? Same same right (I agree I wouldn't be paying for their merch anyway)

      • They still do


        Profits from the KFC Merch Store will go to the KFC Youth Foundation to support mental wellbeing in young Aussies.

        • +1

          I'm like, "Yo, that's 50 dollars for a t-shirt"

    • Took a concerningly long time to find but:

      all profits from Reds Shop go to charity.

      At least there seems to be some point.

      • +1

        Probably not much of a profit after this sale - more like a tax deduction!

  • +4

    Re-Al Di-rooster outfit sorted. Just need a Gerry Ruslan jockstrap

  • +1

    I wonder if anyone would actually buy this stuff

    • +4

      I just spent $47 on a complete set of bowls and cups.

      No more wondering ..

      • +15

        I'm wondering about you.

        • +1

          Read that as I'm worried about you and well, yeah..

      • It now should read, I'm worried about anyone who has bought this stuff lol

  • +1

    Merch? Wtf

  • +3

    Aldi merch might be cheaper,.?lol.

    • +1

      Wait for it to go on clearance in the true OzBargainer manner.

      • +1

        Save more cents. Cheers

    • Just today i found out they are releasing Aldimania line…

  • Welcome to Costco I love you

  • … I feel poorly about this.

  • +4

    Imagine if big w had merchandise, and people calling you a big wanka constantly. Lol.

    • +16

      I don't need to wear big w merch to be called that.

  • +2

    Bahaha they got a minimalist logo and think they are high fashion now

  • Crap lol

    • +1

      That's Gold Jerry, GOLD!

    • +3

      what's wrong with dressing up when going out for dinner?

  • They should label it as Le Coq Gras so as more people buy it!

  • Those one piece bathers are a hot little number aren’t they 🔥

    • Why no Rooster smugglers? A missed opportunity there. (Yes, I refrained from the obvious vulgarity.)

      • +1

        They probably would have been the best selling item too 😅

        • +1

          I think you mean the biggest selling item. My 🐓is…..

  • +2

    If they really want people to buy and wear this stuff, I feel they should be offering some sort of incentive. Something like, free small fries if you wear a RR outfit to their store, while ordering any item. Hopefully the big bird in head office is reading this.

    • Hopefully the big bird in head office is reading this.

      tbh I would have considered buying something if they just used the old Redroosters logo. this back to back RR is just cringe as hell.

      you know like the "flamin hot cheetos" drip. I would be fine wearing Donut king and Redrooster shirts. not that RR crap though.

  • +1

    I don't want to sound cocky, but I wouldn't buy these

  • +2

    I'd wear the "Extra chicken salt" hat

  • Would vote for this if gift cards were half price too.

  • I'd design a shirt with a lit up sign but the light in the S is broken.

  • I wish they would sell their hot sauce by the bottle, amazing

  • +1

    The logo design is atrocious.
    The old one is way more iconic.

    • +2

      Everything from the 90s was more iconic. The logos, the TV ads, the lifestyle.

    • +1

      old one is not just iconic. its known by everyone and recognisable.

      this RR is cringe. marketing was like "lets try to make a new "bussin" logo like Rolls royce and some quirky expensive brand people line up for like supreme so young people will think its cool to wear"

      I can already picture pallets of this being dumped into the ocean.

      • I am curious to know their sales post rebrand.

        • yeah true. but I think if they had low sales it would be from nobody thinking of looking up fast food merch. I mean a few people might have but most dont think fast food sells anything other than food.

  • Anyone know where to find KFC merch?

  • Dont buy it, received mine today and all of the enamel is bubbling or chipped… stay away

    • @Mikinoz you were right :(

    • Can you return and ask for a refund?

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