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[QLD] DJI Osmo Mobile 3 $42.60 in-Store @ Officeworks (Maroochydore)


CHEAPEST PRICE EVER? Happy Hunting. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 $42.60 in-Store @ Officeworks Maroochydore QLD

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  • Can you get other officeworks to pricematch? Specially in NSW?

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      My experience is that it all depends on the person you speak to. Sometimes yes if you are lucky, sometimes
      "Other stores technically aren't our competitors, we only price match competitors".

      • They wouldn't match a clearance item anyway

  • Does anyone know if they have it in Pitt St, Sydney CBD?

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      just checked, negative

    • I just came back from there, nothing on display, didn't ask the staff whether they had any though, I'll head back after I leave work and ask just in case…

  • Great price. Might be hard to find stock

  • The real DJI Osmo 4K camera itself is also on clearance for $259.

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    Sold out at Maroochydore and according to staff pretty much everywhere…

    • you called up?

      • I went in

  • wow! great deal for anyone that managed to pick one up.

  • I got this for 139… Handing in my ozb resignation letter.

    On a side note, could I use this to price match at JB hi-fi?

  • Invoice please?

  • no dice either, sold out ages ago apparrently

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    Looks like only 10 stores around the country with stock.

    Western Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Bunbury (08) 9792 1600 1
    Fremantle (08) 9431 8200 1
    Joondalup (08) 9301 8600 3
    Midland (08) 9374 7300 2
    Osborne Park (08) 9441 0300 1

    South Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Keswick (08) 8229 9500 1
    Prospect (08) 8349 3200 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Launceston (03) 6331 0876 1

    Australian Capital Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Belconnen (02) 6264 7600 1
    Braddon (02) 6122 0000 1
    • My local in NSW does but not at this price.

    • Midland WA has a them for the same same price, but someone has just placed the last two on hold.

    • Joondalup and Midland is now empty

  • Is it worth it ? knowing the newer one is out too ?

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      Very worth it

  • I got lucky, rang up 3 stores and 2 of them had holds on stock (only had 2 in each store anyway)

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    I can already see them popping up on Gumtree. 'unwanted gift'

  • Tried few OW In south east Melbourne but grumpy managers denied price match .. apparently they are selling it as clearance for $70+

    • Still a great price for it.

    • I wish I could get it for $70. I tried one of my local stores, they had it in stock, and I even went through my partner who works there and they asked the manager about it, and it was denied.

      And their "clearance" price was $118 and wouldn't drop below that! So stupid that they don't price match their own stores.

      • Try calling keysborough they had one more when I picked up mine ..

  • Ordered the refurb from Kogan for $95 from a deal last month and it hasn’t been shipped yet.

    • Got mine. It’s great!

  • Harvey Norman will not price match they said unfortunately that price is way too low to match with them sorry
    exclusion - Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value.
    we aren't able to match that offer

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      Who cares if it's lower, they aren't paying from their pockets the reps, and it's their price match policy. It doesn't say price match except if lower! They should really say price but if it's lower. But they don't so do the price and shut up. And HN always are arrogant

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        Godzilla had a stroke trying to read this

      • Yeah, HN are pretty sale/koi focussed. If a rep sells at a loss, might lower their stats for that month.

  • Got mine for $30 a few minutes ago. Went above and beyond of my OZbargain pledge….

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      Yeah how did you manage that?

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      Prove it or it didn't happen

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      You can't just say you nabbed one and not help your fellow OzBargainer out!

    • Nice story but it never happened.

    • Hey Guys, sorry for asking this, but how can I upload the receipt please. And for those who doubted, prepare to Bow, please :-) Thanks!

      • I believe post it to an image hosting page like imgur, and send the link here, but im not 100% certain. I'd be keen on seeing how you got it that cheap too.

  • Just got one from Richmond Vic 1 more in stock the price is 55.30

    • Called Richmond, sold out - went to Kew East store - sold out but they call Preston OW and they have 2 in stocks.
      I just picked one up, one left at store but price is $71.80

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